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Daily Bleed Radical Literary History for July 20th

We have it here

growing in our hearts, as

your comrade said, & when

we give it up with our last

breaths someone will gasp

it home to their lives.

— Philip Levine

-- JULY 20

Korean Neo-Dadaist video artist, Fluxus member.

BINDING OF THE WREATHS. Young people go to the woods, bedeck themselves with wildflower wreaths, entwine the branches of the two trees into an arch & pass through it as couples, asking the goddess to bless them, & kissing.


Mooning the Golden Gate Bridge

Ayn Rand flexes her muscles
1247 -- The Ka-Khan of the Mongols demands homage of the Pope.

1304 -- Petrarch (Francesco Petrarca), lives, Arezzo, Tuscany. Italian scholar, poet, humanist, famous for poems addressed to Laura, an idealized beloved, married to someone else, whom he met in 1327 & who died in 1348. Called the greatest scholar of his age. Combines interest in classical culture & Christianity, deeply influenced literature throughout Western Europe. Wrote Epistles; Africa; Canzoniere.

1521 -- Source=Robert Braunwart México: Spanish enter Tenochtitlan, begin destroying it house by house [see August 7].

1534 -- Source=Robert Braunwart England: Cambridge University receives a Royal Letters Patent to print & sell all manner of books.

1549 -- England: Kett's Rebellion against enclosures begins with the insurgents' refusal to disperse; the 3500 strong peoples' army captures Norwich, landowners are tried at mass courts & a Commonwealth is established on Mousehold Heath. After the uprising, which will involve 16,000 at its peak, Kett refuses the King's pardon, arguing:

"Kings are wont to pardon wicked persons, not innocent men.

We have done nothing to deserve such a pardon.

We have been guilty of no crime."

Source: 'Calendar Riots'

1616 -- Death of "Red" Hugh O'Neill.

1801 -- US: A 1,235 pound cheese ball is pressed at the farm of Elisha Brown, Jr. The huge ball of cheese was later loaded on a horse-driven wagon & presented to President Thomas Jefferson at the White House. Jefferson was heard to say, "That's one small bite for man, one giant cheese for mankind."

1854 -- Poet Caroline Anne Bowles dies at 69, Lymington, Hampshire. Sent the manuscript of her narrative poemEllen Fitzarthur to Robert Southey anonymously (& subsequently married him).

1864 -- Erik Axel Karlfeldt lives. Swedish poet, famed for regional, tradition-bound poetry.
Internationally unknown, got the 1931 Nobel Prize for Literature posthumously — having refused it in 1918 because of his position as secretary of the Nobel Committee & the high proportion of Swedish recipients to date.
See A History of Swedish Literature by A. Gustafson (1961).

1866 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Beginning of Jules Verne novel 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

1866 -- Italy: Sconfitta della flotta italiana a Lissa. Nonostante la sua superiorità numerica la flotta italiana, al comando dell'ammiraglio Pellion, subisce l'affondamento della cannoniera Palestro (231 morti) e della nave ammiraglia Re d'Italia (318 morti). Prova evidente di inettitudine strategica senza limiti.
[Source: Crimini e Misfatti]

Georges Yvetot
1868 -- France: Georges Yvetot lives (1868-1942). Typesetter & corrector, anarchiste, syndicaliste, anti-patriot, pacifist.

1869 -- Mark Twain's The Innocents Abroad is published. His second, & best-selling book, during his lifetime.

In chapter 19 he quips: "They spell it Vinci & pronounce it Vinchy; foreigners always spell better than they pronounce."

1874 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader General Custer & first official exploring expedition enters Black Hills with 110 wagons & 1,000 men, in direct violation of the treaty of 1868 barring whites from these sacred hills.
Hold back the edges of your skirts, Ladies, we are going through hell. (With apologies to William Carlos Williams)...

Forked Tongue's @@

And, is he now
knocking at my door,
the one of forked tongue?
For, to me, he smells of dungue,
and, when the breath of
life is forever run,
and the pot of gold
was never found,
I'm sure, to Hell, he's bound,
the crafty snake, and
so, so charming,
significantly, not heart warming.

