Thursday, May 10, 2012

Herr's a novel idea... German artist turns old books into art

Published: 18th April 2012

A GERMAN artist is doing his bit for recycling - by turning old books into 3D works of ART.

Alexander Korzer-Robinson, 37, cuts out the illustrations from Victorian novels and history books and pieces them together to create magical collages.
The Bristol-based artist said: "My creations have been made by cutting into the books, cutting around some of the illustrations and removing others.”
“The composition is built only using the imagery that is already in a particular volume.
“The end result is a hollowed out book with a layered composition that is like the Victorian paper theatres that were hugely popular at that time.
“The books are sealed around the cut so they can no longer be opened, but are meant to be either hung on the wall or can stand by themselves as an art object.
“Most of my pieces are unframed, and have a pane behind the cover to protect the delicate contents.”
Alexander, originally from Leipzig in Germany, has already had his work exhibited in England and America, and will be showing his work in Switzerland later this year.
He explained how he came up with his quirky idea to cut up antiquarian books.
He said: “About five years ago I had been experimenting with paper art, trying out different avenues and making boxed paper constructions.
“I used all sorts of printed paper for the construction, among them second-hand books.
“It wasn’t a giant leap from the boxed art to using the actual book as the enclosure of its original content.
“But it took me about a year of trial and error to refine the technique into the cut books I make these days.
“So it was really the result of a process of experimentation.
“I started seriously exhibiting the cut books a little more than three years ago.”

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