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Daily Bleed 7.19.10

Of grandfatherly gentleness I'm devoid,
     There's not a single grey hair in my soul!
     Thundering the world with the might of my voice,
     I go by-handsome,

           — Mayakovsky


Sengalese mystic, pacifist, anti-colonialist, Sufi poet.
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1553 --  Tarzan is not happy.

1663 -- Samuel Pepys enters in his Diary: "Read over my vowes,
& encreased them by a vow against all strong drink till November
next...." (a betterly deprived person than we?)

1834 -- French Impressionist painter Edgar Degas lives.
1847 -- US: Choctaw nation of Amerindians donates $750 for
Irish famine relief.

1876 -- Arthur Rimbaud deserts.

1877 -- US: Pittsburgh labor strikers drive soldiers out of town.
1898 -- Following public uproar surrounding his trial for libel,
Emile Zola flees France on the advice of his lawyers. Defender
of piss-ants & Jews.

1898 -- Inspiration to New Left, philosopher Herbert Marcuse lives.
Weds the Odd Couple — Marx & Freud.

1909 -- Chester Himes lives. Nearly 50 (like Raymond
Chandler) when he started to write detective novels.

1913 -- Poet, Paris Communard, & Bakuninist Charles Keller
(1843-1913) dies.

                  "Nègre de l'usine,
                 Forçat de la mine,
                   Ilote du champ,
              Lève -toi peuple puissant !
               Ouvrier, prends la machine,
                 Prends la terre, paysan ! "

1915 -- England: Italian/British anarchist, Vernon Richards
lives (1915-2001). Companion to Marie Louise Berneri
until her tragic death during childbirth in 1949.

1921 -- US: Armed white raiders deport 58 Japanese laborers
from Turlock, California. Similar events occur elsewhere in
California & in part of Oregon & Arizona.

1933 -- Belgium: The Council of War in Brussels condemns
two anarchist conscientious objectors:

   Hem Day (anarchist, used book seller, scholar) &
   Léo Campion (French anarchist, Day's assistant
   bookseller, a freethinker & later actor & famed
   songster), sentencing them, respectively, to 2 years
   & 18 months of prison.
   During the trial Campion ridicules the legal & military
   authorities. Then they quickly began a hunger strike which,
   reinforced by international support, causes the Belgian
   government to give in & leads to their release.

1936 -- Gráfic del moviment facciós a Barcelona.

   "The Revolution also has colors.
    Not all is combat to death, war,
    blood, pain.

    There is also happiness, life, youth.
    Our Spanish revolution is built with
    joy & youthfulness. That is why it will

    That gaiety, the juvenile & enlivening
    enthusiasm, has been grasped by the serene
    retina of a great artist."

The fascists, under Franco, attempt to overthrow the elected

The anarchists Durruti, Garcia Oliver & Ascaso are the true
craftsmen of this day, but the Atarazanas barracks still resists in
the evening ...

1943 -- France: During WWII, an anarchist congress meets
clandestinely near Toulouse. Among those attending
are Andre Arru, Voline, Maurice & Charles Laisant.

1948 --"Mr. Tibbetts then stated ...
certain professors on the campus are not
teaching their subjects but instead teaching
communism in their classes."

     The Canwell Committee, a bubbly pot of rightwing
     witch hunters, opens its University of Washington inquiry
     in Seattle.

1967 -- US: Congress outlaws crossing state lines to "incite to riot".
There goes the summer!

1975 -- Artists Raymond Patlán, Vicente Mendoza, & José Nario
complete their mural History of the Mexican American Worker in Blue
Island, Illinois. The muralists must fight a court case to complete the
work, which was stopped by a city ordinance against displaying
advertising on public walls.

1979 -- Rightwing Domino Theory proven right (sic).
First Vietnam, then Latin America. Hoboken, NJ next.

     "Sandinista" rebels overthrow U.S.-supported dictator Somoza;
     mass celebrations in streets of Managua. Beloved &
     Respected Comrade Leader Reagun & his former pal, Ollie North,
     a criminal, liar & dishonor to his profession, have a bad day.

1991 -- Miss Black America contestant accuses Mike Tyson of rape.

   "When I was in prison, I was wrapped up
    in all those deep books...

    That Tolstoy crap.
    People shouldn't read that stuff."

                       — Iron Mike Tyson
2006 -- England: The Exhibition: Red Years, Black Years Woodcuts by
Helios Gómez & poster art of the Spanish Revolution & Civil War, presented
on the 70th anniversary of the Spanish Civil War in homage to the victims
of Francoism.


               When the rich make war,
                       it's the poor that die.

                       — Jean-Paul Sartre

— anti-CopyRite 1997 - 5000 (thereabouts, more or less)
The Daily Bleed, "Waisted bandwidth hanging over the belt"

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