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Daily Bleed for 5.13.10

"This is the real world,
& you are in it."

— B. Traven

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MAY 13

Philippine Independentista, revolutionist, social activist.

Ancient Anatolian festival of PURULLIYAS commemorates
legend of conquest of dragon Illuyankas by the Weather God
controlling rainfall over the dragon of drought & flood.
Connected with European folk customs linking Rogation Day,
Ascension & St. George's Day.




1794 -- Whiskey Rebellion begins in Pennsylvania.
Tax collector tarred & feathered.

Robert Benchley, when told drinking & smoking
are "slow poison":

"So? Who's in a hurry?"

1842 -- Anti-American?: A "People's Government," organized by
reformer Thomas Dorr, attempts to seize power in Rhode Island by
capturing the arsenal at Providence, but is repulsed when the
incumbent regime calls out the militia.

1846 -- US: Congress declares war on Mexico. With victory the US
annexes Mexico's northern half, including much of what is now
California, Arizona, New Mexico, & Texass, to satisfy Southern
political pressure to add new slave-owning states.

What the hell are all these Mexicans doing here??!!

Inspires Immigration Laws & prison industry.

1906 -- Willa Cather becomes an editor for muckraking
"McClure's Magazine".

1912 -- Brazil: In São Paulo, "Ecole Moderne" opens, established
on the principle of rationalist education recommended by Francisco
Ferrer. Four anarchists are founders: Neno Vasco, Edgard Leuenroth,
Oreste Ristori & Gigi Damiani.

1928 -- Man Ray, artist, chess player/designer, anarchist, filmmaker
& photographer, premiers L'Etoile de Mer (The Star of the Sea), a
film by Man Ray based on a poem by Robert Desnos, at the Studio
des Ursulines. It continues to be shown in the same program as
The Blue Angel at least until December.

1937 -- Roger Zelazny (aka Harrison Denmark) (1937-1995) lives. A
prominent American "new wave" science fiction writer along with
P.K. Dick, Samuel Delany, Thomas Disch, Ursula K. LeGuin & Harlan

"I had been . . . crossing & recrossing the line between sanity
& madness so many times that I had all but rubbed it out."

— Corwin, Prince of Amber, in The Guns of Avalon

1954 -- Natives of Marshall Islands plead for an end to H-Bomb
testing. All anti-American commie-dupes obviously.

1958 -- Rockin Good Time?: Beloved & Respected Comrade
Leader Dick M Nixon's motorcade greeted with rocks & bottles,
Caracas, Venezuela. Hundreds of anti-US demonstrators hurl
melon-size rocks at his limo.

Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President Eisenhower
immediately orders four companies of Marines & paratroopers to
Caribbean bases to back White House demands that Venezuela
guarantee Nixon's safety. The Trickster & the King trade "too
stoned" on the road tales.

1960 -- US: Students hold "sit-in" against "red-hunting". Protests
against HUAC turn into violent stand-off with cops. Includes
anarchoid Abbie Hoffman. San Francisco police attack students
protesting a local hearing of the House Un-American Activities
Committee (HUAC).

1961 -- US: On Stand-by?: Police watch while counter-protesters
beat pro-Castro "Fair Play for Cuba" demonstrators in Seattle.

1967 -- US: Blacks riot in San Francisco's Playland by the Pacific;
meanwhile the anarchist Diggers host a "love feast" in Haight-Ashbury.

1968 -- France '68: The Sorbonne is occupied by students &
others in the May upheaval. This is the first in the series of
occupations which last throughout the month & into June. Today
discontent with the government spreads into the labor force &
workers began joining in the protest with a series of strikes &
factory occupations.

PARIS POLICE opened fire when students attacked a
police van which had knocked down several of them
in the Place Deufert-Rochereau.

The strike by French students & workers leads
to a General Strike by 10 million workers.

1971 -- US: At Chadwick University, in Michigan, thousands of
protesters gather at 7pm to protest a banned rally. America's
largest university, has lost its soul to the computer, to industry
& the hunger for material growth.

What happens next, 30 hours later, is inevitable.
It is only a question of

At midnight on the 14th,
Phantom jets roar over to

The Movement, a novel by Norman Garbo (1969).

1981 -- In St. Peter's Square, Turkish terrorist Mehmet Ali Agca
shoots & seriously wounds the Pope.

TV viewers jam the switchboards of stations across America
to complain their soap operas & game shows have been
preempted by coverage of the shooting of Pope John Paul II.

1985 -- US: A long-running confrontation between Philadelphia police
& a radical black cult called MOVE comes to a head as mayor
Wilson Goode orders its headquarters bombed. The resulting blaze
destroys 61 homes, killing 11.

Says one resident, "MOVE in its wildest day never perpetrated
anything on our block like what Wilson Goode did."

The mayor defends his strategy as

"Perfect, except for the fire."

Eleven years after police drop a bomb on
a row house occupied by the anti-government group MOVE, a
jury orders the city of Philadelphia & two former city
officials to pay $1.5 million to a survivor & relatives of two
members of the group who died in the resulting fire.

1989 -- Tasmanian Devils?: Greens gain balance of power
in House of Assembly, Tasmania.

1990 -- Robert Jospin (1899-1990) dies. French socialist, pacifist
& one-time anarchiste. A speaker of talent, deeply
affected by WWI, he gave many speeches as secretary of the Ligue
Internationale des combattants de la paix. Jospin was arrested in
1942 for helping the Resistance.

1991 -- Apple releases Macintosh System 7.0. Beloved & Respected
Comrade Leader Chairman Bill Gates sez, "That's it, I quit!"

1998 -- US: Thousands of yellow cab drivers
go on a one day strike in NYC. Buncha terrorist A-Rabs
taking the day off.

2009 -- Dr. Jessica Gaspar presents “Luisa Capetillo: la musa active”
(Luisa Capetillo: The Active Muse), a play inspired by the life & work of
Luisa Capetillo at the Julia de Burgos Theater, School of Humanities, at
the University of Puerto Rico – Río Piedras.

Remembered by many as the first woman to wear pants in public on the
island, her struggles as a labor leader in a male-dominated society made
her a woman far ahead of her time.



"There are a thousand hacking
at the branches of evil to one who
is striking at the root."

— Henry David Thoreau, Walden


— Auntie-BranchesOfEvil 2010

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