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Daily Bleed for 5.3.10

A few select riffs:


Living Theatre playwright, actor, anarchist activist.

Belgium: PROCESSION OF THE HOLY BLOOD, followed by fun.


1808 -- French execute Spanish rebels; see Goya's
"Executions of the 3rd of May"

1810 -- Lord Byron swims the Hellespont, emulating the legendary
Greek Leander. Byron did the four miles in an hour & ten minutes.
He celebrates the feat in Don Juan:

  "A better swimmer you could scarce see ever / He could, perhaps,
  have pass'd the Hellespont, / As once (a feat on which ourselves
  we prided) / Leander, Mr. Ekenhead, & I did."

1849 -- Germany: Popular rebellion breaks out in Dresden & the
militant Russian anarchist Mikhail Bakunin emerges as a "heroic" leader.

1886 -- US: Chicago's finest attack McCormick Reaper Works
strikers. Police kill four & wound at least 200.

1886 -- Robert Collino lives (1886-1975), Marseilles, France.
Wrote under the pseudonym Ixigrec. Science fiction author
who wrote for many, many anarchist publications,
collaborated on  Sebastien Faure's Anarchist Encyclopedia, etc.
His science fiction novel, Panurge au pays des machines (1940)
denounced the dangers of totalitarianism; followed in 1966 by
Essais fantastiques du Dr Rob.

1890 -- Enigmatic novelist, German revolutionary, B. Traven
(1890-1969) lives (again! we also have his birthdate
as 23 February 1882). [Aka Otto Feige, Albert Otto Max Wienecke,
Berick Traven Torsvan, Hal Croves, Torsvan Croves, Ret Marut,
Bent Traven].

     A good day perhaps for finally organizing that
     second false passport: another of Traven's birthdays,
     being the birthdate given on Traven Torsvan's Mexican
     naturalisation papers:

            "The creative person should have no
             other biography than his works."

1891 -- Mikhail Bulgakov lives (May 15th, New Style), Kiev,
Ukraine. Journalist, playwright, novelist, & short-story writer,
whose major work, The Master & Margarita, was published
posthumously in the Soviet Union in 1966-67 in a censored form.
The book's chief character, accompanied by a talking black tomcat,
wreaks havoc throughout literary Moscow.

1892 -- Hugo Gellert lives, (1892-1985) Budapest, Hungary.
Radical illustrator/artist.

1898 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader
Benjamin Harrison says,

            "We Americans have no commission from God
             to police the world."

1916 -- Ireland: Patrick Henry Pearse, Irish revolutionary, poet,
educator, age 36, is shot by a firing squad Dublin.

1919 - Radical American songster Pete Seeger lives..
Outspoken lefty musician blacklisted in the 50s & 60s
(ABC-TV, under pressure from folksingers boycotting their
"Hootenanny" program, invite him to appear — if he signs an
oath of loyalty to the U.S. He won'tt & ABC extends
its blacklist/ban).

     . . . I heard the song
     Of the world's last whale
     As I rocked in the moonlight
     And reefed the sail.
     It'll happen to you
     Also without fail
     If it happens to me
     Sang the world's last whale.

                      — Pete Seeger

1928 -- Argentina:  In Buenos Aires, to protest against the
Italian dictatorship, the anarchist Severino Di Giovanni bombs
the Italian consulate (which was being used to eliminate Italian
antifascists in exile). Nine killed, 34 wounded.

1934 -- IWW strikes at Draper Manufacturing Co. begins, Cleveland,

1937 -- Spain: Republican government attacks workers; beginning of
open resistance to both the Republican & Communist authorities by
radical workers, anarchists, & others, opposing the government
takeover of the worker-run telephone company in Barcelona.
Fighting  spread to all parts of the city, lasting for four days.
Stalinists denounce Trotskyite P.O.U.M. as "Franco's
Fifth Column" in preparation for  liquidating independent radicals &
anarchists (assassinations, etc., similar to purges in Russia).

