Sunday, December 09, 2012

State of the United States (2011)

* 44 Million Americans on food stamps, including 1 out of 4 children

* # of low income jobs now = 41% of all jobs in U.S.

* 50 million people have no health insurance

* 5.5 million unemployed receive no unemployment

* The percentage of millionaires in Congress is 50x higher than the percentage of millionaires in the general population

* Student Loan Debt = $1 Trillion Dollars, having now surpassed U.S. credit card debt

* Cost of college education is now 900% more than it was in 1978

Thanks mom, and U.S. Business Insider.

Here's a nice piece from U.S. BI detailing real facts about our economic 'recovery'. Which concludes that... drum roll...  Picture from Wikipedia's page on Economic Inequality

Private-sector job growth under Barack Obama has been just as good if not better than it was under George Bush.

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