Sunday, August 21, 2011

Random Etymological Post #2

Press (1), to squeeze. (F.-L.) M.E. pressen. - F. presser. - L. pressāre, frequent. of premere (pp. pressus), to press. Der. press, sb.: press-ure.

Press (2), to hire men for service, make men serve as sailors, &c. (F.-L.) Press is a corruption of the old word prest, ready; whence prest-money, ready money advanced to a man hired for service, earnest money; also imprest, a verb (now impress), to give a man earnest money. When it became common to use compulsion to force men into service, it was confused with the verb to press. Prest money was money lent. - O.F. prester (F. prêter), to lend, advance money. - L. præstāre, to stand forth, come forward, furnish, offer, give. - L. præ, in front; stāre, to stand. See State. Der. press-gang, im-press, im-press-ment.

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