Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Show Me the Money

This is the blog version of one of my new favorite 'zines. Check it out! It's erudite, honest and scathing. We don't have this one posted on our site yet, but it's in the store and we keep the back issues in the Olympia Zine Library.

Here's their description:

A blog on money, thieving politicians, thieving corporations, the thieving rich; their toady's the media, religion, the military and all other brutal, vicious, thieving authoritarianism! Hope you enjoy!

Amaze your friends by sharing this site! Let them see for themselves the cravenness of our rulers and masters! Allow them to be astonished at the crooked, underhanded dealings of those who have no respect for you, them or the environment! Thrill them with stories of corporate and political chicanery. Shock them with the unearthed dealings of the lying, thieving rich and their groveling, boot-licking politicians. Have them experience the WONDERFUL consequences of a "FREE MARKET" controlled by bloodsucking vampires and ghouls!

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