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Daily Bleed for July 31st

Once upon a Lammas Night
When corn rigs are bonny,
Beneath the Moon's unclouded light,
I held awhile to Annie...

Daily Bleed, in full,



Italian-born chemist, Auschwitz survivor, writer...suicide?



1566 -- Fray Bartholomew de Las Casas, fanatic
for human dignity, dies.

Will he be punished for his disobedience?

To the 92-year-old, little it matters to him.
Half a century fighting.

The fingers don't obey, so he dictates the letter.
Without permission of anybody, he addresses himself to
the Holy See. He asks Pope Pius V to stop the wars against the
Indians & the plunder that uses the cross like an alibi.

While he dictates he becomes infuriated, the blood rises,
& the hoarse & feeble voice that remains to him trembles.

Suddenly he falls to the floor.

1811 -- Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, Mexican hero priest,
executed by the Spanish.

1864 -- Fabio Luz lives (1864-1938), Valença, Bahia, Brazil. Novelist
& outstanding figure of Brazilian anarchism. Wrote d'Ideólogos (1903),
d'Os Emancipados (1906), & Virgem-Mãe (1908), the first novels in
Brazil to tackle the social question.

1919 -- Primo Levi lives, Turin. Italian-Jew, writer & chemist.
Gained fame with his autobiographical story If This is a Man,
of survival in Nazi concentration camps.

1944 -- Antoine de Saint-Exupery disappears.

1964 -- Tonkin Gulf Hoax incidents begin as the
USS Maddox goes on "reconnaissance" patrol.

Johnson's deceitful speech of Aug. 4, 1964,
won accolades from the New York Times, The
Los Angeles Times
, & most other so-called
"objective" media — which served as a
unquestioning war chorus, bamboozling an
American public with LBJ's fabrication of the
Gulf of Tonkin incident.

BleedMeister is aboard another destroyer, which was rumored to
have been the ship that was supposed to have been where the
Turner Joy was, before it was ordered replaced...

The string of Tonkin Gulf lies, serving the interests
of American corporations, media, military & the state,
launch America headlong into the Vietnam War. The lies
continue for at least another decade & cost 50,000
American boys their lives as true flag-waving patriots
cheer them on to their deaths.

1966 -- Several US radio stations ban the playing of Beatles
records after John Lennon's remark that the band is "more popular
than Lenny Bruce."

1970 -- Disco?: To fill a contractual obligation, the Rolling
Stones hand over the disc, "Cocksucker Blues" to Decca Records.
They are now free to form Rolling Stones Records.

1971 -- England: Despite police protection, the home of Secretary
for Trade & Industry, John Davies, is bombed by the Angry Brigade.
Davies had declared his intention to close Upper Clyde Shipbuilders,
throwing thousands out of work.

1977 -- 60,000 strong demonstration against Super-Phenix
nuclear reactor, Malville, France. One person killed.

1980 -- Louis Simon (1900-1980) dies. French writer, poet,
militant pacifist & individualist anarchist.

1983 -- No (R)egrets?: Avinger, Texass is ankle-deep in bird shit.
Caused by cattle egrets imported by ranchers in 1953. Inspires
that favorite shit-kicker gospel song, "Wide, Wide River",

I've been floating in this river of shit
Over 20 years & I'm gettin' tired of it
But I've got to keep swimming in this river of shit,
'cause I don't want to die...

... Some politicians say we've got to stop violence in this
While he's spending 15,000 dollars a second snuffing

River of shit, bringing health, wealth, & prosperity to
every man, woman, & child.

— Tuli Kupferberg

1984 -- Panama: Our Man in Miami? CIA's William Casey &
Reagun's sweetheart, Oliver North, arrive, seeking Manuel
Noriega's aid for the contras. Birds of a feather....only Manuel
gets his wings clipped.

1989 -- US socialist leader Michael Harrington dies. A chronicler
of poverty during an age of affluence.

1993 -- US: A dust devil does $10,000 damage to a turkey farm,
near Locust, NC. The Locusts survive. Don't know 'bout the turkeys
what lives there.

1996 -- Australia: Brotherly Love? The Christian Brothers announce
they will pay nearly $3 million to over 200 men who say they were
sexually abused as children by the Brothers.

1999 -- US: James Ray arrested for sexual assault of FFA sheep,
San Diego.

2001 -- US: The 1937 Twin Teepees Restaurant on Aurora Ave.,
north of Recollection Fine Used Books, is demolished, Seattle,
Washington. Known as the place where Harlan, a young cook,
allegedly perfected his fried chicken recipe, & later best known
as Colonel Sanders.

" that the Twin Teepees, the Pioneer Square pergola,
& most of Fremont, just to name a few, have been flattened,
I figure it's only a matter of time before somebody slaps a
Master Use Permit over my husband Bob, the children & the

— Jane Lotter, Jet City Maven, Sept 2001

2006 -- Cuba: Cuban jefe Fidel Castro cedes state power to brother Raul.

2007 -- England: Millennialist historian Norman Cohn lives, London.


Meanwhile everyone wants to breathe & nobody can & many say,
"We will breathe later." & most of them don't die because they are
already dead.

— graffiti, Paris May '68

—@nti-CopyRiot 1997-8000, more or less

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