— Walt Christian Larsen

1877 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: State militia fire on striking railroad workers, Baltimore, Maryland; 50 die.

1885 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Canada: Charged with treason on July 6, the trial of Metis rebel Louis Riel (1844-1885) begins, Regina.

1889 -- Italy: Prendendo a pretesto manifestazioni antiaustriache il governo decide lo scioglimento del comitato per Trento e Trieste.
[Source: Crimini e Misfatti]

1894 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: 2,000 federal troops are recalled from Chicago, after having ended the Pullman strike.
Further details / context, click here[Details / context]

1901 -- Russia: Ida Mett lives. Member of the Dielo Truda group from 1925 to 1928.

Married to Nicolas Lazarevitch, who helped her gather documentation for her book, The Kronstadt Uprising 1921.

See also

IWW Picnic
1917 -- US: IWW Class War Picnic in Seattle, Washington. Yum-Yum-Yummy. Eat the Rich!

1917 -- Source=Robert Braunwart México: Zapatistas fight Carrancistas at Zapotitlan, Oax.

1920 -- Italy: Arrest papers issued in Milan for Armando Borghi, the general secretary of the Unione Sindicale Italiana. The arrest is not executed until October 12, in an effort by the right wing to destroy the USI.

The Unione Sindicale Italiana (USI) is a strictly syndicalist body of about 300,000 workers, rather than an anarchist organization. Moderate political leaders, having stabbed in the back the wonderful metal workers' movement arresting that advance towards collective property of the means of production, have implicitly given full power to the reaction (Mussolini, et al) to try to crush the advanced parties. Over the next few months, every day is marked by some act which but a few weeks ago they would not have dared to do.

(See "Umanita Nova" Oct. 14, 23, Nov. 28 & Feb. 5. 1921; "Vie Ouvriere," Nov. 28. 1919.)

1920 -- Italy: The militant anarcosindicalista Spartaco Stagnetti, secretary of the syndicat des traminots de Rome is attacked & wounded by a bunch of nationalists & fascists, setting off a General Strike against these violent provocations.

1921 -- Belgium: Jacques Long (Jacklon) dies, a suicide. French militant & antiwar activist. Frequented the individualist milieu & wrote for "L'Anarchie". Joined the Fédération Communiste Anarchiste. Companion of Jeanne Morand. Opposed to the War that Ended All Wars, under threat of prison they both left France, bouncing around Europe.
[More details]
Source: [L'Ephéméride Anarchiste]

Villa & Zapata
1923 -- México: Mayhaps revolutionary Pancho Villa (1878-1923) dies, ambushed in Parral, Mexico. Villa had teamed up with the Emiliano Zapata to overthrow the corrupt conservative government (redundancies abound, so sorry!), then retired.

Daily Bleed Saint, June 5.

Inspired hero of the Mexican Revolution, or "social bandit," depending on your point of view.

"Don't let it end like this. Tell them I said something."

— last words of Pancho Villa (1877-1923)

Further details / context, click here[Details / context]

1925 -- Algerian psychiatrist & revolutionist Frantz Fanon lives.

Daily Bleed Saint 2004-2008
Radical psychiatrist & proponent of Third World revolution as response to colonial rule.

1929 -- US: Moorish Orthodox leader Noble Drew Ali dies, in Chicago. At 16 Drew began his wanderings as a circus magician, which took him to Egypt where he received self knowledge & direction from a priest, the last of a cult of High Magic practiced for centuries in the pyramid of Cheops. This magus recognized the young American as a reincarnation of a former leader of the cult, & saw him for the prophet he was.

The Moorish Orthodox Catechism, then, consists of no rules or dogmas, but only of adherence to the "Five Pillars" of Moorish Science as listed by Noble Drew: LOVE TRUTH PEACE FREEDOM JUSTICE to which we add a sixth, "Beauty."

