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Daily Bleed for April 8th

posting from sunny San Francisco today, gonna get some coffee, breakfast, and go bookscouting. Have a great day everybody.

Flies in the oven
Flies in the head
I'll kill that fly
Till I kill it dead
And no more will that fly
Bother me
As I roam and I ramble
In the tumbleweed

— Charles Bernstein, excerpt, "Memories"

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Belgian-born wry, sardonic folksinger, composer.

CUCKOO DAY (movable feast): The hearing of the first
cuckoo call of spring is a traditional excuse for taking the
day off work & engaging instead in the more fruitful activity
of toasting in the bird with 'cuckoo ale'.



563 -- [BC] This Budd's for you.

The Buddha. He lives. Daily Bleed Saint 2003

1873 -- Merdre! Merdre! Alfred Jarry lives. French poet, novelist,
playwright, freelance scoundrel & author of Ubu Roi, a forerunner
of the Theatre of Absurd. Among other accomplishments, was Pablo
Picasso's weapon supplier (Picasso used the pistol to shoo away bores)
& making his mark on 'Pataphysics' (the acceptance of every event
in the universe as an extraordinary event).

1877 -- Italy: In the township of Letino (Matese) the "Gang
of Matese" hand the city clerk an official notice before giving
a speech, burning land deeds, & heading off to liberate yet
another town.

1885 -- Panama: Yes, We Have No Ripe Bananas?
US Troops invade, to "protect US interests."

1893 -- Mary Pickford, (Gladys Mary Smith) actress,
lives, Toronto, Canada.

All the village swains await
One dear lily-girl demure,
Saucy, dancing, cold & pure,
Elf who must return in state.

— Vachel Lindsay, TO MARY PICKFORD

1909 -- American novelist John Fante lives.

The key figure in Fante's resurrection was
novelist/poet Charles Bukowski, who discovered
one of his books in the public library while "starving
& drinking & trying to be a writer", & who
subsequently described Fante as his "god".

Despite his near invisibility, Fante still maintains a
strong cult following.
Nice tribute page in Italian & English,

1929 -- Ironic French folksinger Jacques Brel is alive & well.

Ken Knabb's "Georges Brassens & the French 'Renaissance of
Song'" is an excellent introduction to the French folk/cabaret scene.

See also Kenneth Rexroth's "Subversive Aspects of Popular

1937 -- Canada: United Auto Workers (UAW) strike at
General Motors plant in Oshawa, Ontario, for recognition.

1973 -- Spanish painter & communist Pablo Picasso dies,
Mougins, Alpes-Maritimes, France.

1974 -- Hammerin' Hank Aaron hits 715th home run, beats
Babe Ruth's baseball record. His run at the record got
him much hate mail & numerous death threats by whites.

"Throwing a fastball to Henry Aaron is
like trying to sneak the sun past a rooster."

— Curt Simmons, pitcher

1978 -- Gaston Leval dies. Son of a French Communard,
anarchist syndicalist, combatant & historian of the Spanish
Revolution of 1936.

1988 -- The self-extinguishing armchair is invented.
but not forgotten!

1993 -- Sweden: Women in Black demonstrate in solidarity
with their Serbian sisters, in Lund.

1993 -- World Court orders Serbs to cease genocide in Bosnia.
Why oppose genocide only in Bosnia you ask?

2001 -- US: The head of National Ethnic Coalition of
Organizations demands an apology Saturday from Jay Leno
for his comment that Mayor Rudolph Giuliani was "fascist"
to appoint a decency committee on art.

Leno compared Giuliani's efforts to Adolf Hitler's
crusade to remove what he called "degenerate art" from
German museums in the early years of the Third Reich.

2002 -- US: The Colorado Supreme Court refuses to order The Tattered
Cover, one of the country's largest independent bookstores, to turn over
its sales records to police, overturning a lower court decision demanding
the records as part of a drug investigation.

What about the Police who buy these books for 'official' business?
If we were to make this information public, you can be sure they
would have an apoplectic fit.

—— j godsey, bookseller


This Land is Their Land
(Dave Van Ronk?)

This land is their land, it is not our land
From their rich apartments to their Cadillac
From their Wall Street office to their
Hollywood Starland
This land is not for you & me.

As I was walking that endless breadline
My landlord gave me a one-week deadline
& "Labor Action" ran a better headline
This land is not for you & me.

So take your slogan & kindly stow it
If this was our land you'd never know it
Let's join together & overthrow it
This land is not for you & me.

— From The Bosses Songbook, by Dick
Ellington & Dave Van Ronk, circa 1964 [This is
not recorded anywhere that I know of, but we
sing it regularly at Dornan's Bar in Moose,
Wyoming, where we have an excess of
"Cadillac-carland" types. — ABB]


— anti-Self-ExtinguishingArmChair 1997-3000, more or less

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