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Day Late, Dollar Short


"The Rebel Girl" of Wobbly fame.


1804 -- William Blake writes to
biographer / poet William Hayley:

   "Money flies from
   me. Profit never
   ventures upon my threshold."

1890 -- Elizabeth Gurley Flynn lives, Concord,
New Hampshire.

1894 -- US: Eugene Debs & three other trade union
leaders arrested following the Pullman Strike.

1897 -- Albert Perrier (or Perier), aka Germinal, lives (1897-1970),
in Buenos Aires. Militant French revolutionary syndicalist.
In the late 1930s he supplied the Spanish anarchists with food
& weapons despite a French blockade during the Spanish
Revolution. During the last months he aided those escaping
the fascists.

Perrier joined the anti-Nazi Resistance movement in France, before
being arrested & sent to a prison camp (from which he escaped).

1900 -- Mexico: The periodical "Regeneration," published
by the Flores Magón brothers, appears.

1921 -- US: One thousand miners present Governor Morgan with a
resolution calling for an end to martial law in Mingo County.

Their appeal today is ignored, & martial law is not repealed for
over another year, on September 22, 1922.

                   I loaded sixteen tons, I tried to get ahead,
                   Got deeper and deeper in debt instead.
                   Well they got what I made, & they wanted
                   some more,
                   And now I owe my soul at the company store.

                   CHORUS: I loaded sixteen tons & what do I
                   Another day older & deeper in debt.
                   Saint Peter don't call me cause I can't go
                   I owe my soul to the company store.

                   — George Davis, excerpt, Sixteen Tons (1930s),
                   a song popularized by Merle Travis (who ripped
                   it off & claimed to have written in 1946) &
                   Tennessee Ernie Ford

               See George Korson, Coal Dust on the Fiddle

1931 -- Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) lead a strike
at the Boulder Canyon Project begins.

 "When traces of blood begin to mark your trail, you'll see
 something, maybe. Probably not. In the second place, most
 of what I write about in this book is already gone or going fast.

 This is not a travel guide but an elegy. A memorial. You're holding a
 tombstone in your hands. A bloody rock. Don't drop it on your foot —
 throw it at something big & glassy. What have you got to lose?"

             — Edward Abbey, Desert Solitaire

1941 -- Rabindranath Tagore dies in Calcutta, India.

1963 -- Ramón Vila Capdevila (1908-1963) dies (aka "Caraquemada",
aka "Jabalí"(le Sanglier), aka "Commandant Raymond"). Militant
Spanish anarcho-syndicalist & guerrilla fighter.

   Very active in the "Resistance"; on June 11, 1944,
   for example, he & 200 men seized a German armored train.
   As a member of the "Batallón Libertad" (mainly Spanish
   anarchists) he helped liberate Royan & the Gironde estuary.

   Following the liberation of France, Vila slipped back into
   Spain as a guerrilla against the fascist Franco regime.

   Today, at age 55, the famed "Caraquemada" is gunned down
   & purposely left to die following a shootout with the "Guardia

1964 -- Time Magazine reviews the Beatles' movie "Hard Days
                 "AVOID THIS FILM
                      AT ALL COSTS"

1964 -- Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, in response to falsely
reported attacks on US destroyers (see 2 August; 4 August)
passes the House 416-0, & the Senate 88-2.
Vietnam War booklist from Recollection Books:
(be patient when loading, as it is almost 1 MB in size)

1968 -- US: Dead County, Fla.?: Republican Convention is held
in Miami. Two days of rioting in the black sections of the
city ensue, leaving three dead.

1970 -- US: Four, including the presiding judge, killed in
a courthouse shootout in San Rafael, California. Police
charge Angela Davis provided weapons.

1974 -- Philippe Petit takes a stroll on a tightrope,
between the twin towers of the World Trade Center
high (1,350 feet up) above the city of New York.

   "If I see three oranges I have to juggle.
   And if I see two towers, I have to walk".

1990 -- Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President
Big Shrub (& former CIA head) orders deployment of US
troops to Saudi Arabia & the Gulf region.

1995 -- US: Due to international pressure, state of Pennsylvania
announces a stay of its planned Aug. 17 execution of political
prisoner Mumia Abu- Jamal.

1999 -- Italy: Three anarchists arrested & accused of fire
attacks on multinational firms. They are members of the
"Silvestre" group in Pisa (publishers of an anarchist animal
& earth liberation journal).


  "...I say, give Nature a little time. In five years, at most
   in ten, the sun & wind & storms will cleanse &
   sterilize the repellent mess...

    The wilderness will again belong to the people."

    [Edward Abbey & Phillip Hyde, Slickrock, p.69]


— @nti-Repellent 1997-2010

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