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Daily Bleed Radical Literary History for May 28th

But who would count eternity in days?
These old bones live to learn her wanton ways:
(I measure time by how a body sways.)

— Theodore Roethke
excerpt, I Knew a Woman, Lovely in Her Bones

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May 28
American belle-lettriste, chronicler of the Spanish Revolution.

Every 50 years the Ancients observed the jubilee —
a time of renewal when all slaves were freed, all debts
were canceled, all prisoners were released, all fields
lay fallow, & all laborers observed feast days & festivals
of zerowork!


1835 -- US: Bound To Last?: The Ladies Shoe Binders Society
is formed in New York.

1871 -- France: The The Paris Commune, initiated two months ago,
is today finally crushed; some 20,000 people are executed by the
government. (But, let us speak of murderous anarchists & terrorists....)

End of the "Bloody Week" (Semaine Sanglante). The slaughter
includes the anarchist bookbinder, Eugene Varlin (1839-1871).

1879 -- US: First American law prohibiting employment of women —
Illinois, in coal mines.

1897 -- Italy: Camillo Berneri lives. Professor of philosophy,
propagandist & anarchist militant & theorist.

1905 -- US: Playing Foul? NY police arrest 200 for playing baseball on Sunday.

1917 -- Author Edgar Rice Burroughs enlists in the Illinois reserve militia.
Wants to fight on Mars.

1924 -- Spain: The "Torturer of Barcelona," Rogelio Pérez, is killed by
anarchists, during uprisings sparked by the revolt in Vera de Bidassoa.

1941 -- US: Animated Cartoonists? Workers strike Walt Disney studios after
he fires union activists. Disney would drive through the mass of picketing
workers at the gates of the studios, on one occasion leaping out of his car
to attack Art Babbitt. The cartoonists wona the strike, some receiving pay
increases of nearly 50%.

1955 -- US: The two-hour work week is predicted by Albert Whitehouse of the
United Steelworkers of America. Great Psychic. Most steel workers are now
lucky to get any hours.

1958 -- US: Catholic anarchist Ammon Hennacy ends 40-day fast against US
nuclear weapons tests.

1959 -- Charlie?: US Army launches two monkeys into space (Able & Baker).
Ask yourself this: Where was Elvis?

1968 -- France: The rejection of the Grenelle accords yesterday — together
with the anti-capitalist effigies hung outside the factories — show that
many workers are fighting for more than better conditions of wage slavery.

1985 -- US: Vanity Fair magazine, with a photo of Beloved & Respected
Comrade Leader President Ronnie "Where's My Brain" Reagan & First Lady
Nancy "Where's My Astrologer" smooching on the cover, are removed from sale.

"Who needs astrology? The wise man gets by on fortune cookies. "

— Ed Abbey

1992 -- Spain: A half-day general strike is called in Spain.
Been me, would have been for the whole day....year...

1995 -- Italy: "To Sever & Destroy"? A CIA agent is arrested for a
1969 terrorist bombing.

1999 -- Billionaire George Soros predicts the US cannot bomb the world
into submission.

Lost His Job, last we heard.
& his Psychic Hotline number?
....out of service last we heard.

2000 -- England: Anarchist history tour: in drizzling rain, several van
loads of London & Metro police officers, a couple of motorcycle cops & a
group of our flat footed friends trail behind (as usual!) 30-40 people
through the streets of London's East End.

Those gathered were on a tour of anarchist history; we can
only guess that the coppers were swatting for their ‘Know Your Reds’
exams or looking to become antiauthoritarian rebel outcasts.
Tour continues here:

2009 -- China: Artist/dissident Ai Weiwei, whose blog was read by
10,000 people every day, is shut down by the government.


— Auntie-Anti-Smooching 2011

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