Friday, January 16, 2015

Anniversary of Y.I.P. (Youth Party International)

1968 -- US: Youth International Party (Y.I.P.) founded — Country Joe & the Fish, Fugs (includes Tuli Kupferberg, "one of the leading Anarchist theorists of our time" & Ed Sanders, poet, editor, owner of the fabled Peace Eye Book Store), Allen Ginsberg, Arlo Guthrie, Abbie Hoffman, Paul Krassner, Phil Ochs, Jerry Rubin, et al (25 artists, writers & revolutionaries).

       I spoke to Tolstoy: 'Emma Goldman's coming back!'
       He sat there writing on a shard of red & black
       Black & Red. Coming back!
       Red & Black. They're comin' back!... 

                              — Tuli Kupferberg, excerpt,

                               PAINT IT RED (& BLACK) 

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