Monday, September 08, 2014

Hilarious and Highly Questionable Books

One of the reasons I started this blog was to create a place for all the quirky things I find interesting. My beloved Pinterest has mostly taken over in that regard so I thought it was time to share one of those odd collections over here in bloggieland. 
Yes, that leather-jacketed deviant is viciously stabbing a doughnut;
 the one that I gather turned him into a deviant in the first place. Sweet revenge?
Intriguing subject. How do we discipline children who are already seeing
spiders crawling out of your nose?
 Not really doing a very good job of hiding the guy on the cover.
There are hundreds of funny wifey-in-her-correct-place type books
so I was quite excited to see a vintage book actually acknowledging intelligence in a female.
Even if they want to use it to planet-ending ends.
Mmm, what to do at home now that I'm a young adult? I wish there was a book with helpful suggestions like sleep, read, make coffee, make doughnuts, have a beer, iron my clothes.
These days trainers to the stars don't give a two hoots about your personality, but getting in shape to ride naked on a wrecking ball and lick a sledgehammer, now that they can help you with.
Trick one: Fashion hoop out of wire, place directly in front of fish and watch it swim through. Bravo! 
It is indeed a very dubious occasion if someone is announcing her
recent deflowerment during general chit chat.
I especially like how the author has vanished himself from the cover.
Where is he, where is he? they cried.
Fifty thousand people bought this book. Be afraid.
How will I manage to hold all these envelopes when you're gone.
That lack of effort in getting the word RAISING onto one line makes me question
Mr Pratt's work ethic, otherwise I would for sure consider this as a viable business idea.
Should've stuck to apples ladies. Oh no, wait...

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