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Daily Bleed Radical Literary History for June 22nd

Premiere American comic, edgy social critic.

Alternate Patron Saint:

French anarchiste, dandy, editor, art critic, direct actionist.

Armenia: THE FLAMING OF THE ROSE, the Christianized festival of ANAHIT, the ancient Goddess of chastity; sheep with gaily painted horns are led to church, with food & flowers piled at the alter.

NATIONAL FINK DAY: Celebrated in Fink, Texass.

Too low they build who build beneath the stars...


1340 -- Edward III, King of England, sails for Flanders with his army.

1497 -- Anti-tax insurrection in Cornwall suppressed at Blackheath.

1611 -- Henry Hudson & son set adrift by mutineers in Hudson Bay (which he had named after himself) — to keep them at bay — dumped in a small boat, never to be seen again.

Get Hot (F)red Labor Poster
1622 -- The Catholic College of Propaganda founded.

1633 -- "Eppur si muove!" ("Yet, still, it moves!"); Gallileo recants. Possibly persuaded by the Catholic Court of Inquisition's threat of torture.

Gaston Cremieux
1836 -- France: Gaston Cremieux lives. Républican radical, Proudhonian socialist. Insurgé de la Commune de Marseille. Executed on November 30, 1871.

1843 -- First General Peace Convention opens, London, England.

1846 -- Adolphe Sax gets patent for inventing the Saxophone.
This bent metal serpent/
holy horn with lids like beer
mug/ with phallic tail why did they invent you
before Coleman Hawkins was born ?
This curved shiney tune gut/ hanging lynched like/ J
shaped initial of jazz/ wordless without a reed when
Coleman Hawkins first fondled it/kissed it with Black
sound did COngo blood sucking Belges frown ?
This tenor/alto/bass/baritone/soprano/moan/cry &
shout-a-phone ! sex-oh-phone/tell-it-like-damn-
sho-isa-phone !What tremors ran through Adolphe
Saxe the day Bean grabbed his ax ?
This golden mine of a million marvelous sounds/black
notes with myriad shadows/or empty crooked tube of
technical white poor-formance/calculated keys that
never unlock soul doors/white man made machine saved
from zero by Coleman Hawkins !
This saxophone salvation/modern gri gri hanging from
jazzmen's necks placed there by Coleman Hawkins
a full body & soul sorcerer whose spirit dwells eternally
in every saxophone NOW & all those sound-a-phones
to be

'The Sax Bit' by Ted Joans

(F)red's Brain
1847 -- Hole-in-One?: The doughnut is invented.

1856 -- H. Rider Haggard lives (1856-1925). English writer, best known for King Solomon's Mines. His novels were written for adults but are now classified as juvenile literature.

1861 -- Félix Fénéon lives. Feneon, the art critic, anarchiste & friend of Seurat, Paul Signac, Theo van Rysselberghe, Henri-Edmond Cross, André Gide, et al.

Standing from left to right: Félix Fénéon, Henri Gheon. Seated, left to right: Feliz Le Dantec,
Emile Verhaeren, Francis Viele-Griffen, Henri-Edmond Cross, André Gide, Maurice Maeterlinck.

Thadee Natanson sat in the audience during the Process de Trente of August 1894 & took notes on the proceedings. He was so impressed by Fénéon's performance at this trial of anarchist intellectuals & militants, as well as by his earlier art criticism, that he hired him for the "Revue Blanche" staff after the trial. Fénéon soon became its editor in chief, a position he retained until the journal ceased publication in 1903.

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1865 -- Author Ángel de Saavedra dies in Madrid. His later work is mainly undistinguished, but the Spanish poet/dramatist'sDon Álvaro, o la fuerza del sino, marks the triumph of Romantic drama in Spain.

Black Rain movie poster
1884 --
Strange Stuff:

In Nature, 30-216, a correspondent writes that, upon June 22, 1884, at Fletching, Sussex, southwest of Colchester, there was intence darkness & that rain then brought down flakes of soot in such abundance that it seemed to be 'snowing black.'

Further details / context, click here[Details / context]

1893 -- Aaro Hellaakoski lives (1893-1952). Poet, Ph.D. (in geology), pioneer of modernism in literature in Finland. Notable amateur painter, familiar with Expressionism, Cubism & theories of Futurism, which influenced his writing.

