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Daily Bleed for January 8th, A Radical Anarchist Literary Daybook

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Our Daily Bleed...

i am in favor of these united states, here is
a land baptized & broken. here are the rising
foundations for the spartan existence. the family
will no longer control the western hemisphere. it
will exist in its pleasure but not in its tyranny.
our lungs will extol the notes of a pure, more
powerful democracy intricate in its simplistics
a leadership of snowflakes.

— Patti Smith, from "combe", in Early Work, 1970-1979


Prophet & founder of the Moorish Science Temple, America's first "black islamic" sect. 

REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH DAY. You & Bill Gates share de Pork...
Slaughterhouse: pork bellied futures?

US: JACKSON DAY, a holiday – but only in Louisiana. 

General Andrew Jackson defeated the British at New Orleans in 1815. 

The score: 700 British killed, 1,400 wounded, 500 taken prisoner, against 8 Americans killed & 13 wounded. 

The battle was actually fought two weeks after a treaty had been signed – but news hadn’t reached either side.

624 -- Abu Sufjan ibn Harb Kurashite chief, dies in battle.


1353 -- Jews of Basel, Switzerland, burned alive in their houses. 

1632 -- Samuel Freiherr von Pufendorf lives.

Galileo's middle finger on display

1642 -- Astronomer Galileo Galilei dies at 78 in Arceti, Italy, leaving us with "the finger." [The middle one we suspect.] 

1656 -- Oldest surviving commercial newspaper begins (Haarlem, Netherlands).

1704 -- England:

Strange Goings-on:
Earthquake "preceded" by a violent tempest [Rept. Brit. Assoc., 1852]
— Charles Fort, The Book of the Damned

1775 -- England: Printer/type designer John Baskerville dies, & at his request is buried in the family garden. Printer to Cambridge University since 1758 — & manufacturer of his own paper & ink — he published his masterpiece, a folioBible, in 1763. 

1811 -- US: Louisiana slave uprising, in New Orleans. 

1815 -- US: Better Late...? Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Andy Jackson wins the most decisive battle of the War of 1812 — the Battle of New Orleans — not knowing the war ended two weeks ago. (The Treaty of Ghent, officially ending the hostilities, was signed December 24, 1814.) The British had over 2,000 casualties; the Americans lost 71. Jackson got a new email account shortly thereafter & teamed up with songsters Jimmy Driftwood & Johnny Horton for a smash-hit single. 

1824 -- First major English detective novelist, Wilkie Collins (The Woman in White; The Moonstone) lives, London.

"I was enthralled by The Moonstone. I was reading a cheap paperback which fell apart as I read it. I threw pages in the wastepaper basket when I finished them. (In this splendid novel, the detective comes to realize that it was he himself (in an opium stupor) who stole the diamond."

1840 --

Strange Goings-on:Scotland: Sounds like cannonading, listed as "earthquakes," one of 247 such occurrences in same place between 1839 & 1841, Comrie, Scotland [Edin. New Phil. Jour., 32-107]

1864 -- US: Mary Kenney O'Sullivan (1864-1943), first American Federation of Labor (AFL) woman organizer, lives, Hannibal, Missouri. A skilled bookbinder, she organized the Woman's Bookbinder Union in 1880 & a founder of the National Women’s Trade Union League (WTUL) in 1903.

1865 -- US: Warmongers beat Doves, 36-11. Near present-day San Angleo, 370 brave strong macho Texass militiamen attacked what was assumed to be an encampment of 1400 Comanches (they were actually peaceful Kickapoo). This engagement, called the "Battle of Dove Creek", was one of the last battles in Texas between Anglos & Native Americans. The militia lost 36 men, with 60 wounded; the Indians lost 11, with 61 wounded. Inspires the Houston Oilers, Texass Rangers, Dallas Cowboys, San Antonio Spurs, Dallas Mavericks, etc.

1867 -- Emily Balch lives. Co-founder of Women's International League for Peace & Freedom. Won Nobel Peace Prize in 1946.

1867 -- US: Congress overrides Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President Andy Johnson's veto of a bill granting all adult male citizens of the District of Columbia the right to vote, & the bill thus becomes law. It is the first election law passed in America granting African-American men the right to vote.

