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Daily Bleed Radical Literary History for August 26th



Cronopio? Fama? Fine lefty novelist, Hopscotch player.

(oh, sure, yah, you betcha.)

1498 -- Michelangelo commissioned to make the "Pita."

1648 -- "Day of the Barricades;" Start of the Fronde Uprising.

1786 -- US: Shays' Rebellion, armed insurrection, begins, Western Massachusetts, August 1786 through February 1787, opposing the authority of the central government newly installed.

1874 -- American novelist/playwright Zona Gale lives, Portage, Wisconsin. Her Pulitzer Prize-winning Miss Lulu Brett, a study of an unmarried woman's attempts at self-assertion in the face of a constricting social environment, establishes her as a realistic chronicler of Midwestern village life.

1874 -- US: Men in disguise kidnap 16 blacks from a Tennessee jail & shot them all in cold blood in revenge for the shooting, by blacks, of two whites four days earlier.

1875 -- John Buchan — novelist (The 39 Steps) & biographer of Cromwell & Scott — lives, Perth, Scotland.

1880 --
ApollinaireFrench man of letters Guillaume Apollinaire lives, in Rome of Polish parents.

Poet, playwright, art critic who championed the Cubists & invented the term surrealism in the preface to his play The Breasts of Tiresias (1917).
Among his friends were artists Pablo Picasso, André Derain, playwright Alfred Jarry, & the painter Marie Laurencin, who was his lover.
Quand l'homme a voulu imiter la marche, il a créé la roue qui ne ressemble pas à une jambe. Il a fait ainsi du surréalisme sans le savoir.
— Apollinaire, les Mamelles de Tirésias, Préface.

"Guillaume Guillaume how I envy your fame your accomplishment for
American letters your Zone with its long crazy line of bullshit about death
come out of the grave & talk thru the door of my mind"

— Allen Ginsberg, At Appollinaire's Grave Apollinaire

1883 -- Indonesia: Krakatoa erupts, with increasingly large explosions, kills 36,000.

Krakatoa, a volcanic island in Indonesia, erupts. The three day eruption destroys 2/3 of the island, killing 36,419 (many others were missing) in the greatest eruption in modern history. Ash & cinders rained down over a 300,000 square mile area, & fine dust was pushed up to 50 miles into the stratosphere, reducing the amount of sunlight reaching the entire planet to 87% of normal for the following year.

1893 --
1893Jack London, 17, returns to San Francisco after spending eight months on a seal-hunting expedition aboard the Sophia Sutherland.

1899 -- France: René Lochu lives (1899-1989). Militant anarchiste, syndicaliste et pacifiste. Author, Libertaires mes compagnons de Brest et d'ailleurs (1983; foreword by Léo Ferré). Among his many friends are May Picqueray, Louis Lecoin & Aristide Lapeyre.

Byrd 8
1900 -- Hale Woodruff lives, Cairo, Illinois. Studies art in the US, Paris & fresco painting with Diego Rivera in Mexico. Starts the influential Atlanta University shows for African-American artists in the 1940's.

1904 --
1904Christopher Isherwood lives, Disely, Cheshire. Three years in Berlin (c.1931-34) inspire a number of stories about Berlin, the author & Sally Bowles, source for the play I Am a Camera, which in turn becomes the musical & film Cabaret.


Cabaret tickets
"Dancing on a volcano"

Wrote three prose-verse plays in collaboration with W.H. Auden, a school friend. Traveled with Auden in China in 1938. In 1946 he became a US citizen & Hollywood script writer. Did the film script with Terry Southern for The Loved One (1965), based on Evelyn Waugh's book.

In the 1970s a leading spokesman for gay rights. One of the first internationally known figures to declare he was homosexual. Died in Santa Monica, on January 4, 1986.

Christopher Isherwood
A revival of the Tony Award-winning musical based on Christopher Isherwood's stories & the play I Am a Camera, set in the decadent Berlin of the late 1920s & early 1930s.

