Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Buy Your eBooks through Last Word!

     Last Word Books is now a Google eBooks Affiliate! Not that we are really encouraging people to buy that many eBooks, since many can be obtained for free (ask us how!). But, if you just got some nifty new gizmo for Christmas and you're aching to test it out, why not support your local independent bookstore while you help run the whole field of bookselling into the ground? Any time you buy something at Google eBooks after surfing there from our site, we make a measly 6% But I suppose it's something. And seriously folks, we here at Last Word don't envisage eReaders spelling the doom of brick and mortar bookstores. To the contrary, we believe that any technology which sufficiently urges and creates reading and readers will ultimately be to our benefit, and not the big-box corporate chain stores. So read on, brave pilgrim!

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