Thursday, January 03, 2013

Revisiting Rexroth's Cabin

2013 -- Revisiting Rexroth's Cabin -- Thursday, January 3

Dear Fellow Rexrothians,

As some of you may know, Kenneth Rexroth wrote many of his most beautiful poems while living in a little abandoned cabin that he discovered in the woods of Marin County, California (in what is now Samuel P. Taylor State Park). In case you're interested and available, I'm forwarding this invitation from Terry Bisson (see below), who with Kim Stanley Robinson has organized this event as a sort of follow-up to Stan's publication of In the Sierra: Mountain Writings of Kenneth Rexrothearlier this year. The other contributors to that book will likely also be there, along with many other local Rexrothians, and I expect we'll find out more details about just where the cabin was and what its surroundings were like when Rexroth camped there back in the 1930s, '40s and '50s.

Those of you outside the Bay Area in other regions and other countries will have to take part from a distance, perhaps by rereading some of the poems he wrote there, such as "The Signature of All Things" -- -- and by joining us with one or more toasts around noon California time.

Ken Knabb


Lovers of the old man and his poetry:

On January 3, 2013, we will visit the (ruined) site of Kenneth Rexroth's cabin in Devil's Gulch, Marin, and read a poem or two and drink a toast to an extraordinary and exemplary poet.

A short unmuddy hike from the highway. Rain or shine. Meet at 11:00 am, park on Sir Francis Drake across from Devil's Gulch entrance (Samuel P. Taylor Park).

If I have missed anyone please forward this or bring them along. All are welcome.

--Terry Bisson, science fiction writer
"It was the dream itself enchanted me."

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