Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Imaginary Book Company

Found this cool publisher the other day, check 'em out:


We are a small independent publisher, dedicated to expanding the limits of imagination. We thrive on a sense that the established order is an unreliable and cowardly indicator of the possible. The absence of certain practices and ideas we deem to be neither right nor inevitable, merely evidence of conformity and lack of imagination. Our task is to bring to the world possibilities other people missed, interpretations of reality ahead of our peers, to look beyond the horizon, to take tremors of dissatisfaction and longing, and transform them into manifesting sigils that change the world: hermetic terrorism.

We refuse to confine ourselves to a particular genre, or indeed format. Rather, we will publish anything experimental/fringe/underground, that will overturn current thinking, that stimulates the  imagination in new ways, that introduces (or refreshes) new ideas in a radical manner, that lifts the human spirit from the mud, and raises its face to the stars. We will be publishing within the fields of art, science, academia, esoterica, fiction, and erotica: eclectic bedfellows, but what links them all is Imagination. We seek out those visionary works that stretch the boundaries of our current thinking, regardless of individual fields. And, who knows, perhaps an orgy of cross-fertilisation may occur, where the Scientist gains his Eureka from the Artist, where the Artist is aroused by the Eroticist, where the Poet is inspired by the Academic…?

Sometimes we’ll re-publish older works, books unknown or forgotten, that we feel deserve a wider audience that can view them with fresh eyes and a new understanding.

All our publications are of the highest quality we can muster, from content to design to packaging. So gorgeous, you’ll want to lick them. The cold precision of digital technology has meant that books and other printed artefacts have lost some of the warmth and charm associated with past printing methods. Accordingly, most of our designs carefully recreate the look and feel of older books, but with a modern twist, and they are produced using a combination of digital and traditional technology. We’re giving books back their souls. Most will be strictly limited or deluxe editions. And, while we’re devoted to introducing physical objects of great beauty into the world (because the world always needs more beauty), some will also be made available as cheaper electronic editions. We aim to satisfy the intelligence and good taste of our customers with books of merit, books we believe in, books we think you should get to know. Above all, we love what we do: we hope it shows.

You’ll rarely find our books in shops: to be assured of getting your feverish hands on one of our sumptuous offerings, please sign up to our mailing list to receive advance notice of publications.

We thank you for your indulgence, and hope you’ll join us on our Imaginary journey.

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