Thursday, December 11, 2014

December 11th in History

from The Daily Bleed, an anarchist day-book of lost saints.

1864 -- Maurice Leblanc lives. French
author/journalist, known as the creator of
Arsène Lupin, French gentleman-thief turned 

     Marius Jacob (1879-1954), the anarchiste bandit
     credited with over 150 burglaries, is the original
     "Arsene Lupin" in the French detective novels of
     Maurice Leblanc, with only slight exaggerations 
     which made him a sensational "fictional" character.

1890 -- Mark Tobey, artist, lives (1890-1976) -- 
celebrator of Pike Street Market (where the anarchist
Left Bank Books is located the past 30+ years)
& other things Seattleian.

1906 -- Birago Ismael Diop lives, Dakar, French West
Africa (now Senegal). Senegalese poet & recorder of 
traditional folktales & legends of the Wolof people.

1911 -- Mexico: Yaquis in Sonora, influenced by the
anarquista Ricardo Flores Magón ("Tierra y Libertad"),
reclaim stolen communal lands. Their war with 

the government lasts, officially, until 1929.

1917 -- Thirteen black soldiers hanged for alleged 

participation in a riot in Houston, Texass.

1950 --  Bertrand Russell recommends that all warmongers 
spend time in a boat in a shark-infested pool. (We suggest they
forget the boat).

1951 -- Illinois State mine inspector approve coal dust
removal techniques at New Orient mine in West
Frankfurt. Ten days later, largely because of coal 
dust accumulations, the mine explodes,
killing 119 workers.

1964 -- Anti-Castro protesters attempt to assassinate
Che Guevara during his speech at the United Nations
in New York City.

1965 --  US: Whose On First Bass? Novelist/prankster/anarchoid
Ken Kesey holds his Third Acid Test, at a Palo Alto nightclub.

1969 --  Leaking nerve gas
             necessitates the evacuation of
             the U.S. Army's Chemical Warfare
             Test Center near Dugway, Utah.            

2009 -- Vatican: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Pope Benedict XVI 
claims he shares the "outrage, betrayal & shame" felt by the Irish people over 
the findings of the Murphy Report into sexual abuse by his clergy in Dublin. 
The cockles of catholic hearts & fans of TV reruns of "What's My Line" are 
really really warmed.

2010 -- US diplomatic cables uncovered by WikiLeaks show the Vatican's refusal 
to co-operate with the Murphy Report child sexual abuse inquiry in Ireland, & that 
Pope Benedict XVI approved conversions to Catholicism of Anglicans who opposed 
the ordination of women priests.

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