1898 -- Erich Maria Remarque lives (1898-1970), Westphalia, Germany. Remarque became famous with his pacifist novel,All Quiet on the Western Front, a most representative novel of World War I.

Narrated in the first person, in a cool style, a contrast to patriotic rhetoric, recording the daily horrors of the war in laconic understatement.

His books are banned in the 1930s by the Nazis.

WWI in literature, in our growing list:

  • Jaroslav Hašek: The Good Soldier Schweik [or Svejk]
  • R.H. Mottram: The Spanish Farm Trilogy
  • Ford Madox Ford: Parade's End
  • Arnold Zweig: The Case of Sergeant Grisha
  • Richard Aldington: Death of a Hero
  • Robert Graves: Good-bye to All That
  • Ernest Hemingway: A Farewell to Arms
  • Siegfried Sassoon: Memoirs of an Infantry Officer
  • Henry Williamson: The Patriot's Progress
  • Frederick Manning: The Middle Parts of Fortune
  • John Don Passos: Three Soldiers
  • e.e. cumming: The Enormous Room
  • Henri Barbusse: Under Fire
  • Dalton Trumbo: Johnny Got His Gun
  • Humphrey Cobb: Paths of Glory
  • Celine: Journey to the End of Night (Voyage au bout de la nuit.)
    ("... not so much Platoon as Buffoon, really, with the soldier's main mission of the day being little more than looking for a place to pee without getting his dick shot off...")
  • Erich Maria Remarque: All Quiet on the Western Front

  • native
    1898 -- Cuba: The US, always willing to lend a beneficent & helpful hand for the cause of "freedom," intervenes in the war of Independence of Cuba. America, Love it or Leave It!General William Shafter & his troops disembark in Daiquirí. See Memoria del fuego page, in Spanish,

    Red Hot Pepper! Red Emma Goldman!
    1899 -- US: Emma Goldman arrives in San Francisco, where she begins a seven-week series of lectures in San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, & Stockton.

    "Why I Am an Anarchist Communist," "The Aim of Humanity," "The Development of Trades-Unionism," & "Charity" number among Emma Goldman's lectures.

    The socialists are antagonistic to her on several occasions. Her lecture on "Sex Problems" continues to stir debate; some applaud her courage to speak about this taboo issue.

    Socialists & cops weren't the only people Emma Goldman had problems with....

    Further details / context, click here[Details / context]

    1899 -- Italy: Con decreto regio, per superare l'ostruzionismo parlamentare dei socialisti e dei radicali, vengono approvati i provvedimenti repressivi sulla stampa e sulla cosiddetta pubblica sicurezza.
    [Source: Crimini e Misfatti]

    1906 -- Anne Morrow Lindbergh, wife of Charles & author of Gift from the Sea, lives, Englewood, New Jersey. Both were Nazi/fascist sympathizers, & she probably more right-wing than her famed flying hubby.

    1907 -- France: First appearance of the Chinese anarchist weekly, "Hsin Shih-chi" (or "Xin Shiji"; The New Century), in Paris.
    Further details / context, click here[Details / context]

    1908 -- Japan: Tokyo anarchists, after meeting a friend being released from jail, mount a demonstration & are attacked by police.


    Demonstrators carry three red flags with slogans written on them. Fourteen arrests result from the battle, including Osugi Sakae, Kanson Arahata & Suga Kanno. Some of the arrested carve on a prison wall a poem about beheading the Emperor, creating further scandal & an extension of everyone's sentences.

    It was while in prison Suga Kanno began to think seriously about assassinating the Emperor & after her release made contacts to this end. On May 25, 1910 police began arresting suspects in the "Great Treason Plot," 26 in all; 24 were sentenced to death, but 12 had their sentences reduced to life imprisonment. On January 24, 1911, Kotoku, Kanno, Miyashita & nine others are hanged.

    1910 -- Katherine Dunham lives, Chicago. Black American dance innovator, anthropologist, humanitarian, philanthropist.

    1910 -- First airship with passengers sets afloat — Zeppelin Deutscheland Uber Alles.

    1913 -- Author Amy Lowell gives an "Imagist" dinner party attended by Ford Madox Ford, among others, who says he has no idea what the word means & suspects no one else does either.

