Saturday, November 05, 2011

Announcing the New Last Word Books & Press Membership Program!

Friends of Last Word Books & Press Memberships

(Scroll down to see our different monthly membership options, or read all about them here)

The tumult of our day is plain: multinational systems of power and money crumble, fractures gnaw at the base of the status quo. We print for the citizens of tomorrow.

Since our conception in 2002, Last Word Press has ascended from a garage operation to become one of the defining radical publishersof the Pacific Northwest. We have published scores of pamphlets, books, zines, posters, and indefinables, plus internet media, for the edification of the reading public. (And that's just the beginning of the landslide.) Ranging from politics to gardening to sex to revolution, we seek—to spread the words.

Joining us as an LWP Bibliophile is not only a way to save money; it's a political act. You can support our publishing empire for less than a dollar a day; as an ethical and fiercely independent printshop, we count on the support of our community to mitigate operational costs and to invest in future endeavors. Become a Bibliophile, and you'll be putting ink in the press—plus receiving a new LWP title every month and a 10-25% discount on all Last Word Press and most Last Word Books products. Plus a free t-shirt proclaiming your raging textuality. Who can turn down a t-shirt?

The Bibliophilias:

-$5 per month: a new title from LWP each month, fresh off the press and delivered to your door.

-$10 per month: two new titles from LWP each month, plus a 5% discount on all LWP/most LWB merchandise and a 10% discount on purchases from our website.

-$25 per month: three new titles from LWP each month, plus 10% discount/20% web-discount, plus a hot and inky t-shirt.

-$50 a month gets ya one of every title we print plus 15% discount/20% web-discount, a tour of our print shop, 15% off any printing jobs you may require, and somehow, an even hotter t-shirt.

- for $100 a month you'll receive: a 25% discount in our store and on the web, a 25% discount on printing-press projects, one copy of everything we print, and one of every LWB t-shirt we press!

-$500: a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP with 25% discount in store and online, 30% off press jobs, a copy of every title we ever print delivered to your door, every t-shirt we ever press, a copy of every letterpressed broadside we ever produce, a Last Word Books & Press eco-friendly shopping bag, and the sincere thanks of your impoverished printers. THIS IS A LIMITED-TIME OFFER!

We accept Visa and BLAH, which will be billed on a monthly basis and can be cancelled at your behest and/or the collapse of the financial system and pursuant dictatorship of the proletariat, or something.


The naysayers of the orbis digitalis have long declared the death of the printed word. We refuse to let that happen. Join us.

Last Word Books and Press: fiercely independent since 2002.

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