Friday, February 09, 2007

Don't Go Bust: A turncoat narc offers tips on how to move your weed

He looks like a good cop. He's got the 'stache, the short-cropped hair, the pushed-out chest and the shiny badge. He sounds like a good cop too; drawled and official. He's got a TV reporter's microphone in his face and a brick of marijuana in his hand, and he's answering questions—not in the "I just accidentally Tasered an old lady" kind of way, but with a grin of accomplishment. The total bust was in the neighborhood of 275 pounds.

This is the old Barry Cooper. Top cop. Total prick. He claims more than 300 felony drug arrests during his eight years as an officer in Gladewater, Big Sandy and Odessa, and a former supervisor says he was damn good at his job, even if he doesn't agree with Cooper's latest get-rich idea.

The video cuts to a decade later, a few months ago. "That was me, Barry Cooper," he says, "top narcotics officer." His hair is longer. That 'stache is now a full-on goatee. The top cop has become a dude. "I'm going to show you places that I never found marijuana hidden." He talks with his hands, like a mellowed-out P.T. Barnum. "I'm going to teach you exactly how narcotic-detector dogs are trained, and I'm going to answer that age-old question: Do coffee grounds really work?"

It's quite the pitch: Former drug warrior sees the light, goes to the dark side and makes a video, Never Get Busted Again, with shady tips on how to fool the fuzz. Stoners rejoice. The new beginning of the end of prohibition is near...Read More...

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Jon Katz - Underdog said...

Originally, I was inclined not to comment further on Barry Cooper's "Never Get Busted" video without seeing the video first. .

However, after having read the following two blogs about Mr. Cooper's video, I did not wish to wait to see the video before addressing the following two issues here, particularly after having contacted and heard back from Mr. Cooper (as reprinted below) on these two issues:

- FlexYourRights reviewed the video, and shares my deep concern -- dissent, actually -- about Mr. Cooper's recommending rampant waiver of people's right to refuse a police "consent" search. Mr. Cooper's purported interest is in showing people how to conceal drug crimes, whereas my interest is in helping people know and exercise their Constitutional rights, whether or not they have anything to hide.

A person may be risking more than s/he realizes when consenting to a police search. I believe it is all too common for people in a car to throw their drugs and weapons (if they have any) into another passenger's or driver's area of the car when a traffic stop takes place. No matter how innocent the car's driver may be, consenting to a search risks the police finding contraband that someone else secretly left there...

See the rest of my comments at this blogposting:

Jon Katz Criminal Defense Lawyer for MD, DC & VA MARKS & KATZ, LLC Silver Spring, MD 20910, (301) 495-4300 Underdog Blog: markskatz dot com /justiceblog

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Anonymous said...

My oldest brother was put in Prison for growing pot. The things that happened to him in prison changed him and he was dead a year after his release from overdose. Seems like like a waste of space. I saw Cooper on FOX interview. What balls you have and YOU GO.. I am the republican white sheep of the family but i have no problem with MJ. It is a great alternative to buying into the drug industry's bag of tricks and side effects and the underhandedness of the FDA. They care only about the drug industry and nothing about the people.
Good Luck and God Bless.

Anonymous said...

AVVO is a total joke. There are no bad reviews! They are all paid for by the lawyers who advertise. I saw Katz because of all those reviews. Oops! He wanted $3000.00 for possession of pot. He told me that it might be more if we had to go to court more than once. It was $20 worth of pot for christ sakes! He started emailing me right away with his NORML crap. And when I saw him all he did was brag about what a great lawyer he is. I wish I was high when I saw him. And those teeth; Howard Stern should fire Gary and hire him. At least those fangs come with a law degree! Get real, I don't want a Deadhead wonnabe with bad teeth and a Potomac address facing a judge holding all my money. I just want my charge to go away w/o the BS! I left and found another lawyer who charged me half what Katz did and did't try to impress me with nonsense.