Friday, June 03, 2011

All Against the Haul


All Against the Haul is a homegrown, four-state effort working to stop the construction of a permanent industrial corridor for massively oversized loads to the Alberta Tar Sands through Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Montana.

From Portland to Seattle, Kooskia to Choteau, we build bridges between communities and non-traditional allies, and between grassroots volunteers and people of influence in county seats, state capitals, and in Washington, DC.

We are ranchers and outfitters, tea party members and liberals, tribal nations and truckers - working together to pressure elected officials to stand up for the integrity of our communities, the safety of our roads, and the strength of our economies.

We are anyone and everyone who cares about our economy, our homelands, and our way of life. We are All Against The Haul.

About the Book:
“The Heart of the Monster” gets some love from NW Book Lovers

Posted by Trish Weber Links of Interest
As if anyone needed any more incentive to buy a copy of The Heart of the Monster, the authors have provided a lovely interview over at the NW Book Lovers site.

from Rick Bass:

David and I both feel this is a critical story. We’re depicting a war against the world we live in, the world that either will or will not ultimately sustain us. At this stage of our lives, novel-writing is incredibly important to us, but we could not say No when asked to engage on this issue. ...The Heart of the Monster isn’t just about Idaho and Montana. It’s about corporate power in America, about salmon and grizzlies and species extinction, about A.B. Guthrie’s and Ivan Doig’s Big Sky, about quality of life. It’s a story that pits irreversible global warming versus the integrity of wilderness, the Columbia River Gorge versus ExxonMobil, community integrity versus corporate power, and the politics of money versus those of heart and will.

and from David James Duncan:

Thinking it over, I figured a short book, in an edition of, say, 5000, would be more effective than a mere magazine article because it could be much more free-swinging and uncensored. I could go long if needed, and we could target a specific strategic audience. But I felt unable to even remotely handle such a task unless I had a ridiculous amount of help.

So, as it says in the preface of our book, I made outrageous demands, asking Trish and Suzie to hire Rick to cover Montana, Steven Hawley (author of the forthcoming Beacon Press book Recovering a Lost River) to handle the investigative research, Frederic Ohringer to handle the photography, and Ian Boyden of Crab Quill Press in Walla Walla to handle the book design. ... It has been difficult, but also surprisingly fun, working with so many talented people. Several donors have been generous. EVERYBODY has outperformed. More help keeps coming in.

Also, on a related note, elsewhere on the interwebs, Barbara Theroux of Missoula’s “Fact and Fiction” bookstore, wrote a nice review for the Headwaters News website.

As a bookseller I have seen many “instant books,” books produced quickly to take advantage of high interest or importance of information—such as The Watergate Papers or The 9/11 Report.

The Heart of the Monster is by far the most elegant and timely response book I have encountered. This book done at the request of All Against The Haul to unite opposition, attract media attention and inform the largest possible audience is by two well known writers and nationally recognized names in environmental writing, Rick Bass and David James Duncan.

Read that whole thing too. Because it is good for your soul, to reflect on the outpouring of praise and support for our little book project , which has turned out so ragingly successfully so far.

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