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Daily Bleed Radical Literary History for September 24th

Cat in the Hat

Green eggs & ham, eh? Inspired anarchist kids' writer.

Cat in hat

Alternate Saint:

Austrian & French theorist of liberation from work.


Southern Pennsylvania: Schwenkfelder Sect celebrates Thanksgiving in America with the same menu as 1734 — bread, apple butter & water.

Paressi, Brazil: FEAST OF MAISO, Pre-Existent Mother Goddess.

HARVEST HOME (Feast of Ingathering).

San Carlos Apache, Arizona: FESTIVAL OF NAFULECTU DILXILN, Big Black Spider.

Survivor Island Finalist


1717 -- Horace Walpole lives, London. Fourth Earl of Oxford prints his own works (especially his letters & notable lines such as, "The world is a comedy to those that think, a tragedy to those who feel.") & Thomas Gray's odes. The success of The Castle of Otranto (1764), the first English Gothic horror novel, lead him to comment: "It is charming to totter into vogue."

WC Fields
1794 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President Washington orders militia to put down Whiskey Rebellion.

1804 -- Author William Evans Burton lives.

1817 -- Author Ramón de Campoamor y Campoosorio lives.

1824 -- US: General Council of the Cherokee Nation passes a law making it unlawful for white men living on the Nation to have more than one wife, or to make use of her property without her consent.

1838 -- England: Anti-Corn-Law League forms to repeal English Corn Law.

1862 -- US: De Good Olde Days...?: Suspension of the Constitutional guarantees of Habeas Corpus extended throughout the nation against anyone suspected of being a Southern sympathizer; in the next four years some 18,000 "subversives" & peace activists are arbitrarily jailed without cause or charges. Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President Abe Lincoln previously suspended the writ of habeas corpus in limited areas in April 1861.

At some point West Virginia secedes from Virginia after Virginia secedes from US.

1869 -- US: Black Friday, another fiscal crisis, precipitated by scumbag Jay Gould ("I can hire one half of the working class to kill the other half") & "Jubilee Jim" Fisk. Thousands of businessmen ruined in a Wall Street panic after the two financiers attempt to corner the gold market.

anarchist symbol
1876 -- Italy: A trial of 33 Umbrian anarchists & internationalists, at Perguia, ends. Part of series of monster trials (Bologna , Perguia, Leghorn, Massa Carrara, etc). See June 30, 1876.
See Errico Malatesta: The Biography of an Anarchist by Max Nettlau.

1886 --

24 septembre 1886: Lafargue, Guesde et Susini, qui avaient également été condamnés, ont fait appel (ce que Louise Michel avait refusé de faire) et sont acquittés. Le gouvernement est fort embarrassé. Que faire de Louise ? Après des démêlés ubuesques, elle finit par bénéficier d'une remise de peine en novembre 1886. Elle continue à, prononcer des discours à travers la France.
[Source: Michel Chronologie]

1893 -- Spain: Paulino Pallàs attacks General Martinez Campos, wounding him & killing a guard. Part of a cycle of vengeance during this period.
Further details/ context, click here; Spanish anarchist[Details / context]

1894 -- E. Franklin Frazier lives, Baltimore, Maryland. Noted social scientist & author of The Negro Family in the US& Black Bourgeoisie. First African-American president of the American Sociological Society.

1896 -- F. Scott Fitzgerald lives, St. Paul, Minnesota. He says: "An author ought to write for the youth of his own generation, the critics of the next, & the schoolmasters of ever afterwards."

Associated with such writers as Gertrude Stein & Ernest Hemingway. Fitzgerald's alcoholism & Zelda's mental breakdown attracted wide publicity in the 1930s He returned to Hollywood in 1937, where he met Sheilah Graham, a gossip columnist, with whom he lived for the rest of his life.

1900 -- Anarchist Congress begins, Holland.

1901 -- EG, anarchist feministEmma Goldman released from jail. Authorities had tried to make a case linking her to the assassination of Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President McKinley. Dropped for lack of evidence.

