Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Queering Palestinian Solidarity

This Thursday at Last Word at 6:00 pm
Here's the facebook event page

On Thursday March 15th, Queer Palestine Solidarity activists and allies will gather in response and challenge the use of Queer identity to cover up
human rights abuses against Palestinians. The right wing group 'Stand with Us' along with the Israeli Consulate for the West Coast is sponsoring a
tour of the Israeli LGBTQ community members aiming to exploit Queer struggle in order to further the occupation of Palestine. Speakers for
Stand With Us  include an Israeli settler and the former CEO of Ahava, whose factory is in the Occupied Territories.

This event is an attempt to Pinkwash the ongoing crimes and human rights
abuses against Palestinians. Pinkwashing attempts to put forth a
"gay-friendly" vision of Israel while obscuring the daily abuses against
the Palestinians and in no way supports Palestinian and Arab Queer

Queering Palestine Solidarity will feature a critical discussion of
Pinkwashing from the personal perspective of historical queer resistance.
We will discuss, share, and educate ourselves and stand in solidarity with
Queer Palestinians.

For more information on Pinkwashing and Palestinian and Solidarity Queer
Palestinian Gay Women

Palestinian Queers for Boycott Divestment and Sanctions

Al Qaws (The Rainbow)

Black Laundry




This is an op-ed about pinkwashing that Sarah Schulman published in the New
York Times:

This is a recent article by Jasbir Puar about pinkwashing:

This is a recent article by Katherine Franke responding to a pinkwashing
event that PFLAG hosted:

This event is co-sponsored by Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace and
Justice, Olympia Jewish Voice for Peace and TESC Divest!

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