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Daily Bleed for the First of August

"The past is not
dead, it is only

— William Faulkner

Full-bodied Daily Bleed,

Diet-conscious version:


Legendary Grateful Dead guitarist/singer\songwriter, counter-culture hero.

Alternate Saint:
Indian communist leader, prisoner, independence fighter.


Of Seering Import to Remember:

AUGUST is . . .
Romance Awareness Month
Foot Health Month

3rd Week: Air Conditioning Appreciation Week

My father—
He knew
How many beautiful August evenings
surround an ear of corn.

— Robert Sund


1758 -- First Indian reservation in North America established.
(Makin' room for the Winnebagos, Jeep Apaches, Atlanta Braves,
Cleveland Indians & Navaho bead stores.)

"Maybe we should not have humored them when they
asked to live on reservations. Maybe we should have said,
No, come join us. Be citizens along with the rest of us."

— acting President Ronald Reagan

1765 -- England: After a notice is posted in the Northampton Mercury
inviting "well-wishers to the Cause now in Hand" to a football match
at West Haddon, a tumultous mob assemble on the designated day, pull
down & burn the fences in defiance of the Enclosures Act.

1819 -- Author Herman Melville lives.

1870 -- Norton I is listed by the US Census taker with the
occupation of "Emperor."

1875 -- Fran├žois-Henri Jolivet lives (1875-1955). French
working poet, anarchist & pacifist songster.

1892 -- US: Some 300 anarchists meet to discuss Alexander Berkman's
bungled attempt to assassinate Henry Clay Frick.

1901 -- Burial within San Francisco City limits prohibited.
Where to go, oh, where to go?

1909 -- Spain: Revolt in Catalonia leaves over 1,000 dead.
See Murray Bookchin's The Spanish Anarchists.

1917 -- US: IWW labor organizer Frank Little
lynched in Butte, Montana.

During a prolonged conflict between miners & copper
companies, a vigilante group drags Industrial Workers of the
World organizer Frank Little — broken leg & all — from his
boarding house & hang him from a railroad trestle. As a
warning to others, the lynchers pin the old vigilante numbers,
3-7-77, to his clothes. Authorities make no attempt to find the

Years later the writer
Dashiell Hammett
would recall his days in
Butte as an armed
mercenary being paid
by the Pinkerton
detective agency &
the mine companies.

One night, as he sat in
a Butte bar, Hammett
said he was approached
by a mine company
representative who
offered him $5,000 to
kill Frank Little.

Beating Wobblies with clubs
was one thing . . . murder was
another, & Hammett said he
quit on the spot.

1919 -- Alexander Nakov lives. Bulgarian anarchist militant
activist & Esperantist.

1921 -- US: The murders of Sid Hatfield & Ed Chambers by the
Baldwin-Feltz death squad agency for their part in the Matewan
labor battle.

1938 -- Workers Paradise?: 51 longshoremen, racially mixed, &
union supporters in Hilo, Hawaii are gassed, hosed, bayoneted &
shot in the back by police.

1942 -- Cherry Garcia, vocalist & guitarist of the Grateful Dead,

1950 -- Jim Carroll lives, (12:03 AM).

1960 -- Elvis Presley is named Public Enemy #1 by the
East German newspaper, Young World.

1963 -- Poet Theodore Roethke dies. Hung out at the Blue Moon
Tavern, sucking suds, near Recollection Used Books first location.

What's madness but nobility of soul
At odds with circumstance? The day's on fire!


And everything comes to One,
As we dance on, dance on, dance on.

1971 -- Concerts for Bangladesh held at Madison Square Garden.

1983 -- Eatcher Heart Out Saddam!? US resumes making chemical weapons
after a 14-year suspension. A tug of the suspenders, & America gets back
down to what it does best, creating, selling & housing the world's greatest
collection of Weapons of Mass Destruction; a virtuous re-commitment
to "Taking the High Moral Road."

1984 -- US: Stymied by a reporter's question about arms control during
a photo-op, acting Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Acting President
Reagan stands silently for several seconds, grunting & shrugging, until
Nancy, beside him, shielding her mouth with her hand, mutters, "We're
doing the best we can."

Says the august leader of the free world, instantly:
"We're doing the best we can."

2000 -- US: NY City trial of Errol Maitland, WBAI/Pacifica's award-winning
radio producer, who was singled out & physically attacked, then arrested
by NYPD officers last March for reporting live during the Patrick Dorismond

Media veteran found himself in the hospital for 11 days, charged with
disorderly conduct for having dared to report on the police attacks on
anti-police brutality demonstrators. Maitland was handcuffed to his bed
in the intensive care unit for 2 days.

2008 -- India: Communist leader Harkishan Singh Surjeet dies.


And little lads, lynchers that were to be,
Danced round the dreadful thing in fiendish glee.

— Claude McKay

— anti3-7-77, 1997-3:45am
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