1905 -- US: Got Your Woolies?: 4,000 of Louis A. Gantz's 7,000 sheep were shot &/or clubbed to death by cattlemen. Knowing full well that the cattle interests controlled the courts, the Basin, Wyoming herdsman did not even attempt to prosecute.

1907 -- EG, anarchist feministUS: Bureau of Immigration & Naturalization, anticipating Emma Goldman's return from Europe, directs the East Coast commissioners of immigration to fully verify Goldman's US citizenship before allowing her to cross the border.

1909 -- US: Emma Goldman engages in free-speech battle in Philadelphia for the next month.

The kindly Police chief will let Emma speak on condition he review her speech prior to the engagement....she refuses to comply.

Further details / context, click here[Details / context]

1918 -- Canada: Labor union, Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), declared illegal.

A federal order in council declared that while Canada was engaged in war, 14 organizations were to be considered unlawful, including the IWW. Penalty for membership was set at five years in prison.

anarchist diamond; anarquistaApril 2, 1919 the ban on the IWW was lifted. Two branches were formed in Toronto & Kitchener.

committed suicide By 1923 IWW had three branches with job control in Canada: Lumberworkers IU 120 & Marine Transport Workers IU 510 in Vancouver & an LWIU branch in Cranbrook BC for a total of 5,600 members.

anarchist diamond; anarquista1924 marked a peak year for the IWW in Canada. 8,000 in Northern Ontario, the Canadian Lumber Workers vote to join the IWW.

On January 1, 1924, IWW Lumber Workers IU120 struck the British Columbia lumber owners, calling for an 8 hour day with blankets supplied, minimum wage of $4 per day, release of all class war prisoners, no discrimination against IWW members & no censuring of IWW literature. Fighting a mandatory dues check off to the United Mine Workers, Alberta Coal miners joined the IWW in 1924.

Source: A Brief History of the IWW outside the US (1905-1999) by Morgan Miller

Costantini illustration: Makhno
1919 -- The Ukrainian Anarchists, seeing themselves about to be caught in Denikin's vise, wheeled, turning suddenly east.

They saw only one hope, to break through his lines. Denikin thought the move was a feint or reconnaissance. His principle forces continued chasing Makhno westward, thinking the Anarchists still in retreat.

Never did Denikin's staff dream that Makhno would turn to attack the bulk of the White army...

... show more

1924 -- India: Mohandas Gandhi begins 21-day fast for Hindu-Moslem unity.

1929 -- Author Evgeny Zamiatin "resigns" under threat of expulsion from the Soviet All Russian Writers Union. WroteA Soviet Heretic, & sci-fi allegory We.

1929 -- Italy: Il prefetto di Como scioglie la federazione cittadina dei giovani cattolici che avevano protestato contro la celebrazione dell'anniversario della breccia di Porta Pia (20 Settembre).
Source: [Crimini e Misfatti]

1934 -- John Brunner, British sci-fi author looks up. Author of Shockwave Rider; The Sheep Look Up; Stand on Zanzibar, dystopian forerunners of cyber-punk. One belief he regarded as rank superstition was the value of nuclear deterrence as a route to world peace: not a safe political position in 1958, when John was in the first Aldermaston march & wrote the song 'The H-Bombs' Thunder', later the anthem of CND. Also wrote under the pseudonyms K. H. Brunner, Gill Hunt, John Loxmith, Trevor Staines & Keith Woodcott.

Book cover, John Brunner, Shockwave Rider

"For all the claims one hears about the liberating impact of the data-net, the truth is that it's wished on most of us a brand-new reason for paranoia."

— John Brunner, The Shockwave Rider, 1975.

Book cover, John Brunner, Sheep Look Up


A temporarily insane individual intent on killing or at least maiming anyone in reach. Mucking almost always occurs within heavily populated areas.

A mucker can easily slay dozens of bystanders on a city street before apprehension. When in a berserk state (or "frame of reference"), muckers are capable of superhuman strength & stamina.

