Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Happy death day, Jack Kerouac

1969 -- Beat writer Jack Kerouac, On the Road
no more, dies, age 47, of abdominal bleeding
caused by drinking...


  Writers are, in a way, very powerful indeed.
  They write the script for the reality film. Kerouac
  opened a million coffee bars & sold a million pairs
  of Levis to both sexes. Woodstock rises from his
  pages. Now if writers could get together into a real
  tight union, we'd have the world right by the words.
  We could write our own universes, & they would all
  be as real as a coffee bar or a pair of Levis or a prom
  in the Jazz Age. Writers could take over the reality
  studio. So they must not be allowed to find
  out that they can make it happen. Kerouac understood
  this long before I did. Life is a  dream, he said.

     — from White Fields Press; Published in
          Heaven Poster Series #10. Poster includes photo
          "Allen Ginsberg taking photograph of
          William S. Burroughs: Lawrence, Kansas
          1992" courtesy of Allen Ginsberg.

"Let there be joy in baseball
       again, like in the days when Babe
             Ruth chased an enemy
       sportswriter down the streets of
        Boston & ended up getting drunk
          with him on the waterfront &
       came back the next day munching
        on hotdogs & boomed homeruns
               to the glory of God."

       — Jack Kerouac, Escapade, July, 1959

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