The amendment of voting practices in the nation's capital stipulates that every male citizen of the city who is 21 years of age or over has the right to vote, except welfare or charity recipients, those under guardianship, men convicted of major crimes, or men who voluntarily sheltered Confederate troops or spies during the Civil War.

1867 -- US:
Strange Goings-on:Garrison startled from sleep by what was supposed to be an earthquake & a sound like thunder, followed by darkness, sky covered with black smoke or clouds, & fall of brownish ashes; another "frightful" shock half an hour later; sighting of dark column of smoke in direction of Klamath Marsh; no report of volcanic eruption, Fort Klamath, OR [Smithsonian. Miscell. Cols., 37-Appendix, p71]

1880 -- US: Death of Norton I, Emperor of the United States & clearly its greatest leader; drops dead on California St. at Grant Ave.
He was on his way to a lecture at the Academy of Natural Sciences in San Francisco. His funeral was a grand procession of thousands, followed by a rousing party lasting for days. 
Emperor Norton Logo

Emperor Norton I lives!?! at the wiki, 

On January 10, Our Beloved Leader was buried in the Masonic Cemetery. The funeral cortege was two miles long — between 10,000 & 30,000 people reportedly attended.

1881 -- Austria: Fire destroys the Ring Theater in Vienna, taking more than 640 lives.

No Rulers!

1883 -- France: In Lyon the trial of the Internationale, against the anarchists known as "The 66", begins.

"The 66" are accused of promoting workers' strikes, & the abolition of the rights of property, family, fatherland, religion, & thus attacking the public peace.

Stiff sentences were handed down: "Leaders" such as Peter Kropotkin, Émile Gautier, Joseph Bernard, & Toussaint Bordat received four years in prison; 39 of their cohorts received sentences ranging from six months to three years.

A.J. Muste

1885 -- Netherlands: A.J. Muste, radical American pacifist priest & co-founder of Fellowship of Reconciliation & War Resisters League, lives, Zierikzee. 

Very informative detailed biography, from rightwingers, at: 

AntiCivilization montage by James Koehnline

1886 -- US: Moorish mystic Noble Drew Ali lives, North Carolina.

All slave laborers at Recollection Books claim to be members of the Moorish Temple; the Moors they once had a trouble spot on the web, but one of de bums allowed it to fall into disgrace, & now no one knows just where it is anymore, moor or less. Howsomever, we have found a suitable site, a veritable Garden of Delight in the Great Dismal Swamps... 

Recollection Books' own SaintMeister James Koehnline, whose collages grace many of our humble pages. 

The FBI is zealous jealous: 
Moorish Science Temple of America, light reading, a mere 3,117 pages 

Louise Michel, anarchiste, La vierge Rouge cartoon

1886 -- France: Décret du président de la République accordant sa grâce à, Louise Michel. Elle refuse, puis consent. 

1889 -- US: Dr. Herman Hollerith of New York is awarded a patent for the first computer designed for data processing.

1892 -- Spain: Anarchist revolt in Andalusia, to the cry of "Vive la révolution sociale". Hundreds of farm laborers take the town of Jerez. The uprising is quickly subdued & its leaders captured & tortured. Four are sentenced to death & executed 10 February 1892, setting off new waves of violence. 

1894 -- US: Yakama Indians sign away 23,000 acres of timberland formerly inhabited by Wenatchee tribe to the US for $20,000.

Manuel Rojas, anarquist

1896 -- Argentina: Manuel Rojas Sepulveda, lives (1896-1973 ). Considered the major 20th century Chilean novelist & short story writer. Premio Nacional de Literatura 1957.

Unfortunately he remains mostly unknown outside Chile. IWW member, anarcosindicalista, considered an important anarchist figure of the post-WWI period. 

Manuel Rojas worked for Chilean comic books published by Zig Zag & Quimantú during the 1960s & 1970s. He cooperated on several western series for Far West, including 'Ray Hunter', 'Ronnie Lea, el Muertero' & 'Curiosidades del Oeste'. He was also present in Jungla & El Siniestro Dr. Mortis. 

Father of Maria Eugenia Rojas (wife of the communist & academic leader of the University of Chile, Fernando Ortiz Letelier, detained & disappeared by the government.)