Christopher Isherwood

Cabaret neon

1905 -- US: George Washington dies in Centralia, Washington. An African American settler of a vast land claim at the junction of the Shockumchuck & Chehalis rivers in 1851, he endured schemes of white settlers to take his land & the Indian Wars of 1853 to found the town of Centerville (later Centralia) in 1875.

Same place the Centralia Massacre occurs after WWI, when American Legionnaires & other flag-wavers attack & shoot up the IWW labor hall. Among other fine patriotic acts, they capture war veteran Wesley Everest, beat, torture, castrate & hang him. For many years the city attempts to live this ugly event down by making it a taboo subject.

1907 --
Nederlands: Amsterdam, del 26 al 31. 1er. Congrés Internacional Anarquista / International Anarchist Congress

Held at Plancius Hall, attended by 300 delegates. This congress is variously reported as occurring on the 25th & 26 (Preliminary events were held on the 24th (a reception) & meetings on the 25th, with the actual formal working sessions beginning today).

1910 -- American philosopher William James dies.

1913 -- Ireland: The 1913 Lock-Out in Dublin continues.

This morning in Dublin, the first day of Horse Show week, Murphy got a shock.

At ten o'clock the tram drivers took out their union badges, pinned them in their buttonholes & walked off, leaving the trams stranded in the middle of the road.

The strike was on. The demands were reinstatement of the parcels staff, & equality of hours & wages with the tramway workers of Belfast.

Further details / context, click here[Details / context]

1914 --
1914Argentine novelist & short-story writer Julio Cortázarlives, Brussels, Belgium.
Julio CortazarEducated in Argentina, Cortazar's first collection of short-stories, Bestiario, is published when he moves to Paris, in 1951, where he lives the rest of his life. His masterpiece, Rayuela (1963, Hopscotch), is an open-ended novel where the reader selects the conclusion based upon the plan the author prescribes.

1919 -- US: United Mine Worker (UMW) organizer Fannie Sellins is gunned down by company-bought sheriffs during a Pennsylvania coal strike. Also murdered is Joseph Starzeleski.

A famous labor organizer of the early 20th Century, Fannie helped organize the garment workers, then coal miners.

William Z. Foster, leader of the Great Steel Strike of 1919, called Sellins "one of the best of our whole corps of organizers . . .

"She took the initiative & in the midst of terror went out to her work."

The operators openly threatened to "get her." Their opportunity came today.

An account in the September 20, 1919, New Majority describes the scene:

The mine official snatched a club & felled the woman to the ground.
This was not on company ground, but just outside the fence of a friend of Mrs. Sellins.
She rose & tried to drag herself toward the gate
[The official] shouted: "Kill that — !
Three shots were fired, each taking effect.
She fell to the ground, & [the official] cried: "Give her another!"

One of the deputies, standing over the motionless & silent body, held his gun down &, without averting his face, fired into the body that did not move.

[One of the deputies] picked up the woman's hat, placed it on his head, danced a step, & said to the crowd:

"I'm Mrs. Sellins now."

1920 -- US: 19th amendment (women's suffrage) ratified, making it legal for the first time for women in the United States to participate in elections.

1929 -- Russia: In line with the multiple-shift system & to ensure continuous utilisation of expensive equipment through the intensification of worker exploitation, the Soviet Union introduces, as part of their 'Eternal Calendar', Nepreryvka (non-interruption): the five-day week, wherein 80% of the people are always at work at any one time.

The measures essentially attempt to divide society into five separate working populations, each 20% labelled according to their free day: yellow, peach, red, purple & green. See also 23 November & 1 December.
Source: [Calendar Riots]

The eight-hour day, which should have been replaced long ago by a four or five hour day, now exists only on paper. In many countries the refusal to work overtime is an immediate cause for dismissal. Everywhere the introduction of so-called "basepay" (norm in Russia) which is deliberately kept low, & rewards & bonuses based on productivity, etc., not only forces the worker to accept, "of his own accord," working days of ten to twelve hours but in fact abolishes daily or hourly wages by imposing anew the vilest of all types of labor~piece~work. Since its inception the workers movement has endeavored to put an end to this oldest of all forms of exploitation, which physically exhausts the worker & dulls him intellectually.