This bud opens into the red rose,
the nightingale is drunk for joy—
Hail, seekers! Lovers of wine;
wine for a thirsty world
like a slug under
the rock of repentance...
a rock smashed by a mere goblet —
and that is the announcement, the Miracle
Wine for the king! Wine for the slave
this banquet was set for everyone,
drunk or sober, & when
the Feast is over & night grows up,
and the inside door of the Tavern springs open
Low & High together will bow down
under the Arch of the World
to meet what...outside?

~ Hafez Shirazi

1929 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: Hydroplane racing begins on Green Lake, Seattle, Washington.

1929 -- Italy: La rivista Civiltà Cattolica viene sequestrata per un articolo sui Patti Lateranensi. Emerge una diversità di interpretazione dei patti tra lo stato e la chiesa.
[Source: Crimini e Misfatti]

1932 -- Korean neo-Dadaist video artist Nam June Paik lives (d. 2006) Seoul, Korea.

1933 -- Novelist Cormac McCarthy lives, Providence, Rhode Island. Grew up outside of Knoxville, Tennessee & started writing novels in the 1960s, such as The Orchard Keeper, Outer Dark, & Blood Meridian. Later, he wroteAll the Pretty Horses, which won the 1992 National Book Award, followed by The Crossing two years later, &Cities of the Plain that came out last year — a trilogy about young cowboys in west Texass & their adventures across the border in Mexico.

1934 -- Henry Dumas lives, Sweet Home, Arkansas. African American author who never saw his novels, short stories, & poetry in print. In a case that's still unresolved, a police officer shot & killed him in 1968. His short-story collection Ark of Bones, appeared two years later, & the story collection, Rope of Wind, came out in 1979.

1934 -- US: 67 strikers wounded in Minneapolis truckers' strike.

Uwe Johnson
1934 -- The writer of Speculations About Jacob (1959), Uwe Johnson lives, Cammin.

His first novel is rejected by East German publishers so he moves to West Berlin in 1959.

Highly experimental, his narratives abruptly shift from one consciousness or place to another, & words assume different meanings when used by different characters. His works examine the problems of humanity in a divided Germany.

1936 -- Spain: In Barcelona, following the fascist uprising by Franco & the military against the Republic yesterday, the workers of the CNT & POUM counterattacked & today only Atarazanas barracks remain in fascist hands. During the assault Francisco Ascaso is killed (see Daily Bleed, April 1, 1901).
"Francisco, I'll Bring You Red Carnations," one of the finest poems in 7 Years From Somewhere, honors Francisco Ascaso, another powerful figure in the FAI who died in combat. Set in a cemetery in Barcelona, it surveys "the three stones / all in a row: Ferrer Guardia, / B. Durruti, F. Ascaso" & then focuses on the latter. The swift, clean development represents Levine at his best... 7 Years from Somewhere, book cover

Francisco Ascaso, anarchistFor two there are floral
displays, but Ascaso faces
eternity with only a stone.
Maybe as it should be. He was
a stone, a stone & a blade,
the first grinding & sharpening
the other.

— Philip Levine

"Francisco, I'll Bring You Red Carnations",
In Search of a New World: The Anarchist Dream in the Poetry of Philip Levine

Further details/ context, click here; anarquista, syndicalism, anarchisme, anarchica, libertario[Details / context]

1937 -- US: More than 100 delegates representing ten organizations meet, in Beaumont, & found the Texas State Industrial Union Council.

1942 -- US: The first advance groups of Japanese American prisoners arrive at the Gila River camp.

1942 -- anarchist diamond; anarchicoMorocco: Italian militant Paolo Antonini dies. Fought in the Spanish Revolution, escaping to Morocco in 1939 following the defeat. He & several anarchist friends seized a trawler in an effort to get to Gibraltar, but the act of piracy fails & Antonini arrested. He dies in prison in Casablanca, victim of the ill treatment of his French jailers.

1944 -- Germany: Operation Valkyrie: Clique of officers attempt to kill Adolf Hitler & stage a coup. A briefcase concealing a time bomb was left at Hitler's feet during a meeting. The bomb killed four people, but a table shielded Hitler. In Berlin, conspirators took over, believing Hitler dead. By midnight the participants are shot. The Gestapo arrest 7,000 & execute 4,980 people resulting in the destruction of the organized resistance movement in Germany.

