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Daily Bleed for August 5th

Daily Bleed in full,


August 5:

Influential American utopianist.

Brittany Coast: BENEDICTION OF THE SEA. Going out in boats,
priests bless the water over the sunken fairy city of Ys, to
keep the waterlogged fairies from mischief.

1608 -- France: 3 luminous UFOs arrive at Nice, France &
humanoid creatures emerge. Politicians in limos no doubt.

1842 -- England: "Plug Plot" riots.

1851 -- Little Crow, chief of the Koposia division
of the Mdewakanton Lakota, signs treaty ceding
most Minnesota land to US...

& he thought the winters harsh...

1882 -- France: Shafted? or Dig this!? The evening of August 5/6
in the Montceau-les-Mines, Burgundy, the famed "Bande Noire"
— made up of anarchist miners — makes one of its first
attacks against clericalism (supported by the mine employers
against the workers), by throwing the Croix de Mission du Bois
du Verne to the bottom of the mine where it belongs.

1895 -- Frederich Engels, industrialist &
co-founder of International Workingmen's
Association, dies.

1910 -- Constant Marie, "Le Père Lapurge" (1838-1910), dies.
French Communard, militant & anarchist songster.

Composer-songwriter of revolutionary songs, the best-known
being "Dame Dynamite", "le Père Lapurge" (source of his
nickname) & "La Muse Rouge" (source of the name taken in
1901 by a famous group of poets & revolutionary chansonniers
which produced songs which are now part of a great French legacy).

1912 -- In Mexico, the Colombian Juan Francisco
Moncaleano today comes out in support of Ricardo Florès Magon
(imprisoned by the US), in the libertarian newspaper "Luz!". For this,
he is expelled from the country by Madero (owned by the Americanos).

1925 -- Georges Palante (1862-1925) dies. Philosopher
preaching an aristocratic & libertarian individualism. Influenced by
the work of Schopenhauer, Nietzsche & the anarchist Max Stirner.

"The individual is the sole source of energy, the
only measure of the ideal."

1926 -- Per Wahlöö lives...
The Laughing Policeman won the best novel Edgar Award in
1971 from the Mystery Writers of America.

1936 -- Pierre Van Passen: "You will be sitting on top
of a pile of ruins even if you are victorious" . . .

We have always lived in slums & holes in the wall...
We carry a new world here, in our hearts, &
that world is growing in this minute.

— Buenaventura Durruti, interview,
August 5, 1936.

1946 -- Boris Vian begins writing J'irai cracher sur vos
(I'll Spit On Your Graves), which he completes
in 15 days; the book sells in excess of half a million copies.

I Spit on Your Graves is the
first novel to put quotation marks around
the 'hardboiled' — a vivid & startling

— J. Hoberman

Vian is included in the 1998 Favorite Anarchist / Libertarian Novels

1949 -- US: Mann Gulch Fire.

Probably most catastrophes end this way without an
ending, the dead not even knowing how they died...& the
rest of us tiring of this inconsolable catastrophe &
turning to the next one.

— Norman Maclean

1961 -- Rose Bowl?: The US promises latrines for the poor
of Latin America to counteract communismo.

America promises not freedom,
not revolution,
not reform,
not a new future,
but Porta Potties...

La letrinocracia!

1964 -- US: America begins bombing North Vietnam.
Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President
Lyndon Bane Johnson asks Congress for a resolution against
North Vietnam following the Gulf of Tonkin hoax.
Congress "debates" in the missionary position.

1977 -- US: Hey Saddam!? US Nuclear Regulatory Commission
audit cannot account for four tons of enriched uranium.

1995 -- Author John Brunner dies. Science fiction
writer, wrote Shockwave Rider, The
Sheep Look Up & Stand on Zanzibar...

"Don't you hear the H-bomb's thunder / Echo like the crack of doom?"

At his best, he conveyed the daunting complexity
& mounting insanity of modern life with great verve &
incomparable fidelity.

"For all the claims one hears about the
liberating impact of the data-net, the
truth is that it's wished on most of us a
brand-new reason for paranoia."

— John Brunner, The Shockwave Rider, 1975

2000 -- Indonesia: Jafar Hamzah, student activist, murdered in
Medan, while conducting human rights work. His bound &
tortured body is found September 3 in a ravine with four
other victims.

2009 -- G.A. Cohen dies. Political philosopher who produced an important
contemporary reinterpretation of Marxist theory, taking on the likes of rightwing
libertarian Robert Nozick & liberal John Rawls, with his "Non-Bullshit Marxism".


"Whatever the apparent
cause of any riots may be,
the real one is always
want of happiness. It
shows that something is
wrong in the system of the
government that injures
the felicity by which
society is to be preserved."

— Thomas Paine, 1792


— @nti-copyRite 2009 or thereabouts, more less depending
on which day & whether sleeping or awake

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