First published Chile in 1951, the novel Hijo de ladron caught on quickly & established his name. Its most important innovation was to treat a subject matter characteristic of realist fiction — the lives of thieves, vagabonds, prisoners, outcasts, & impoverished laborers — using experimental twentieth-century forms of narrative construction.

See D.A. Cortés: La narrativa anarquista de Manuel Rojas(Madrid, 1986). 

Pietro Gori canzone, grafitti on building; source, www.lamiasardegna.it/

1911 -- Pietro Gori (1865-1911) dies, aged 46. Gori was an Italian lawyer, an ardent legal defender of anarchists, himself an anarchist & labor activist. He was forced into exile numerous times by government repression. Gori was a founder of the (FORA (in Argentina), the reviewCriminologia moderna &, with Luigi Fabbri, the review Il pensiero. Gori was also a poet & dramatist, & wrote the now famous song, "Addio Lugano bella." 
Further details/ context, click here

1912 -- African National Congress founded, South Africa.

1913 -- Poet Harold Munro opens the doors of the Poetry Bookshop in London. Robert Frost & Ezra Pound meet here today for the first time. Munro also published many poets, including Richard Aldington. 

See Roger Burford Mason, "Missing the Boat: The Failures of Harold Munro & the Poetry Bookshop," The Antigonish Review, No. 81/82. 

Related, see: 

1916 -- After almost a year of battle, Allied forces stage a full retreat from the shores of Gallipoli.

The Gallipoli peninsula, guarding the opening to the Sea of Marmara, became the scene of heavy bloodshed as Allied forces attacked Turkish forts in early 1915. British & French battleships proved superior to Turkish land-based artillery, but German mines damaged the Allied fleet, forcing a land battle that cost nearly half-a-million lives.

1917 -- 
Emma Goldman, anarchist feminist
US: Emma Goldman is acquitted by a New York court on a charge of circulating birth control information at a Union Square open-air meeting on May 20, 1916. Emma credits especially Ida Rauh Eastman for the finding, as Ida risked self-incrimination in order to disprove Emma's involvement in distributing the literature. 

1929 -- Dziga Vertov's silent movie The Man With the Movie Camera is released. 

1933 -- Spain: Anarchist uprisings begin in Barcelona, Madrid & Valencia.

"The insurrection was quickly beaten back; but three days later, on January 11, fighting unexpectedly broke out in the small Andalusian town of Casas Viejas. In an exchange of shots at the barracks of the Civil Guards, two guards were mortally wounded ... They then exacted a terrible vengeance on the town. 

The incident at Casas Viejas symbolized the fury & the martyrdom of the landless workers of Andalusia."

— Jerome Mintz, from the introduction, The Anarchists of Casas Viejas (University of Chicago, 1982). 

Literary Event

1934 -- Days Without End by Eugene O'Neil opens at Henry Miller's Theater in New York. 

Elvis the Pelvis

1935 -- The "King" lives. We much prefer the Emperor (above). Couldn't chew as a baby, as an adult wife Priscilla cut up his meat because he refused to chew.

1942 -- Briefly?: English physicist Stephen Hawking lives. Wrote A Brief History of Time.

1945 -- US: The packing shed of the Doi family is burned & dynamited & shots are fired into their home. 

The family was the first to return to California from Amache (concentration camp) & the first to return to Placer County, having arrived three days ago. 

Although several men are arrested & confess to the acts, all are acquitted. Some 30 similar incidents greet other Japanese Americans returning to the West Coast between January & June. 

In 21st century America we can say that things have changed greatly since this time. In 2001, 2002, 2003, it is Arab Americans & visiting Arabs who are now among the "Disappeared." 

1958 -- Russia: Radio Moscow devotes airtime to radiation sickness. A nuclear accident, shrouded in secrecy by the Soviet government, has contaminated thousands of square miles in the central Ural Mountains & killed hundreds of people.

The accident occurred at the Cheylabinsk-40 plutonium-production plant near the town of Kyshtym. The government has ordered the hasty evacuation of surrounding towns, imposing wartime rationing & sealing off the area. The main north-south road will be closed for nine months. A hundred kilometers from Sverdlovsk, a road sign warns drivers not to stop for the next 30 kilometers & to drive at maximum speed with the windows closed. On both sides of the road, the land is dead — no towns, farm fields, animals or people.

