Monday, January 30, 2012

Is the term 'e-book' redundant?

At last the world of publishing and booksellers is waking up. As we trailed in a previous issue, the e-book is a term that should be dropped in favour of an 'epub' - thus distancing the product from the real book. At the Digital Book World Conference 2012, Barnes & Noble's Jim Hilt, noted, "The idea that the print book is going to die some slow long death is actually a fallacy. This may come across as self-serving, coming as it does from a bookseller. But there's also a great deal of self-service at work when investors, employees and owners of digital publishing companies repeat the mantra print is dead, print is dead."
  ''What's more, the term 'book' has been co-opted by content creators who have little investment in what is traditionally known as a 'book,' possibly in order to lend their work some gravitas and authority.'' Read more

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