Tuesday, May 03, 2011

David Agranoff & Kevin Shamel Reading - Vegan Revolution w/ Zombies & Rotten Little Animals, This Saturday, May 7th @ 2pm

2-4 pm Saturday, May 7th
Last Word Books
211 4th Avenue East
Olympia, WA 98501

“Agranoff’s book(The Vegan Revolution with Zombies) is clever, satirical, gross, touching, sad, and filled with more pop cultural references than you can shake a stick at....The last 20 pages of the book are both heartbreaking and inspiring.”
-I readOddbooks.com

"I've never read (or seen) anything like it, and HUNTING THE MOON TRIBE should mark Mr. Agranoff as one of the most original and exciting new voices to emerge in genre fiction in a dragon's age." Three time Bram Stoker award winning author Lisa Morton

Praise for Kevin Shamel:
"Like a bionic Ralph Bakshi reborn from snorting Orwell's ashes, Kevin Shamel drags cherished childhood fantasies into the gutter of adulthood, and makes you pay dearly to swallow them all over again. Intelligence is a universal disease, but never fear... Rotten Little Animals just may be the cure we've been praying for." Cody Goodfellow (author of Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars and Perfect Union)

“Kevin Shamel is not merely a student of a human nature, but a Zen master of it. Behind his laid back, west coast affability is a potential for strong literary medicine that tastes like a mouthful of masterful martini.” (Garrett Cook, author of Murderland Part 1:h8 and Archelon Ranch)

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