1959 -- Cuban revolutionaries under Fidel Castro victorious. US goes into denial, as usual, in an attempt to protect "Mob US interests." 

1965 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Senator Dirksen proposes marigold as national flower (didn't pass). Just too-too Radical for Republicans.

1965 --
SI dingbat
January 1965
During this month, following a complaint from the American Moral Rearmament movement, J.V. Martin, representing the Situationist International in Scandinavia, is charged with offenses to morals & good taste, eroticism, pornography, antisocial activity, outrages to the state & injury to the Danish royal family over eritico-political leaflets published by the SI & distributed in Denmark & Spain.
http://www.cddc.vt.edu/sionline/chronology/chronology.html | [Situationist Resources]

1966 -- Vietnam: 8,000 GIs attack Iron Triangle, after B-52 bombing strikes.

1966 -- KYA Super Harlow A Go-Go dance & show at Longshoremen's Hall in San Francisco, with the Vejtables & the Baytovens. "Happy" Harlow was Russ "The Moose" Syracuse's KYA radio engineer.

1967 -- China: Excesses of "Cultural Revolution" trigger counter-riots & strikes in Shanghai.

1967 -- US: Police bust the second Digger Free Store at 520 Frederick Street, Frisco, California. 

Dany Cohn-Bendit

1968 -- France: Soccer Bleu!?

Noir & rouge
8 janvier 68 Altercation entre François Missoffe (ministre de la Jeunesse et des Sports) & anarchiste Daniel Cohn-Bendit lors de l'inauguration de la piscine de Nanterre. / The Minister for Youth & Sports is forced by students to leave the inauguration of a swimming pool at Nanterre.

In a Society which abolishes all Adventure...Paris grafitti 

1969 -- US: At San Fernando State in California 1,000 anti-Vietnam War demonstrate & attempt to occupy the administration building.

Strike the war machine

1969 -- US: In San Jose, California, teachers join strike with students opposed to the Vietnam War.

Ammon Hennacy, anarchist
1970 -- US: Shortly after the publication of his book, The One-Man Revolution in AmericaAmmon Hennacy suffers a heart attack while picketing for Lance & Kelback, two convicted murderers scheduled to be executed.

Ammon Hennacy was a Catholic anarchist who ran the Joe Hill House. Mentor to songster, anarchist & labor radical U. Utah Phillips ("One of the most important songwriters to be found in North America." — Rolling Stone.)
"The One-Man Revolution was published AFTER he died. He'd finished it but his widow had to do the final work to get it published." 

— Marcus Patrick Blaise, June 2003
Billy Bragg & Utah Phillips, among many others, have recorded Joe Hill's songs.

Kenneth Patchen, anarchist

1972 -- Illustrated card, Imagine Seeing you here, by Kenneth Patchen, anarchist

Peace now for all men or Amen to all things, Kenneth Patchen picture poem; source www.connectotel.com/patchen
Kenneth Patchen — poet, novelist, painter, graphic designer, pacifist, early anarchist participant in the San Francisco Libertarian Circle — dies, Palo Alto, California.

MIngus & the anarchist poet Kenneth Patchen 

Wonderful fan site worth a visit, 

Patchen at wikipedia, 

1973 -- Uruguay: Tupamaro guerrillas kidnap British ambassador Geoffrey Jackson; although the government refuses their demands to free 150 prisoners, they release him unharmed eight months later, Montevideo. At one point they try to work out a deal though the Anarchist Black Cross in London, with Albert Meltzer as negotiator.

1974 -- Frank Searle sights & photographs the Loch Ness monster.

1974 -- Kiss give a special dress rehearsal after being signed to Casablanca Records. A Rolling Stone magazine correspondent reports,"the group plays very heavy, loud & ultimately monotonous rock in the Black Sabbath tradition...A sure crowd pleaser. The crowds of kiddies, that is."

Emma Goldman in Ragtime play

1976 -- E.L. Doctorow novel Ragtime wins the National Book Critics Circle Award. 

1982 -- US: Hello? Hello?: 13-year-old lawsuit against AT&T by the US is settled. AT&T gives up the 22 Bell System companies but, in return, is allowed to expand into previously prohibited areas, including data processing, telephone & computer equipment sales, & computer communication devices.

