Monday, January 19, 2009

Some Peer Reviews of Last Word Books

just dug these up on yelp

7/9/2008 Their resident cat is pure evil, but in a way I find endearing.

He bit me when we first met. But it was because I was aggressively cuddling him without first establishing an acceptable level of trust.

We're cool now.

I hope.

In any case, while there may be larger used bookstores south of Seattle, this one has the most interesting selection of quality picks and the most comfortable seating.

-Monkey X - North Pole, AK

If you're looking for it, chances are they've got it somehwere. Shit they've probably got five of 'em. Whether or not they're gonna get up and look for it, well, we're all free to make our decisions aren't we? This bookstore has the widest selection of all genres from Aquatic Wildlife of the 1960s to Lorca to CrimethINC. They've got plays, Organic Gardening, Autographed First Edition Kerouacs, Deep SciFi, Anarchotexts, EVERYTHING. They also are home to Rec Tha Place Records in the Back (Big Ups Alex & Erin!!), are almost always blasting Free Radio Olympia, and have the most comprehensive Zine Library I've ever seen. And they'll always have a chair out front to smoke in, a smartass comment from Rob, and the "WTF? Asshole book of the Week" display prominently in the window. And there's always three good books in questionable condition on the 3 for $1 book carts out front. If you are a bibliophile of any type and are near Olympia, you owe it to yourself to check this place out. Intense to say the least.

-Owen T. - Oakland, CA

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