Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Daily Bleed for August 11th

Rough, Bad-landing comments, unrested travellers.
pisst-off, unrequited smokers, possible flat tire,
maybe broken wheel, trashed toilet, frazzled stewardesses,
possibly drunk pilot, potential Pope-hordes on the runway
projecting bloody Denver Sandwiches in the outwash.

Ed Dorn, The Denver Landing - 11 Aug 1993

Australian eco-feminist, theorist of radical ecosophy.

Lost Colonies, High on a Hill, Carolinas: Day after "Wild Bill"
Koehnline's Birthday; father of SaintMeister James Koehnline.

We have nothing that is ours except time,
which even those without a roof can enjoy.

Baltasar Gracián, Oráculo manual y Arte de prudencia


1797 -- England: A secret Home Office report suspects Wordsworth
& Coleridge of being enemy agents because of their strange
behaviour - wandering the countryside with camp stools & making
detailed observations of the landscape.

1833 -- US: Agnostic iconoclast Robert Ingersoll lives.
19th-century American agnostic, free-thinker. Daily Bleed Saint 1998

1861 -- US: Lost Email? "NY Daily News" has its postal privileges
revoked, & is suspended for 18 months, as a consequence of its
hostility to the Civil War. This action is taken by the President
with by far the worst record of trampling civil liberties & ignoring
the Bill of Rights, Beloved & Respected Comrade Abraham Lincoln.

An idol for those who have read grammar books, historians &
consumers of "People Magazine" & "Entertainment Weekly", it
has been left to the literati, such as Edmund Wilson, Gore Vidal
& Dwight Anderson, to call Lincoln a dictator &/or tyrant.
Lincoln illegally suspended habeas corpus & threw opponents of
the civil war in prison by the thousands. He played fast &
loose with his violations of the Constitution & defended the
suppression of a "disloyal" press.

1877 -- US: The Dodge City Times of Kansas describes
a scene at the local police court:

'The Marshal will preserve strict order,' said the Judge.
'Any person caught throwing turnips, cigar stumps, beets,
or old quids of tobacco in this Court, will be immediately
arraigned before this bar of Justice.' Then Joe, a local
policemen, looked savagely at the mob in attendance, hitched
his ivory handle a little to the left & adjusted his moustache.

'Trot out the wicked & unfortunate, & let the cotillion commence,'
said his Honor.

1882 -- Voline, Russian revolutionary & anarchist historian, lives.

1884 -- Romanian novelist & hog farmer Panaït Istrati lives. The
"Gorky of the Balkans." In 1929, Istrati, Souvarine, & the former
anarchist Victor Serge each wrote one of the books in the trilogy
Vers l’autre flamme.

1894 -- US: Federal troops drive some 1,200 jobless workers from
the nation's capital across the Potomac River.

1897 -- Poet Louise Bogan lives, Livermore Falls, Minnesota.

1913 -- Angus Wilson lives. British writer whose works portrays
conflicts in contemporary English social & intellectual life.

1917 -- Russia: The first issue of "Golos Truda" (The Voice of
Labor), appears. Published by Voline & edited by G.P. Maximov,
it is shut down by the Bolsheviks in May 1918.

1937 -- Ernest Hemingway rips open his shirt to display his chest
hair & punches Max Eastman in the nose in Maxwell Perkins' office.
Mayhaps this is what drove Eastman from his leftwing Bolshevik
leanings to rightwing Cold Warrior?

1939 -- Australia: "Radical ecosophist" Val Plumwood lives (-2008).
Wrote Feminism & the Mastery of Nature (1992), a contemporary classic.

1945 -- US: Striking Mexican filmworkers bar
distribution of American films.

1952 -- US: Philip Morrison, a Cornell Professor of Physics,
expresses doubts about atomic warfare & then faces a Congressional
anticommunist investigating committee for doing so.

1962 --

'In the middle of the road of our life'
the attention advances & ignites
the balance
& the intuitive light
alive in any baby
not mere lucence
of places
& plants

Jackson Mac Low (1922-)

1964 -- Spain: Stuart Christie & Fernando Carballo Blanco
arrested in Madrid. Christie is suspected of supplying
explosives to blow up Franco. On September 2, 1964, Carballo
is sentenced to 30 years imprisonment & Christie to 20 years.

1965 -- US: Watts Riots begin in LA when a white policeman
stops Marquette Frye, a black driver, for drunkenness. By
16 August, when the riots end, 34 are dead, 800 wounded,
3,000 arrests & $200 million worth of property destroyed.

“These rioters don’t have any leaders.”

1984 -- US: During a radio voice test Beloved & Respected
Comrade Leader Acting Prez Ronnie Reagan jokes:

"I have signed legislation that would outlaw Russia forever.
We begin bombing in 5 minutes."

1997 -- Conlon Nancarrow (1912-1997) dies. Vanguard composer,
activist, American expatriate. Fought in the Lincoln Brigade,
then fled America to México City to avoid being hounded for his
former Communist affiliations. Caught the attention of John Cage,
& Merce Cunningham choreographed his Studies Nos. 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, & 7.
Daily Bleed Saint 2005-2008


We won't have demolished everything
until we've demolished the ruins themselves!
Now, I don't see any way to do that
except to erect beautiful, orderly buildings."

le Père Ubu.

anti-Affiliations 2010 or thereabouts
Daily Bleed,

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