Tuesday, May 15, 2007

There is a God. R.I.P. Jerry Falwell 1933-2007

It is a grand, glorious day. The sun is shining, Spring is in full swing...and Jerry Falwell is dead. Usually, we would not cheer the death of another human being, but Jerry Falwell is...different. The world is a better place without him spewing his hate-filled "sermons." So, just for laughs we dug up some of his better pronouncements for you to enjoy, although I kind of agree with him when he says Billy Graham is the servant of the Devil. Enjoy.
AIDS is not just God's punishment
for homosexuals; it is God's
punishment for the society that
tolerates homosexuals.
The Jews are returning to their land of unbelief.
They are spiritually blind and desperately in
need of their Messiah and Savior.
Grown men should not be having sex with
prostitutes unless they are married to them.
We're fighting against humanism, we're
fighting against liberalism…we are
fighting against all the systems of
Satan that are destroying our nation
today…our battle is with Satan himself.
Billy Graham is the chief servant of
Satan in America.
Christians, like slaves and soldiers,
ask no questions.
If you're not a born-again Christian,
you're a failure as a human being.
The idea that religion and politics
don't mix was invented by the Devil to
keep Christians from running their own

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Sarah said...


I included a link to your post here: http://www.olyblog.net/blog-local-r-i-p-jerry-falwell and at the moment it is also #1 on hot top 10 on http://www.topichotlist.com/th/topichotlist.shtml

And I see that a conservative site townhall.com has joined in with a post titled Rejoicing death by southsounder: http://ssr.townhall.com/g/
(paste that url together)

Gotta love the web.

Anonymous said...

About jerry's Fallwell's death:
I prayed to Jesus and said -- "Well Jesus I guess the reverend is now up in heaven with you..."
and Jesus replied...
"Who said he went to heaven....??"

Melanie Stefine said...

Unfortunately, Jerry did not go to Heaven, and he did not go to Hell either. Jerry just vanished. God set Jerry up as an example of people that God does not want in Heaven. God did not want to punish him in Hell either.

IMO, since his destiny was to be an example to all of us. It is possible that Jerry never had a Soul to begins with. He was just a pawn.

Ares Vista said...

R.I.P.? How about reviving him, then setting him on fire? This man is everything Jesus preached AGAINST. He never spoke of love, or working together as God's creatures to improve the way of life for millions. All he did was judge people. He never let anyone else do ANYTHING in peace. R.I.P...I don't think so.