— G. Munis, Unions Against Revolution

1930 -- Louis Eugène Jakmin (aka Jacquemin) dies. French blacksmith, anarchist propagandist, antimilitarist, militant syndicalist.

Secretary of the Fédération communiste anarchiste, director of "libertaire," cofounder of the journal "Le Réveil anarchiste ouvrier."Eugène Jacquemin was a member of the SFIO until his death today following an illness.

Further details/ context, click here; libertaire, anarchiste, anarchisme, anarchistes, anarchie[Details / context]

1931 -- EG, anarchist feministWriter & editor Frank Harris dies in Nice; Emma Goldman hurries there to be with Nellie Harris, Frank's widow, & to help arrange his funeral.
Further details/ context, click here; anarchiste, anarchistes, libertarian,  anarchist, [Details / context]

1933 -- Italy: The fascist Mussolini, in a speech before an audience of 2000, argues for the necessity for Italy to be a "military nation."

1935 -- US: United Auto Workers founded, chartered by AFL. Francis Dillon appointed president.

Bessie Smith
1937 -- Bessie Smith dies, Clarksdale, Mississippi.

1937 -- Spain: Santander falls to the Nationalists.
Further details/ context, click here; anarquista, anarquismo, anarquistas, anarquía Italian: libertarian, anarchico[Details / context]

1960 -- Jazz saxophonist Branford Marsalis lives, New Orleans, Louisiana. Begins his musical career with Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers, later plays with his brother Wynton's quintet, records with Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, & Sting.

1963 -- US: An integrated school in Burns, Louisiana is heavily damaged by a dynamite explosion allegedly set off by members of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK).

1965 -- US: Last day getting married can improve your draft status.

1966 -- Country Joe & the Fish, Grace Slick & the Great Society, & Sopwith Camel at Frisco's Fillmore Auditorium.

1967 -- The Beatles announce they have given up drugs as Paul McCartney explains, "It was an experience we went through. We don't need it anymore. We're finding different ways to get there." High on Real Life.

1967 -- Jimi Hendrix's "Purple Haze" is released.

Vietnam: Apocalypse Now icon button
1968 -- US: National Student Association reports 221 major college protests against Vietnam War held nationwide since January.

Flying Pig
1968 -- US: Yippie!: Pigasus, a true porker, wins Yippie nomination for US President, Chicago. A worthier candidate than most, he makes no pledges, refuses to claim "I am not a crook," refuses to endorse the Vietnam War, refuses to claim he will end the war, nor espouse other lies other candidates make. Waves no flags, licks babies rather than kiss them. Like most, however, he is born to squeal like a stuck pig.

"Today's Candidate, Tomorrow's Bacon."

Abbie Hoffman calls Deputy Mayor Stahl to protest a decision to forcibly drive people out of park. Tom Hayden is arrested in the afternoon for the squad car incident. Hoffman & Jerry Rubin allegedly urge demonstrators to hold Lincoln Park. Rennie Davis urges demonstrators "Don't let the pigs take the hill (high ground near a statue in the park)." About 3,000 demonstrators gather in for chanting, singing songs, & talking are again attacked by police with clubs & tear gas after 11 p.m. curfew.

1968 -- US: Meanwhile, elsewhere in Chicago,

Beloved & Respected Piggie Hizzoner Richard Daley opens the Democratic National Convention. While the convention moves haltingly toward nominating the old Beloved & Respected Cold War Warrior Liberal Hubert Humphrey for president, the city's police attempt to enforce an 11 o'clock curfew. On that Monday night demonstrations are widespread, but generally peaceful. The next two days, however, bring increasing tension & violence to the situation.