1949 -- US: Willie Johnson, a black church deacon, is shot to death
by two cops in Brunswick, Ga., who claim "he was looking at a house

1953 -- First American public reading of  Dylan Thomas' Under
Milk Wood
, Harvard's Fogg Museum. Thomas gave the one-man

1963 -- US: In Birmingham, Alabama, paragon of American values,
"Bull" Connor, paragon of "law & order", orders fire hoses &
dogs turned on children marching out of the 16th St Baptist
Church to keep them from marching out of the "Negro section".
This after jailing 900+ yesterday.

       Teach your children well.
       Next lesson, children, comes on the 6th.

1966 -- US: Culture Symposium at SF State College:
Ron Davis, director of the SF Mime Troupe, & the poet/anarchist
Kenneth Rexroth participate in a symposium on the state of the
arts in Frisco at which Rexroth proposes a neighborhood arts

1968 -- France: First fights of the May Upheaval occurs in the
Latin Quarter. Students meeting at the University of Sorbonne
to protest repression at Nanterre breaks up, but cops move in
& arrest 500.

   Revolt breaks out all along the route taken by police vans &
   thousands fight the police energetically. The beginning of
   upheavals which last throughout the month & into June,
   with schools, factories & offices occupied & a generalized
   resistance to authority throughout France & inspires similar
   revolts all over Europe.

   The Paris, May 68 student coalition fermented & gained momentum
   around a series of events: the arrest of student members of the
   National Vietnam Committee, police brutality, & government &
   university hierarchical impertinence.

   By May 24, approximately ten million workers are on strike
   in France.

       "Perhaps one tends to forget too much that, from February on,
       the riots of Nantes showed the real face of the 'Situationists',
       1500 students behind red & black flags, the
       federal courthouse occupied..."

                        — Rivarol, May 3, 1968

1971 -- First NPR broadcast of "All Things Considered".
Censorship at its best?

1971 -- US: 7,000 people arrested in attempt to shut down the
Pentagon. Last of the 14,000 arrests related to May Day
Vietnam War protests. At least two Bleeders have confessed
to being there.

1983 -- Gone Ballistic? Catholic bishops vote 238-9 against
production of nuclear weapons. If the Church can give up their nukes,
why not the US & others?

1984 - Iran & Iraq attack ships in Persian Gulf. Both are
well-armed with weapons supplied by the US & other
global powers.

1990 -- Guatemala: Luis Miguel Solis Pajarito, leader of the
Consejo Nacional de Desplazados de Guatemala (National
Council of the Displaced of Guatemala), is disappeared
by the government.

1991 -- Novelist Jerzy Kosinski paints birds no more,
a suicide at 57. Author of Being There.

        Chance: As long as the
                                      roots are not severed, all is
                                      well. & all will be well in
                                      the garden....

1995 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Ex-CIA/Pres.
George Bush resigns from the NRA (National Rifle Association),
citing their reference to federal agents as "jackbooted government

1996 -- Hermann Kesten, German-US author (The Children of
), dies at 96. Active in the "Emergency Rescue Committee"
for German-speaking writers, many owing their escape from Europe
to his untiring efforts.

1996 -- The US is voted off the UN Human Rights Commission.

2000 -- England: The Vote Nobody election campaign proves
successful in the Bristol ward of Easton. An Autonomous
Zone is declared after 145 people vote for Nobody & just five for
the council. One staunch anarchist spoiled his ballot paper.
Sorry, we can only guess what he was wipingwipingwiping.

2003 -- The Layabouts, URBAN
           BENEFIT, Trumble
           Theater, today! Hurrah! "Workers of  the World -Relax!"

                    "Governments Lie!"
                    MP3 File from their No Masters album...

2006 -- Switzerland: Radical Dutch COBRA painter Karel Appel
dies, Zurich.

2008 -- US: Living Theatre playwright, Hanon Reznikov dies, New York City.
Wrote & directed many Living Theatre productions, including "Anarchia,"
"Capital Changes," "Clearing The Streets," among others.


— Auntie-Stuff Yet To Be Named 20066 or thereabouts

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