1983 -- US: Legislation passed allowing Kickapoo tribal members, who live on both sides of Rio Grande near Eagle Pass, Texass, to apply for US citizenship.

1987 -- US: NBC reports that John Poindexter told Donald Regan he'd condoned the diversion of "Iran-contra funds" because he "felt sorry for the contras." Does not hint at the rogue "shadow" government created by Reagan's administration designed to contravene the US Constitution, Congress & American law.

1990 -- Italy: Viene archiviato dalla Camera il caso dei brogli elettorali, ampiamente documentati, avvenuti durante le elezioni politiche del 1987 nella circoscrizione di Napoli-Caserta. Nella democrazia manipolata dallo stato, spoglio (dei voti) si coniuga con imbroglio. 

1991 -- US: 200 Teamsters leaders hold "Labor for Peace" meeting to oppose the Gulf War, New York City.

Fake Vomit
1992 -- Japan: Lap Dance?! Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader US President George Busharoonie pukes on the Japanese prime minister's lap during Japanese tour. Bush League.
Members continue throughout their lives to unburden themselves on their psycho-sexual thoughts to their Bones Brothers, even if they are no longer sitting in a coffin. This has been the case with President George Bush, for whom these ties are reported to have a deep personal meaning. Beyond the psychological manipulation associated with freemasonic mummery, there are very solid political reasons for Bush's strong identification with this cult. 

In Japan, the event is such a huge deal that it spawns a new word: "Bushusuru." 

The literal meaning of this word is "do like Bush,"but its real meaning is closer to "throw up a lot in a public place, even if it causes you to become a figure of fun all around the world."

1993 -- Religious Legacy?: A European community investigation reveals that Bosnian Serbs, in an orchestrated campaign, had raped up to 20,000 Muslim women.

1995 -- Russia: "Mothers' March For Life & Compassion" leaves Moscow for Grozny, Chechnya.

Carmen Conde, anarquista; source www.escritoras.com

1996 -- Spain: Carmen Conde (1907-1996), aka Florentina, dies in Madrid.
Militant anarchist feminist. In 1936 she joined theMujeres Libres (Free Women), & during the Spanish Revolution collaborated on their journal of the same name, as well as doing lecture tours.

2007 -- Canada: Terroristes? Airport security officials scoured a Toronto-bound plane after a scorpion got loose onboard & stung a man. The critter snuck into the carry-on backpack of a passenger returning from a camping trip in Costa Rica & got through security during a stopover in Miami. When the return flight resumed, the pilot said: "Welcome to Scorpion Flight 1011."

2011 -- Busy-Busy Gettin' Violated: Israel orders an investigation into the shooting death of a 65-year-old Palestinian civilian in his bed during a pre-dawn raid. / Rampage in Tucson, Arizona: 20 shot, including US Representative Gabrielle Giffords, six others dead. / Three academics at Istanbul Bilgi University fired due to a controversial dissertation project submitted by a student. / Tunisian protests: One person is killed & others are injured in Tala. / Algerian protests against food prices & unemployment: Two killed & hundreds injured. / US attempts to access personal information: Twitter subpoenaed for personal information regarding people connected to WikilLeaks, including Julian Assange, Bradley Manning, & Icelandic MP Birgitta Jónsdóttir. Jónsdóttir describes attempts to access her private information as "completely unacceptable", demands to see the ambassador & begins legal action against the US. WikiLeaks requests Google & Facebook make public any subpoenas they are given by the US government. / Chinese prosecutors say 600+ people were killed over a period of seven years in Yunnan due to official misconduct.

3000 --

"Wise statesmen ... established these great self-evident truths, that when in the distant future some man, some faction, some interest, should set up the doctrine that none but rich men, or none but white men, were entitled to life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness, their posterity should look up again at the Declaration of Independence & take courage to renew the battle which their fathers began...."
The Face of Capitalism! — Abraham Lincoln

Now when I get back here I expect you all marching with great bunches of lowers in your arms, picture poem, by Kenneth Patchen, anarchist

3000 --

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"We Keep the Pot Boiling!" 

— (just for you.)

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