Friday, November 30, 2007

Hillary Hostages

It's come down to this. The first poll to suggest she was losing her lead over the rabid pack snarling and biting at her heels, and The Hillary Campaign turns creative, desperate for coverage and a quick reminder that even crazy people believe Hillary to be Inevitable, if not in a "national" race against a Republican candidate, at least for the Democratic ticket.

Was it staged as a media-savy juxtaposition from the droll coverage leaking out of the sinking ship of news media? Or had some dimwit in New Hampshire finally snapped from the strain of life in America during war time, where the reminders of war are little more than magnetic, yellow ribbons adorning SUVs? Every cause célèbre has their own magnetic ribbon, and now Camp Hillary has their's too, perhaps a pink, white and red flag motief. The pink for femininity, the white for Truth and such clap-trap, and finally the red for the blood in the water everyone knows is there.

Can Hillary withstand the accusations of being the adroit robot of Democratic dread, or will she be held under the microscope for her past relations with Wal-Mart, that bastion of unionized, happy workers fished out of old folks' homes and the charity ward? Who can tell these things so far from the moment? However, the air is tinged with a certain electrical charge, Dick Cheney's pacemakered heart beating faster than a rabbit at the thought of staging some dramatic "terrorist" event to cancel the presidential elections of '08, perhaps, killing two birds with one stone, elimating Hillary and that bastard of a husband of hers, while hammering the final nail in the coffin the of real American Dream.

What more can you ask for? We are living in America during war time. This is a war people, every shot fired is meant for something or someone.

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