Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I love getting customer feedback

In reference to the book 10 Excellent Reasons Not to Join the Military
Dear *******,

Here's a question for you, why don't you rename your book: "Ten excellent reasons to not buy this book?" I'll start the list for you:
It's un-patriotic
It's full of lies and innuendo
It's supported by rabid anti-military groups
It doesn't present opposing points of view
It doesn't report the extreme satisfaction that the majority of Vets have fot serving their country
I could think up lots more but patriots such as myself are too busy supporting our country. I'll pray for you the the mis-guided few that believe your vile poison. Have a nice day :>)

- corporald

I will pray for you as well kind sir, and thanks for your words.

You might want to poke around our inventory a bit before casting wild accusations or jumping to conclusions.

I for one would bet that we would get along famously and have many interesting conversations over a nice single malt scotch.

You're welcome to take me up on it, I bear you no ill will.

-Sky Cosby

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