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Daily Bleed for 5.15.10

The smoke of my own breath,
Echos, ripples, & buzzed whispers...loveroot, silkthread,
crotch & vine,
My respirations & inspirations....the beating of my heart....
the passing of blood
& air through my lungs.

— Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass, 1855

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MAY 15

Algerian matriarch of raï music.

Spain, Philippines, Columbia, etc.: CELEBRATIONS OF SAN ISIDRO,
the saint who got the angels to do all his plowing for him.

what if they gave a war & nobody came?


1618 -- Johannes Kepler discovers his harmonics law.

Inspires the Blues Brothers.

1834 -- US: Cherokee Indians force-marched, in defiance of the
US Supreme Court, on the Trail of Tears, reaches Little Rock,

1855 -- Walt Whitman, having registered "Leaves of Grass",
brings the copyright notice to the Brooklyn printing office of
James & Thomas Rome, where he is working on the first,
privately printed, edition. Brother George comments,

"I saw the book, but I didn't read it at all — didn't think it
worth reading. Mother thought as I did."

1856 -- L. Frank Baum lives (1856-1919). American
journalist/writer, whose stories about the imaginary Land of Oz
are classics of fantasy literature.

On January 3, 1891 (a few days after the Wounded
Knee massacre) "The Aberdeen Saturday Pioneer"
published an editorial, written by Baum, declaring
"only safety depends upon the total extirmination
[sic] of the Indians..."

In another related to the death of Sitting Bull
again advocated genocide:

"The Whites, by law of conquest, by justice of
civilization, are masters of the American continent,
& the best safety of the frontier settlements will be
secured by the total annihilation of the few remaining

For a contemporary defense of exterminating Indians,
& taking "their" lands, see Ayn Rand.

1871 -- Arthur Rimbaud writes the second of his two
Lettres du Voyant.

1872 -- Julia Ward Howe declares the first Mother's Day
as an anti-war holiday.

1885 -- Louis Riel surrenders, ending Metis Rebellion in Canada.

1886 -- Recluse poet Emily Dickinson dies,
having not left her house since 1865.

1890 -- Katherine Anne Porter lives (1890-1980) Indian Creek,
Texass. American essayist, short story writer, & journalist,
whose best known & only novel is The Ship of Fools (1962).

Briefly involved with Mexican revolutionary politics,
& also wrote The Never-Ending Wrong, an account of
the infamous trial & execution of the anarchists Sacco &

1892 -- Mexico: The Flores Magón brothers organize an
anti-reelection demonstration.

1893 -- Founding of the Western Federation of Miners (WFM),
the union of Big Bill Haywood, later head of the
Industrial Workers of the World (IWW).

1916 -- First appearance of the term "Dada" in print, Zurich,

1917 -- US: "Red" Library Cards? The Library Employees' Union (AFL)
is chartered.

1919 -- General Strike begins in Winnipeg, Canada,
involving 30,000 workers, lasting until June 24th.

1921 -- US: A Real Cat Fight? Felix the Cat animated cartoon
"Felix Goes on Strike" is released.

1942 -- Death of great IWW songwriter T-Bone Slim, New
York City. See Selected Writings of T-Bone Slim, edited by
Franklin Rosemont.

Tune: Doxology

I pray dear Lord for Jesus' sake
Give us this day a T-bone steak.
Hallowed be Thy Holy Name,
And don't forget to send the same.

Oh, hear my humble cry oh Lord,
And send us down some decent board,
Brown gravy and some German fried
With sliced tomatoes on the side.

Observe me on my bended legs,
I'm asking you for ham and eggs,
And if thou havest custard pies,
I'd like dear Lord, the largest size.

Oh hear me cry, Almighty Host
I quite forgot the quail on toast.
Let your kindly heart be stirred
And stuff some oysters in that bird.

Dear Lord, we know Your holy wish,
On Friday night we must have a fish.
Our flesh is weak and spirit stale;
You better make that fish a whale.

Oh hear me lord, remove these "dogs,"
These sausages of powdered logs;
The beef bull hash and bearded snouts,
Take them to hell or thereabouts.

With alum bread and pressed beef butts
Dear Lord, they've damn near ruined my guts;
The whitewash milk and oleorine
I wish to Christ I'd never seen.

Oh, hear me, Lord, I'm praying still
But if you won't our Union will
Put porkchops on the bill of fare
And starve no workers anywhere.

— from the Little Red Songbook

1953 -- Canada: Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Bud Powell,
Charlie Mingus & Max Roach perform together at Massey Hall, Toronto.

1964 -- U.S. begins bombing Laos.

1966 -- Buddhist altars placed in streets to stop troops arresting
dissidents, South Vietnam.

1968 -- The French Prime Minister appeals to the population
to resist 'anarchy'. Occupation of the théâtre de l'Odéon.

During the first three or four days of the Sorbonne
occupation (14­17 May) the Situationists & Enragés
express & develop one of the more lucid
approaches to the situation, particularly in the face
of numerous unions, bureaucrats & leftist groupsicles
(Maoist, Trotkyites, etc.) who were trying to catch up
with ideas & events in hopes of either containing the
movement or gaining control or power.

The Situationists, the Enragés & a few dozen other
councilist revolutionaries encourage workers to
bypass them all...

Over 10 million workers will seize hundreds of
factories, mines, shipyards, government offices, a
nuclear facility & at least one whole town.

In one of the longest strikes, 13,000 producers, journalists
& technicians shut down the government-run radio &
television, raising slogans like,

"The police on the screen means the police in your home."

Everywhere public officials are held up to ridicule.

1969 -- Battle for People's Park, fought against the University
of California & the police in Berkeley, California, who had
fenced the area off in the middle of the night:

Beloved & Respected Comrade Bad Actor Governor &
Future President of the United States Ronald Reagan sends
in the National Guard.

Police gunfire kills a bystander, James Rector,
60 wounded, including Alan Blanchard, blinded for life.

17 days of street fighting ensue, capped by a march of
30,000, where another 150 demonstrators are shot & wounded.

'If there has to be a bloodbath then let's get it over with.'

— Ronald Reagan

1970 -- Several million US students strike to protest the
Vietnam War.

1971 -- Second anniversary of People's Park demonstration,
"instigated" by the student paper, Daily Cal, leads to Daily Cal
moving off U.C. Berkeley campus.

4 A.M.?

— Diane di Prima, "Revolutionary Letter #38"

1982 -- 40,000 demonstrate against military electronics fair,
Hanover, West Germany.

1986 -- US: "When the
play, people

"South End", May, 15, 1986,

1994 -- England: Stone commemorating conscientious objectors
unveiled, Tavistock Square, London.

1998 -- Human-rights activist Pascal Kambale is arrested in the
Congo (DRC).

2000 -- The UN Committee Against Torture issues its first report on
the US, criticizing stunbelts, prison conditions & police brutality.

2004 -- Canada: The 5th Annual Montreal Anarchist Bookfair!

2006 -- Algerian "Mother of Raï" music, Cheikha Rimitti,
dies Paris, France.


"Most everybody I see knows the truth but
they just don't know that they know it."

— Woody Guthrie


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