1945 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Beginning date of N. Scott Momaday novel House Made of Dawn.

Liberty Bell
1948 -- US: Twelve Communist Party leaders indicted,
charged with advocating overthrow of ...

. . . At the outset I want to emphasize what the crime involved in this case is, & what it is not. These petitioners were not charged with an attempt to overthrow the Government. They were not charged with overt acts of any kind designed to overthrow the Government. They were not even charged with saying anything or writing anything designed to overthrow the Government. The charge was that they agreed to assemble & to talk & publish certain ideas at a later date: The indictment is that they conspired to organize the Communist Party & to use speech or newspapers & other publications in the future to teach & advocate the forcible overthrow of the Government. No matter how it is worded, this is a virulent form of prior censorship of speech & press, which I believe the First Amendment forbids ....

— Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black's dissenting opinion, Dennis et al v. U.S., June 4, 1951

... the government.

1951 -- US: Mattachine Society, early gay rights organization, formally organizes in California.

1954 -- Switzerland: Geneva Conference on Indochina declares a demilitarized zone at the 17th parallel in Vietnam.

1955 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: The UAW (United Auto Workers) is indicted for illegal political contributions.

1956 -- All-Vietnamese election to reunite the country, scheduled for today by the Geneva agreements, fails to take place. The South rejected it on grounds that falsified votes from the North might overrule honest elections in the South. France & the US, leading the effort to prevent democratic elections, feared the communists would win any election, honest or dishonest.

1956 -- US: Relationships between US government & Siletz tribe are terminated, leaving no recognized Indian tribes in western Oregon.

Mondcivitano, masthead; courtesy of Ephéméride Anarchiste
1956 -- Japan: Number 3 of "World Citizen"("Mondcivitano," in esperanto) appears. Antimilitarist periodical affiliated with the International War Resisters International (WRI). Published by esperanto advocate Taiji Yamaga (1892-1970), a militant pacifist & long-time secretary of the Anarchist Federation of Japan.
See Victor García's Taiji Yamaga y su versión del Tao Te King & Three Japanese Anarchists: Kotoku, Osugi & Yamaga (Kate Sharpley Library, 2000).

riots; Eric Drooker graphic
1964 -- US: Brooklyn Negro uprising two days after riots in Harlem.

Illustration by Eric Drooker

1964 -- During this month Neal Cassady drives Beatster Jack Kerouac to New York City to meet the "Merry Pranksters" at a party in a Park Avenue apartment; in an interview with Val Duncan for the newspaper Newsday, Kerouac reveals his rightwing proclivities, proclaiming he is a Republican & supports Barry Goldwater for president.

1966 -- US: Blacks begin several days of rioting in New York City.

1967 -- US: The first National Conference of Black Power opens in Newark, N.J. The four-day meeting is attended by 1,100 African-Americans. Meanwhile, rioting begins at Princeton &.a night of race rioting occurs in Memphis, Tenn. & the national guard is mobilized.

1967 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Chilean poet Pablo Neruda (pen name for Neftali Ricardo Reyes Basoalto) receives the first Viareggio-Versile Prize.

Napalm victim bandaged
1968 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader LBJ assures South Vietnamese President Thieu the US will pursue Vietnam War at present pace.

"Some of the finer selling points were explained to me by a pilot in 1966:

'We sure are pleased with those backroom boys at Dow. The original product wasn't so hot — if the gooks were quick they could scrape it off. So the boys started adding polystyrene — now it sticks like shit to a blanket. But then if the gooks jumped under water it stopped burning, so they started adding Willie Peter [WP — white phosphorous] so's to make it burn better. It'll even burn under water now. & just one drop is enough, it'll keep burning right down to the bone so they die anyway from phosphorous poisoning.'"

— Philip Jones Griffiths, Vietnam Inc.


1968 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Cleveland Mayor Carl Stokes orders National Guard back to slum areas.

