Thursday, January 15, 2009

Anarchy Info-Boxes in Olympia

"All materials are free. Feel free to take, borrow and leave print information. Enjoy."

The story of the anarchy infobox

The idea for an anarchy infobox came when people wanted to learn about
anarchy 24 hours a day in Olympia.
Keeping the local zine library open all night seemed impractical. People also
don't have access to the internet at all times and can't access websites like Having an old newspaper box in the backyard helped put this
idea into action.

People painted the old newspaper box and installed a new plexiglass
window. A new shelf was made for the zines to sit on inside the infobox. People
also put zine subject dividers and book holders to make the info in the infobox
more accessible.

The zine infobox made its debut at 4th and Washington
streets in downtown Olympia in
front of a coffee shop, across the corner from the Industrial Worker (the paper
of the IWW) newspaper box...

Then things, of course, went sour.

This was just down the street from our bookstore for a spell last spring and summer, I hope it returns, as it seems to be a relatively cool idea. Oh, and keeping the Olympia Zine Library open 24 hours a day would require armed guards and/or a sizeable tax-free donation to Last Word Books, L.L.C. Neither of which are particularly out of the question. Please speak to our C.E.O., One Basil C.

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Frida Jackson said...

That's a nice idea to populate information in passers-by.