    1914 -- US: After numerous calls by some of the anarchist press for revenge on Standard Oil for the Ludlow Massacre, a bomb intended for the Rockefeller Mansion unintentionally detonates in the Ferrer Center today, killing three anarchists.

    The Ferrer Center never recovered from this wound. The center was subsequently placed under federal & local police surveillance.

    Rebecca (Becky) Edelsohn, a Ferrer Center anarchist declared that, "all the violence that has been committed by the labor movement since the dawn of history wouldn't equal one day of violence committed by the capitalist class in power." Her uncompromising stance in the face of State repression, catapulted Becky into the public eye as one of the "leading" anarchist women of the time.

    1920 -- Italy: Following an immense open air meeting in Milan, supporting the local striking railwaymen, people returning home are fired upon & assaulted by gendarmes, aided by nationalists. Five young workers are shot dead & many wounded.

    At the funeral of the victims Errico Malatesta declares:

    "Our high ideal is not violence but peace, a society of people who are free & equal, in which conflicts & massacres will be impossible. Violence is not ours, but theirs, of the governing class which oppresses, tramples on the ground & murders the weaker. There is nothing left to the proletariat but to react violently against their violence & to put lead against lead to crush violence."

    "Umanita Nova," June 26, 1920

    Further details/ context, click here; anarchici, anarchico, anarchist, anarchie, anarkismo, anarchism[Details / context]

    Coal Miner
    1922 -- US: Violence erupts during a coal-mine strike at Herrin, Illinois. Striking United Mine Workers clashed with strikebreakers. Thirty-six workers killed, 22 of them non-union miners. Those accused of the killings are tried & acquitted.

    Stan Iverson smoking
    1927 -- US: Stan Iverson, Seattle activist & anarchist, lives (1927- May 1985).

    1935 -- Rene Crevel kills himself. Essayist, novelist, poet, acclaimed by André Breton, Ezra Pound & Salvador Dali.

    Wrote Babylon; Difficult Death; Putting My Foot In It; Are You Crazy?

    Member of the Surrealist group despite his gay sexuality (frowned upon by Breton & other Surrealists).

    1937 -- US: Joe Louis becomes world heavyweight boxing champion, Chicago.

    1937 -- Spain: Between June 22-24, Andrés Nin is kidnapped & murdered by the Soviet secret police who are on a campaign to destroy Republican & anarchist forces they cannot control.
    [Background Details, here]

    1937 -- Spain: "El Amigo del Pueblo" No. 4 is published.
    [Source: Agustin Guillamón, Friends of Durruti Group]

    1938 -- Joe Louis knocks out "Aryan supremacy" claimant Max Schmeling.

    Ben Tucker
    1939 -- Monaco: American individualist anarchist Benjamin Tucker (1854-1939) dies.

    Daily Bleed Saint, April 17, 1854

    Benjamin Tucker, Anarchist

    American individualist anarchist, publisher, journalist.

    1941 -- Germany invades USSR. Unfortunately, Stalin has purged & shot the best of his military officers. American Communist-Contortionist Party must also now do another about face in it's party line.

    1946 -- Kaarina Helakisa lives (1946-1998). Finnish writer, best known for her children's books.

    1947 -- Octavia Butler lives, Pasadena, California. African American science fiction writer & winner of the Hugo Award for excellence in science fiction writing in 1984.

    1947 -- Jim Tully dies. Once one of America’s best-read & most-admired authors. With Dashiell Hammett, a founder of the hard-boiled school of writing.
    Further details / context, click here[Details / context]

    1955 -- France: Beginning of a wave of labor strikes.

    1959 -- US: Third attempt for success in 10 Vanguard launches, but results in its eighth failure instead.

    Cover photo from Henry Miller--Between Heaven &Hell
    1964 -- Henry Miller's Tropic of Cancer, being smuggled into US from Paris, finally ruled legal for distribution as the US Supreme Court rules it cannot be banned by the post office.


    "There is a lot of bullshit in Lawrence & Miller — but their enemies are my enemies." (Kenneth Rexroth)

    Further details / context, click here[Details / context]


    1964 -- Italy: Michele L. Straniero, fondatore di Cantacronache, viene denunciato con l'accusa di vilipendio alle forze armate per aver cantato durante lo spettacolo "Bella Ciao," al festival dei due mondi di Spoleto, la canzone antimilitarista "Gorizia tu sia maledetta."
    [Source: Crimini e Misfatti]

    1968 -- Jeff Beck group makes US debut at The Fillmore East, NYC. Lead singer Rod Stewart has stage fright & hides behind a speaker cabinet through the first song.