Eyes will be fixed open, pupils dilated. Breathing is ragged & violent. Saliva may drool from a mucker's mouth. Everyday clothing may tear from abnormally contracted biceps or thigh muscles. (If the mucker is male, full erection may be conspicuous.) The best defense from a mucker is not to be there when it happens.

Entomologically, the term "mucker" is almost certainly derived from "amok" & is not a variation of "mugger." Psychologically, the mucker phenomenon is directly related to overcrowding; precedents are found throughout history.

— John Brunner, Stand on Zanzibar

1940 -- "Flinging a Wing-Ding" is recorded, by Bob Chester.

1945 -- Vietnam: Saigon captured — workers, peasants & the poor have set up insurrectionary communes in parts of the city.

1953 -- Brainwashed?: 23 Korean-American prisoners of war, who have refused to be repatriated to the United States during a United Nations prisoner exchange, are turned over to India by the North Korean command. The US soldiers issue this statement:

"We love our country & our people. . . . Unfortunately, under present conditions in America, the voices of those who speak out for peace & freedom are rapidly being silenced. We do not intend to give the American government a chance of silencing our voices too."

Trooper playing with his rifle
1957 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Eisenhower orders US troops to desegregate Little Rock schools.

1960 -- US: Navy launches the first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, the U.S.S. Enterprise.

1960 -- Melanie Klein, renowned child psychoanalyst, dies, London.

1961 -- US: Herbert Lee, 52, local Negro leader & freedom school attendee, Fayette City, shot by Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader State Representative Hurst.

1964 -- Ringo forms Brikley Building Company Ltd.

1968 -- México: Soldiers battle students at the National University in México City, killing 17 & arresting at least 1,000.

1968 -- US: Anti-war protesters destroy 10,000 draft files in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

America is not yours poster
1968 -- America Is Not Yours, Anyway...
Massive EMI Antiwar Anthology, an oral history with many unique texts & images of the 60s & the Vietnam War, edited by Dennis Snow, is no longer online. I have archived a very few scraps I could find; see full size image,

Chicago Conspiracy Trial book
1969 -- US: Chicago 8 Conspiracy Trial begins. David Dellinger, Rennie Davis, Thomas Hayden, Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, John Froines, Lee Weiner, Bobby Seale go on trial before Judge Julius Hoffman. (See also 18 February 1970)

Bank of America Burning

A broad conspiracy trial stemming from the 1968 Democratic National Convention protests that sought (unsuccessfully) to imprison eight of the country's leading anti-war protest organizers.


1969 -- US: At 4:45 p.m., 15 minutes after the second shift had begun, Local 598 Fisher Body workers took on GM in the longest strike by the UAW in GM history.

"Absenteeism, wildcat strikes, turnover, & industrial sabotage [have] become an increasingly significant part of the cost of doing business."

See John Zerzan's "Organized Labor versus 'The Revolt Against Work'"

1970 -- England: During the council workers strike, a bomb explodes in the cleansing department head office in Greenford.
Source: [Calendar Riots]

1971 -- England: Although authorities claim to have arrested "all" of the Angry Brigade, the guerrilla group bombs Albany Street army barracks (near Bomb Squad HQ) in protest against army actions in Ireland.
Source: [Calendar Riots]

1975 -- Final flight of X-24B.

1976 -- Cuba: Armando Hart (prominent member of Castro's ruling junta) praises Soviet achievements under Stalin & urges Cubans to follow Stalin's example. The whole labor force is mobilized (in military fashion) for harvesting the 10 million ton sugar crop while the rest of the economy is neglected. The campaign fails.

The Castro government never seriously intended to allow meaningful participation of the workers in management. K.S. Karol reveals that in 1968 "... Castro himself confessed to me that he saw no chance of granting the workers the right to self-management in the near future — let alone of introducing a truly socialist mode of production ..."


1977 -- The first Elvis Presley convention is held in Memphis.

1979 -- CompuServe system started.

