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Daily Bleed for 4.15.2010

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"As for me, I've chosen; I will be on the side of crime. &
I'll help children not to gain entrance into your houses, your
factories, your laws & holy sacraments, but to violate them."

— Jean Genet

Heartland painter, political radical, free thinker.


USA: The Taxman Cometh!

IRS Terrorists demand war tribute (Pay or Die).

"Shake Your Money Maker" — Elmore James
"I Want My Money Back" — Saffire
"I Ain't Got No Money" — Buddy Guy
"Bucks in the Bank" — The Bobs


Your form
has a mass of questions:
'Have you traveled on business
or not?'
But suppose
I have
ridden to death a hundred Pegasi
in the last
15 years?
And here you have —
imagine my feelings! —
about servants
and assets.

But what if I am
a leader
and a servant
of the people
... Citizen tax collector
I'll cross out all the zeros
after the five
and pay the rest. I demand
as my right
an inch of ground
the poorest
workers and peasants

— Mayakovsky

1755 -- Samuel Johnson's magnum opus, A Dictionary of the
English Language
, is published. He says: "Dictionaries are
like watches. The worst is better than none, & the best cannot
be expected to go quite true."

1882 -- Pierre Ramus (true name of Rudolf Grossman) lives
(1882-1942). Propagandist & Austrian anarchist writer.

1889 -- Painter & radical Thomas Hart Benton lives.

1898 -- Blues vocalist great Bessie Smith lives, Chattanooga,

"Gimme a pigfoot & a bottle of beer..."
"Gimme a reefer & a gang of gin..."

1915 -- IWW union Agricultural Workers Organization forms in
Kansas, Missouri.

1919 -- Start of victorious six-day strike across New England
by first women-led US union, Telephone Operators Department
of IBEW.

1934 -- US: Blue Moon Tavern opens, Seattle, Washington.
Some jokesters claim it opened on April Fools Day.

"Gimme a pigfoot & a
bottle of beer..."

"Gimme a reefer & a gang of

The Blue Moon Tavern in
the U District opened its
doors on April 15, 1934.

It became a beloved hangout
of poets, the Beat
Generation & 60's activists
& gave new meaning to the
phrase "lit major."

Home of the famed
"Hammered Man"
sculpture — which the
Seattle Art Museum would
shamelessly ape with its
own sad version, inSIPidly
called "Hammering Man".

1938 -- Poet César Vallejo dies, Paris, France. Left his native
Peru in 1923, & once expelled from Paris in 1930 as a political
militant. Kept involved with Peru by publishing in "Amauta",
a journal established by his friend José Carlos Mariaátegui,
founder of the Peruvian Communist party.

1960 -- US: Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee
(SNCC), one of the main organizations of the civil rights
movement, forms. In the late 60s it becomes a black militant
organization & far from non-violent in position.

1961 -- Cuba: CIA invasion force lands at the Bay of Pigs.
A fiasco, defeated within two days.

1967 -- US: First mass burning of draft cards as 400,000 march
in New York City & 80,000 in San Francisco opposing the
Vietnam War. Culmination of April 10-15th Vietnam Week
featuring draft card burnings & turn-ins & anti-draft recruiter
demonstrations all over the country. In NY addressed by
Martin Luther King, Jr., McKissick, Stokely Carmichael,
Benjamin Spock.

1972 -- US: April 15-28, the nation experiences a new wave of
antiwar protests on campuses & near military & defense-
industry installations — with hundreds of arrests across the

1980 -- Marxist existentialist Jean-Paul Sartre dies, Paris.

"I keep creating omelets one after another, like soldiers
marching into the sea, but each one seems empty, hollow,
like stone.

I want to create an omelet that expresses the
meaninglessness of existence, & instead they taste
like cheese.

I look at them on the plate, but they do not look back. "

1984 -- Australia: 250,000 attend nuclear disarmament rallies
across the country.

1986 -- Saint Jean Genet dies in Paris. French criminal, social
outcast later turned novelist & a leading figure in the avant-
garde theater & a political radical.

Genet, like Artaud, believed the theatre should be an
incendiary event. He also portrayed the gay world openly,
without apology or explanation. Genet's sense of solidarity
was even stronger with thieves, & others of society's
dispossessed. In later life, he championed the causes of the
Black Panthers in the US & Palestinian soldiers in Jordan &
Lebanon. His final work, Un captif amoureux (Prisoner of
Love), is a record of his years spent with these two groups.

Jean Genet died in a hotel room of the same working class
district where he'd been abandoned as a child 75 years
earlier. He is buried in Morocco.

1996 -- The rest of Jerry Garcia's ashes are scattered near
the Golden Gate Bridge in Frisco. A small portion
were scattered in the Ganges River in India 11 days ago.

1997 -- Sam Moskowitz dies. American science fiction editor & author.

He was dedicated to the past, not the present or future.
His prose, which Sid Coleman once suggested read as if
badly translated from a middle-European language. At one
point in the fifties, Dick Ellington "edited" Sam's writing
for him, significantly improving it. One wishes Dick had
kept doing it longer than he did.)

In 1960 or thereabouts, NYC fandom divided into two
general factions: the sercon types, exemplified by Sam, his
wife Christine, & Belle Dietz, who ran the Lunarians & ESFA —
& the Fanarchists, exemplified by the Riverside Dive/Nunnery
group that included Ellington & Bill Donahoe. They socialized
together to some extent, but took potshots at each other in
the pages of local fanzines.

2000 -- US: 5th Annual Frisco Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair.
Special guest: songster U. Utah Phillips.

2010 -- US: Tax time for everybody in America but the filthy
rich & those with corporate loopholes.

[& you know who you are!]

please read the following IRS form carefully:
"How can you help resenting the absurdity of time, its march
into the future, & all the nonsense about evolution &
progress? Why go forward, why live in time?"
— E.M.Cioran

— Auntie-Time 1997-2010 or thereabout, more or less
(depending on the exact time)

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