    1968 -- Italy: La polizia di stato arresta dieci operai che protestano contro il ministro dell'industria Giulio Andreotti interrompendone il discorso.
    [Source: Crimini e Misfatti]

    1969 -- US: In Hot Water?: The Cuyahoga River catches fire just downstream from Cleveland, Ohio & burns for 20 minutes, damages two railroad bridges.

    "It's not true (the congressman was sleeping during the debate). He was just taking a few moments for deep reflection." — aide to Rep. Martin Hoke, R-Ohio

    Someone giving the finger to an Uncle Sam poster
    1970 -- US: Voting age lowered to 18, 26th Amendment to US Constitution.

    Of related interest, see Our Dishonest Constitution (B. W. Huebsch, 1914) by Allan L. Benson,

    1972 -- US: From the Dick & Bob Watergate Party tapes:

    Haldeman: ... the great thing about it is that the whole thing is so totally fucked up so badly done that nobody believes —

    Nixon: ... that we could have done it.

    Haldeman: That's right. It's beyond comprehension ...

    Bad, Johnny!
    1977 -- On-The-Job Experience?: Former Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader US Attorney General John Mitchell, Dick M Nixon's law & order hard-liner & highest ranking US lawman, takes up a 19-month residence in an Alabama prison.

    1978 -- Urban Legend: Pluto's moon Charon is today discovered by James Christy.
    Pluto, or course, was first discovered by Walt Disney August 18, 1930, in 'The Chain Gang'. Don't know who this Sharon pretender is.

    John Lennon
    1981 -- Mark David Chapman pleads guilty to first degree murder charges for the killing of John Lennon six months ago.

    1984 -- US: SLATE reunion, Berkeley, California, June 22-24.

    1987 -- Japan: 10,000 protesters form 10 mile long human chain around US airbase, Okinawa.

    1989 -- Cease fire agreed in civil war, Angola.

    1990 -- US: Naked Lunch? Florida passes a law — prohibits wearing a thong bathing suit.

    Do you know what thongs are?
    That's what Thinatra things.

    1992 -- orange diamond dingbat, added 2011, remove 2012No More Wolfing It Down?: Author M.F.K. Fisher dies (How to Cook a Wolf; The Art of Eating; With Bold Knife & Fork; The Gastronomical Me), aged to perfection.

    1998 -- Pierre Martin (1912-1998) dies. Pacifist, writer & libertarian.

    Martin became a conscientious objector in October 1937 &, in spite of the support of people such as Jean Giono, was imprisoned in Clairvaux, which was taken over by the Nazi's during the rout of 1940.

    ... show details

    Defend Free Speech Radio poster
    1998 -- US: Microradio movement news accounts on the struggle to free the airwaves: FCC Steals Equipment from Radio Mutiny; Radio Cedar Tree broadcasts from Berkeley hill.
    [Source: Pirate Radio Kiosk]

    Murray Morgan & wino pal
    2000 -- US: Seattle historian Murray Morgan (1916-2000) dies.

    Best known for his book, Skid Road: An Informal History.

    In print almost continually since its publication in 1951,
    it is considered by many to be the best history of Seattle.

    2008 --
    George Carlin
    US: Language Arts Teacher George Carlin (1937-2008) dies.

    CUNT. If this offends you, remember where you were when you first saw the light of day.
    At birth, you had a cunt stretched across your head. Just like a little hat.

    In 1978 a humorless Supreme Court rules 5-4, the FCC had a right to reprimand NY radio station WBAI for broadcasting "Filthy" George Carlin's"The Seven Dirty Words you can't say on Television."

    3000 -- In a cemetery in Hartscombe, England (year not stated):

    On the 22nd of June

    — Jonathan Fiddle —

    Went out of tune.

    3000 -- Tut tut

    O, gentlemen, the time of life is short!...
    & if we live, we live to tread on kings.

    — Shakespeare, Henry IV, Part I

    George Bush: We are fucked!

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