1981 -- US: CIA Director William Casey urges "total exclusion from Freedom of Information Act for intelligence agencies."

1984 -- A world record is set for the longest kiss: 17 days, 10 1/2 hrs.

1985 -- Poland: Wojciech Jankowski resists conscription in Gdansk, & later jailed for three years.

1985 -- Fastest English Channel crossing by a relay team set (15h 30m).

Sequined car
1988 -- US: James Brown is arrested in Georgia after leading police on a hour-long, two-state car chase.

1988 -- Oldest Atlas launched. Charles Atlas? World Atlas??

1988 -- Canada's Ben Johnson runs drug-assisted 100 m in 9.79 sec.

SEE the Chariot at hand here of Love,
Wherein my Lady rideth!
Each that draws is a swan or a dove,
And well the car Love guideth.
As she goes, all hearts do duty
Unto her beauty;
And enamour'd do wish, so they might
But enjoy such a sight,
That they still were to run by her side,
Through swords, through seas, whither she would ride.— Ben Jonson, The Triumph

Anarchist Seuss
1991 -- American children's anarchist writer Dr. Seuss dies.

business is business!
& business must grow
regardless of crummies in tummies, you know.

I meant no harm. I most truly did not.
But I had to grow bigger. So bigger I got.
I biggered my factory. I biggered my roads.
I biggered my wagons. I biggered the loads
of the Thneeds I shipped out. I was shipping them forth
to the South! To the East! To the West! To the North!
I went right on biggering... selling more Thneeds.
& I biggered my money, which everyone needs.

— The Lorax, by Dr. Seuss

More fine poems,

1991 -- Doogie Howser loses his virginity.

Begin to comprehend that our species, far from being the pinnacle of some inevitable trend in nature toward greater complexity, is simply a tiny accident occurring on a minor side-branch of the evolutionary tree.

Young Tradition album cover
1991 -- Peter Bellamy, 44, dies. British Folk Singer, arranger. The most individual & prolific voice of the second generation of folk revivalists who followed in the pioneer footsteps of Ewan MacColl & A.L. Lloyd. Formed the seminal Young Tradition.

They sung them under creaking sail, they sung them at the plough
The pattern of their lives has changed, but the leaves still deck the bough
Though all the world was sweeter then, the sweetness still rings through
But now it's time for me to say adieu.

Nice Peter Bellamy Celebration page,

Spank the Bank
1994 -- US: Make Change?: Protesters crash the Washington, D.C. 50th birthday party of the World Bank & International Monetary Fund.

1995 -- As part of International Buy Nothing Day, activists dressed as rats urge shoppers at a Dutch shopping mall to "leave the rat race."

Illustration, Jacques Karamanoukian
1998 -- France: Mr. I / eye & Mr. Imagination in Paris for a show of outsider artists in the Chicago Collections.

2000 -- US: Jubilee 2000 March to forgive the debts of developing nations draws near 1000 supporters, in Seattle, Washington.

2005 -- US: Whistleblowers describe routine, severe abuse in Iraq & Afghanistan in a Human Rights Watch report. Beatings & other forms of torture were often either ordered or approved by superior officers & took place on virtually a daily basis.

2007 --

France: Zerowork activist, ecologist Andre Gorz (aka Michel Bosquet) found dead, a joint suicide with his terminally-ill wife, at his home in Vosnon. His book Lettre à D. Histoire d'un amour (Galilée, 2006) was dedicated to his wife, & was a way to tell of the love he had for her. “Neither of us would want to survive the other. We often said that if it were someway possible to have a second life, we would want to live it together.” On September 22 they began their second life together.é_Gorz

4000 --

Eye Openers"Public media should not contain explicit or implied descriptions of sex acts. Our society should be purged of the perverts who provide the media with pornographic material while pretending it has some redeeming social value under the public's 'right to know'."

— Kenneth Starr, 1987, Sixty Minutes interview with Diane Sawyer. All an Urban Legend. Yup, sure...

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