[This is the first & last time BleedMeister votes in a national election. The shame of voting for a "lesser evil" still ... Ahhhhh, youth!]

Source: [WholeWorld is Watching]

1969 -- US: Quinault Indians close reservation beaches to non-Indians; Washington State responds that ownership is in question. The beaches remain closed, though the resort hotels at Moclips literally go right up to the reservation border.

1970 -- US: Tens of thousands of women in cities across the country take to the streets to demand equality. Defying mounted police, almost 50,000 march down NY City's Fifth Avenue. Dutch women march on the US embassy in Amsterdam to show support, while French feminists demonstrate at the Arc de Triomphe, carrying a banner that reads, "More Unknown Than the Unknown Soldier: His Wife."

1970 -- "Alice Doesn't" Day. (Unfortunately, Alice still does, more than ever.)

1970 -- Isle of Wight Pop Festival is underway in England. Jimi Hendrix makes his last public appearance. During Joni Mitchell's set, a man jumps on stage, grabs the mike & shouts,

"This is just a hippie concentration camp."

Mitchell bursts into tears.

Remember, Information is not knowledge; Knowledge is not Wisdom;
Wisdom is not truth; Truth is not beauty; Beauty is not love;
Love is not music; Music is the best.

— Frank Zappa

1970 -- Duane Allman starts recording as a member of Eric Clapton's new band, Derek & the Dominoes. A double album is finished in less than 10 days. Clapton calls Allman "the catalyst" of the whole project.

1971 -- How I love to fuck shit upUS: 6,000 turn out for a National Organization for Women-organized march in NY City for equal rights, with the demand "51 percent of everything."

1977 -- US: Over 2,000 women parade from Seattle's Federal Building to Waterfront Park to celebrate "Women's Week" on the anniversary of women's suffrage.

1982 -- US: Draft resister Benjamin Sasway convicted for refusal to register for the draft. Sentencing is in October.
Source: Robert Braunwart

1982 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US & Belau sign a compact of free association — US pays $1 billion for military bases for 50 years.

1985 -- Samantha Smith, a youth invited to the Soviet Union after writing a letter calling for peace, dies in an airplane crash at age 13.

Boris Franteschini
1986 -- Australia: Boris Franteschini (1914-1986) dies due to complications caused by lung cancer. Boris was one of the last active members of the Italian Anarchist Movement in Melbourne. He maintained his commitment & enthusiasm until his death.

Between 1950 & 1965 there were about 30 people involved in the Melbourne movement.

Although the Italian group had contact with the Spanish & Bulgarian anarchists in exile, it was only a few years previous that a link was made with the local "Australian" anarchist movement.

Further details/ context, click here; libertarian, anarchico, anarchismo, anarchici, anarchica, anarchy, anarquista[Details / context]

1988 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Burma: Aung San Suu Kyi addresses 700,000 pro-democracy demonstrators.

1990 -- Randy Newman wins an Emmy for composing music for "Cop Rock."

1991 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Yugoslavia: All-out civil war erupts.

1996 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Korea: Two former South Korean presidents are convicted of treason & mutiny.

1998 -- US: FCC closes four pirate radio stations in Cleveland.

    On His Queerness

    When I was young & wanted to see the sights,
    They told me: 'Cast an eye over the Roman Camp
    If you care to.
    But plan to spend most of your day at the Aquarium —
    Because, after all, the Aquarium —
    Well, I mean to say, the Aquarium —
    Till you've seen the Aquarium you ain't seen nothing.'

    Capt Beefheart, Troutmask

    So I cast an eye over
    The Roman Camp —
    And that old Roman Camp,
    That old, old Roman Camp
    Got me

    So that now, near closing-time,
    I find that I still know nothing —
    And am not even sorry that I know nothing —
    About fish.

    — Christopher Isherwood

    from The Penguin Book of Homosexual Verse

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