1968 -- Iron Butterfly's "In-a-Gadda-da-Vida," featuring a 17-minute title track with one of the longest drum solos in rock history, debuts on US charts.

1969 -- Neil Armstrong becomes first Moon Man.

Tweety Bird
1970 -- US: First baby born on Alcatraz Island.

1970 -- US: National Chicano Moratorium Committee march & rally draw 5,000 people in Houston, Texass.

1971 -- US: FDA confesses the Bon Vivant plant which produced the botulism-ridden can of vichyssoise eaten by Samuel Cochran (see 7 July) had not been inspected since May 1967.

1971 -- US: First labor contract in the history of the federal government signed by postal unions & the Postal Service through the collective bargaining process.

"I mock thee not, though I by thee am mockéd.
Thou call'st me madman, but I call thee blockhead"

— William Blake

1979 -- US: Native American political prisoner Leonard Peltier escapes Lompoc federal penitentiary, California.

1979 -- South Africa: Neil Mitchell becomes first Catholic conscientious objector jailed.

1979 -- US: 44-kg Newfoundland dog pulls 2293-kg load, Bothell, Washington.

1980 -- Italy: Il banchiere Roberto Calvi è condannato a 4 anni di carcere e a 16 miliardi e mezzo di multa per esportazione di valuta. Di qui a qualche anno, nell'epoca di Internet e della globalizzazione, accuse di questo genere faranno ridere i polli.
[Source: Crimini e Misfatti]

Keep you're coins, I want change
1985 -- High Seas: Treasure hunters begin hauling off $400 million in coins & silver ingots from the sea floor in the biggest underwater jackpot in history. The bounty came from the Spanish galleon, "Nuestra Senora de Atocha," which sank 40 miles off the coast of Key West, Florida in 1622.

1989 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Burma Military orders house arrest for Aung San Suu Kyi (Nobel Prize Winner, 1992).

1991 -- Songster Earl Robinson dies this evening, in a head-on auto collision on Southwest Admiral Way in Seattle, Washington.

Ballad for Americans, which premiered at the NY Philharmonic was the theme song at bothRepublican & Communist Party national conventions in 1940.

Seattle-born activist & musician Earl H. Robinson is remembered for writing some of the labor movement's most famous ballads, including "I dreamed I saw Joe Hill last night." (Don't Mourn, Harmonize!) Robinson attended West Seattle High School & the University of Washington.

Robinson's cantatas set the tone for a genre of patriotic composition. Most notable was "Ballad for Americans", first performed on radio in 1939 with the great Paul Robeson as soloist.

See Ballad of an American: The Autobiography of Earl Robinson

His last concerts included the Worker's Heritage Festival at Fort Worden, the observance of Seattle Library's Centennial, & the Seattle Folklife Festival.

1996 -- US: 26th Olympic Summer games opens in Atlanta, Georgia. Ends with a bang, not a whimper.

Albert Meltzer
1996 -- Spain: Albert Meltzer's (1920-1996) ashes are scattered in the CNTsection of Montjuich cemetery in Barcelona. Cofounder of the Anarchist Black Cross, former used bookseller, author, etc., & helped found the Kate Sharpley Library.

1997 -- US: Launch of the USS Seawolf, flagship for a new series of attack submarines of the same name, is accompanied by protests & 25 arrests. Groton, Conn.

1997 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Honduras: announces more mass graves of leftists on military sites.

Cops attack protesters
2001 -- Italy: Black Block anarchist demo, part of the numerous attempts to breach the red zone at the G8 Summit in Genoa.

2001 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: Two girls, 13 & 10, try to rob a Pennsylvania bank for shopping money.

g8graphic; source
2001 -- Italy: Carlo Giuliani, a 23-year-old Italian activist & anarchist, dies during demonstrations against the Group of Eight (G8) summit (July 19-21) in Genoa. Giuliani was killed in a clash between protesters & Italian Carabinieri (military police), who shot him & then, for good measure, ran over him with a jeep.

3000 --

"Every time you build a prison, you close a school."

— Victor Hugo

Earth under 'self-management' flag
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