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Daily Bleed for May 8th

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Russian anarchist, Direct-action assassin.

England: FURRY DAY. A day of mischief, revels, entering
houses by windows, Morris dances & the Furry Dance.
Bands of rogues prevent anyone from going to work or to school.


1737 -- Stand By Me?: Very large historian Edward Gibbon
lives. His personal habits were peculiar &, according to some
contemporary comment, he was so filthy that one could not
stand close to him.

1788 -- The last 3 volumes of The Decline & Fall of the Roman
Empire appear.

1876 -- Peter Maurin, co-founder of the anarchist (!)
Catholic Worker movement, lives.

...But this is a good time to reflect on how dusty,
scarred by worn sandals, dirty between the toes, grime
on the calloused soles, the apostles' feet would have been.
And mind moves on to worse: old winos stumbling along,
unwashed, their long nails thick as horn, shoes wrong-sized, broken.
And not just winos — anyone homeless, who has to keep moving all day
with no place to go, even if shelter at night
gives them a chance to bathe their blisters, must know
week by week an accretion of weariness, once-good shoes
grown thin...

— from "Feet," by Denise Levertov

1880 -- French writer Gustave Flaubert dies.

1884 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Harry S. Truman,
famed in Missouri for his corrupt politics ("The Buck Stops Here"),
& nationally for being defeated by Dewey in the 1948 Presidential
election, lives.

Say hello to my god, I'd like you to meet my dealer
He split with my wad, you know I'd never squeal or
He'd damage my bod, he'd pull out his rod, he'd plant me
in sod
Could be danger
I'll move to Brazil
Forget the bucks, bucks in the bank
Bucks, bucks in the bank
Bucks, bucks in the bank

— The Bobs, "Art for Art's Sake"

1899 -- Kultured Kops?: Irish Literary Theatre is inaugurated
in Dublin with W. B. Yeats's "The Countess Cathleen" . . . with
cops present to protect the players.

Billy "Bud" Yeats was in love, hopelessly in love
with Maud Gonne, for most of his life.

Maud married Major John McBride in 1901, their son
was Sean McBride, co-founder of Amnesty International,
& winner of the Nobel Peace prize.

John was executed by the British for his
involvement in the Easter Rising, 1916.

1903 -- Drop-out painter Paul Gauguin dies.

1911 -- Mexico: Tijuana is captured by the anarquista
Magonistes of the Mexican Liberal Party. Lower California
is now almost entirely in their hands.

The Magonistes encouraged the people to take
collective possession of the lands, to create
co-operatives & refuse the establishment of any
new government.

1912 -- George Woodcock lives, Winnipeg, Canada.
Active in anarchist politics in the 1930s. Editor
of the periodicals "Now," "Canadian Literature". Published a
considerable number of books, articles, fiction, & poetry
& two well-known books on anarchism.

"Unconsciously, the generation of the 1960s,
as well as that of the 1970s, picked up the
longstanding libertarian dynamic that Arendt,
Bookchin, Paul Goodman, George Woodcock &
others had detected in the historical upheavals
of the past."

1915 -- Milton Meltzer lives. Author of books on
social justice themes.

1916 -- US: Dr. Ben Reitman convicted & sentenced
to 60 days in jail.

1919 -- Vera Zassoulitch (1849-1919) dies. Russian
anarchist, then a Menshevik. Left a family of nobility
for revolutionary activities.

"As to Vera Zassoulitch, who also was
acquitted by the jury, the Government ordered
her re-arrest at the very doors of the court,
& re-arrested she would have been if her
comrades had not rescued her, leaving one
dead in the riot which ensued."

— Peter Kropotkin, In Russian & French Prisons

1921 -- Nathalie Lemel (1827-1921) dies, blind & miserable
in an old people's home in Ivry. French revolutionist & feminist,
jailed with Louise Michel for her activities in the Paris commune.

Lemel founded a bookshop in Quimper, then
moved to Paris & became a bookbinder.

1930 -- One of the earliest of the Beat Poets, Zen anarchist
Gary Snyder, lives, Frisco, California.

1937 -- Reclusive American novelist Thomas Pynchon lives,
Glen Cove, New York. Wrote V, The Crying of Lot 49 &
Gravity's Rainbow.

Oedipa wondered whether, at the end of this (if it were
supposed to end), she too might not be left with only
compiled memories of clues, announcements, intimations,
but never the central truth itself, which must somehow
each time be too bright for her memory to hold; which
must always blaze out, destroying its own message
irreversibly, leaving an overexposed blank when the
ordinary world came back.

— The Crying of Lot 49

1945 -- End of WWII; Canada: 10,000 servicemen loot &
vandalize downtown Halifax (2nd day).

1955 -- Gore Vidal teleplay "Visit to a Small Planet" premiers,
on "Goodyear Television Playhouse".

1957 -- US: Eisenhower calls visiting South Vietnamese
Pres. Diem the "miracle man" of Asia. The US later decides to
assassinate him.

1958 -- Everybody Must Get Stoned? Beloved &
Respected Comrade Leader VP Nixon is shoved,
stoned, booed, & spat upon by protesters in Peru.

1966 -- Harry Partch's "And on the Seventh Day the Petals Fell
in Petaluma" premiers, UCLA.

1968 -- Paris 1968. Things are not what they were.

Wednesday Strong police forces still occupied the
Sorbonne & the student union delivers an ultimatum
to the Government. If the demands were not met they
would 'liberate' the Sorbonne.

Mon general changed his tune & said: 'The Government
is ready to take the steps necessary for the adaptation of
education to the modern world'.

M. Pierre Sudreau, of the Party of Modern Democracy,
said in the French Assembly that extremists had been
trained in street fighting at two anarchist camps.

1970 -- NY "hardhats" turn on a crowd of student
antiwar protesters & beat them up as police look on.
Dick M Nixon & White House applaud.

A large group of hard-hat construction workers assaulted
peace demonstrators in Wall Street and invaded Pace
College and City Hall itself to attack students & others
suspected of not supporting the prosecution of the Vietnam war.

The riot, in fact, was supported & directed by
construction firm executives & union leaders...

See "Organized Labor versus "The Revolt Against Work"",
by John Zerzan

1976 -- Bob Dylan & Willie Nelson perform a duet (Will the Circle
Be Unbroken) at a benefit for Rubin (Hurricane) Carter, Houston, Texass.

1983 -- John Fante dies, age 74. Stricken with diabetes in 1955,
its complications brought about blindness in 1978, but he continued
to write by dictation.

Among the finest fiction ever written in America.

— Neil Gordon

2006-- Canada: Montreal's 'Anarchist Theatre Festival'
presents theatre pieces (8th & 9th). North America's first
ever festival of anarchist theatre. Part of Montreal's
annual 'Festival of Anarchy' during the month of May.


"A friend is someone you know about,
someone you can trust.

A brand's a bit like that. You meet this friend
through advertising....

Without advertising, how would you recognize
your friends?"

— International Association of Advertisers


— anti-CopyRite 1997-2009, more or less

"A man that would expect to train lobsters to fly in a year is called
a lunatic; but a man that thinks men can be turned into angels by
an election is a reformer & remains at large."

— Finley Peter Dunne, author of various books by Mr. Dooley

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