Saturday, March 17, 2012

Rare Shakepseare Folio, Che Guevara, Champagne and One Yellow Ferrari

An eccentric antiques dealer who kept a rare, stolen First Folio of Shakespeare's plays in his home for a decade has been found dead in prison two years into an eight-year sentence.
Raymond Scott, 55, was found unconscious in his cell at Northumberland prison on Wednesday.
Scott ensured extra headlines for an already notorious crime, the theft of the 17th-century work from Durham University library, when he attended court dressed as Che Guevara, sprayed journalists with champagne and revelled in his ownership of a yellow Ferrari. He was cleared of stealing the book but found guilty of handling stolen property and taking it abroad. Read more at the Guardian...
And, as another blog put it: 

Bard folio theft accused in bizarre court entrance

There was a whiff of the Highlands about a crown court on Friday, as a flamboyant book dealer accused of stealing a £3m Shakespeare folio arrived in trademark bizarre style.

In a tribute to Macbeth and Bonnie Prince Charlie, Raymond Scott was escorted to Durham Crown Court in a horse-drawn carriage, wearing a tartan kilt and drinking a bottle of Drambuie.

The 52-year-old was accompanied by his researcher, a bodyguard named Tiny, a bagpipe player and a Frank Sinatra tribute act, who Mr Scott joined for a pavement rendition of My Way. 
And one more crazy article about this guy, my new hero.

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