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Daily Bleed for April 4th

listen, you will
  hear the deafening song of the stars
  a silence brilliant and ringing as ice
  a lovesong, it seems, made out of no love
  and no song,
  and the earth here to hear it.

        — Tobey Hiller, "Night"

Industrial Strength Web Version:

text excerpts:

Advocate of humane treatment for so-called "mentally ill."

a reliquary embodied in a small meteorite. An ecstatic
procession with the magna mater in a chariot drawn by
lions, castrated priests leaping & dancing & gashing
themselves to a din of Flutes, cymbals & drums.

1802 -- Dorothea Dix lives.

             We All Are Born Mad.
                  Some Remain So.

  Reformist, who called attention to "the present state of
  Insane Persons confined . . . in cages, closets, cellars,
  stalls, pens! Chained, naked, beaten with rods, & lashed
  into obedience!"

1812 -- England: Luddite Riots at Stockport;
Mr Goodwin's steam-looms destroyed.

1846 -- Lautréamont lives, Montevideo. In French, see Raoul
Vaneigem's "Isidore Ducasse et le Comte de Lautréamont dans
les Poésies,"

1894 -- France: In Paris during the trial of Emile Henry a bomb
explodes at the Foyot restaurant.

1896 -- Tristan Tzara, French poet/essayist known mainly as
the founder of Dada, lives, Moinesti, Romania.

1914 -- Marguerite Duras lives (1914-1996), Gia Dinh,
Indochina (Vietnam). French novelist, representative
of "nouveau roman", screenwriter, scenarist, playwright,
& film director, internationally known for her screenplays
of "Hiroshima Mon Amour", directed by Alain Resnais
(1959) & "India Song".

     She was also member of the French Resistance
     during German occupation.Her books include
     The Sea Wall; The Ravishing of Lol Stein;
     Destroy, She Said.

1914 -- US: Unemployed riot in Union Square, NYC.

1915 -- Blues guitarist Muddy Waters lives.

1915 -- A blurb in The New York Times (April 4, 1915)
lists a petition of bankruptcy filed against John Rompapas
Books & Postcards at 325 Madison Street in New York.

1945 -- Daniel Cohn-Bendit lives to laugh in the face of cops,
Montaubanin (the south of France).

1958 -- England: 4,000 begin first of what will become
eleven consecutive annual Easter protest marches from
London to Aldermaston AWRE spy base in England.

1967 -- Martin Luther King, Jr., preaches against the Vietnam
War & calls for common cause between civil rights &
anti-war movements, Riverside Church, New York City.

1968 -- Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., 39, shot & killed
in Memphis while visiting city in support of striking
sanitation workers during the Poor People's Campaign.

  Exactly a year ago, addressing a huge anti-war rally he
  called the U.S. government (quote):

  "The greatest purveyor of violence in the world today."

  This radical condemnation of US foreign policy earned
  King the disfavor of many civil-rights moderates & the
  government. After today's assassination, African Americans
  revolt in more than a hundred US cities.

  The government will deploy 75,000 National Guard troops.

  When the smoke clears, 39 people are dead & 2,500

1969 -- US: CBS-TV touches off censorship controversy by its
cancellation of  the irreverent & anti-war "The Smothers
Brothers Comedy Hour."

1977 -- British CBS releases the Clash's self-titled first
album, a 14 song disk containing such punk battle cries as
"White Riot," "Police & Thieves" & "London's Burning."

     CBS in the US refuses to release it until 1979 &
     even then gets rid of the more virulent songs. Meantime,
     Americans buy 100,000 imported copies of "The Clash",
     making it one of the biggest-selling import records
     of all time.

1984 -- Oceania: Winston Smith opens his journal.

     It doesn't look good for our hero.

     Thankfully, he has Big Brother to
     help him through his difficult times.

1985 -- US: Congress rejects Beloved & Respected Comrade
Leader Reagan's appeal for support for Nicaragua contras.
His administration provides aid illegally.

          Reagan's administration takes to the high ground,
          staking out the low ground. Rife with moral
          neuters & criminals from top to bottom, it secretly
          provides illegal aid. Involves the White House, the
          CIA, the military & various other government

          Apparently one must destroy
          democracy to preserve democracy...

1996 -- Grateful Dead guitarist Bob Weir & Jerry Garcia's
widow, Deborah, scatter part of Garcia's ashes in the Ganges
River in India.

1999 -- Lower East Side community organizer Armando Perez
dies of injuries suffered in an assault.

          Daily Bleed Saint, Nov 3, 2009
          Slain New York City community, social justice activist.

         "Armando was not afraid of death, but no one expects
           to find it around the corner in a flurry of blows."


"I had been . . . crossing & recrossing the
line between sanity & madness so many times that
I had all but rubbed it out."

     — Corwin, Prince of Amber, in The Guns of Avalon,
     by Roger Zelazny

"I can see that you have a lot to unlearn."

"If you are talking about my vulgar instinct for survival,
forget it."

     — Hugi; Corwin, Prince of Amber, in The Courts of Chaos,
     Roger Zelazny

" . . . the issue is not whether you're paranoid . . . The
issue is whether you're paranoid enough."

     — Max, in Strange Days

"If you hadn't screwed up my past, your future wouldn't be
like this."

     — Bill Watterson as Calvin (8:30) to Calvin (6:30)

"I let my mind wander and it didn't come back."

     — Bill Watterson as Calvin

"It's not denial. I'm just very selective about the reality
I accept."

     — Bill Watterson as Calvin


     Use of formerly advanced computing technology does not
     imply an endorsement of Western Industrial Civilization.

—  Auntie-Disclaimer 1997-7882

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