Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Why You Should Become a Friend of Last Word Books & Press

     We started Last Word Books & Press in order to affect, augment and stimulate the pitch and agility of counterculture writers, artists and thinkers. Our Friends program provides us with a regular, dependable base of funding from which to launch our assault against mainstream media and publishing, and attempt to turn the tides in favor of bookstores, libraries and other forms of access to independent media sources in an increasingly digital age. 
     This funding allows us to publish material that we otherwise would not be able to bring to the light of day, as well as focus on additional projects that need a bit of coaxing before their stone begins to roll. You can be a part of this revolution in printing and open access to information, and receive every new title we bring to press, delivered to your door once a month, by joining us as a Friend of Last Word Books & Press.

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