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Daily Bleed for April 26th

The whole psychological & power set up of war can
       be seen in the swastika. The mechanism reaches out
       in right angels like a gear claw. It resembles iron &
       metal. We feel the residue in the billion little manly
       decisions we make daily, while we commit genocide,
       massacre the ghost dancers. Afraid of death, in
       everyday politeness we open the doors for each
       other to turn our backsides.

       — Charles Plymell , excerpt, The Last of the Moccasins

Web Fault, in full: http://www.recollectionbooks.com/bleed/0426.htm



Great filmmaker, social rebel; French authorities give him
"Zero for Conduct".



1731 -- Novelist Daniel Defoe dies, London, in hiding from

     Wherever God erects a house of prayer,
     The Devil always builds a chapel there;
     And 't will be found, upon examination,
     The latter has the largest congregation.

     — The True-Born Englishman. Part i. Line 1.

1854 -- J. A. Wayland lives, Versailles, Indiana.
Publisher & editor of "Appeal to Reason", the largest circulating
socialist paper in the country, based in Girard, Kansas.

   Daily Bleed Alternate Saint for 2006 & 2009:
   Agrarian socialist, pacifist, publisher.

   See Talkin' Socialism: J. A. Wayland & the Radical Press
   by Elliott Shore (University Press of Kansas) & The
   Autobiography of Mother Jones (Chapter IV: Wayland's
   Appeal to Reason.)

1885 -- Carl Einstein (1885-1940) lives.

            Poet, writer (anti-novel Bebuquin or the Dilettantes of
), dadaist, art historian (The first to understand
            Cubism as a movement).

            Einstein was an anarchist combatant in the Spanish
            Revolution of 1936, with the famed Durruti Column.

            Nephew of the famous physicist, Albert Einstein, he
            committed suicide to prevent his capture by the


1905 -- Jean Vigo lives (1905-1934).
His most famous film, was banned for
"Praise of indiscipline & attacking the
prestige of the educational institution."

1914 -- Pulitzer-winning novelist Bernard Malamud lives,
Brooklyn, New York. Wrote The Fixer & the baseball novel
The Natural.

1935 -- Anarchist-leaner, American mid-West poet,
Charles Plymell lives.

                "Let's make history, Dorothy."


1937 -- Guernica, Spain, is destroyed by German Nazi bombing.
This aerial massacre of civilians occurred during the Spanish
Revolution, while the US & England refused all pleas by the
Republican government for help against Franco's fascist forces
— imposing  an embargo upon Spain instead.

1954 -- April 26-July 21, Geneva Conference on Indochina results
in Geneva Accords partitioning Vietnam at the 17th Parallel &
provides for "unifying" elections in two years.

          America, the democracy-loving "free world"-power,
          refused to sign or promise to abide by the Geneva Accords.

          The US & its Vietnamese puppet Diem refused to hold
          nationwide elections, fearing a communist victory. Diem
          instead created a "Republic of Vietnam" in the south, &
          rigged "elections" there.

          Diem received about 600,000 votes in Saigon...where there
          was roughly 450,000 registered voters.

         The US later gave the green light for his assassination.

1961 -- England: Actress Vanessa Redgrave is among 826 British
anti-nuclear protesters arrested during a London sit-down.

                  "Don't you hear the H-bomb's thunder
                   Echo like the crack of doom?"

                            —  John Brunner

1968 -- John Heartfield dies, East Berlin, East Germany.

     First artist to use photomontage (combining whole or parts of
     photographs with text to communicate a new message) as a
     political weapon. His anti-Nazi art forced him to flee
     Germany. Co-founded a publishing house & as an illustrator of
     books he showed that even the dust jacket could be turned into
     a political argument.

1971 -- US: 50,000 demonstrators (Vietnam vets?) in Washington
D.C. set up "Algonquin Peace City" (in West Potomac Park).

     This camp is part of an attempt to blockade government
     "business as usual" for a day; it will involve 5,000 District
     police, 1,500 National Guardsmen & 8,000 federal troops,
     with at least 7,000 arrested; the figures, according to another
     source is: "20,000 National Guard & police, & 10,000
     paratroopers". Between  May 3-5 alone 1,200 antiwar protesters
     are arrested — bringing the final total to 12,614 (a Guinness

1986 -- Chernobyl nuclear disaster occurs, Ukraine, USSR. Worst
known nuclear disaster in history; eventual death toll alone,
from radiation exposure, is now estimated in the hundreds of
thousands. & you also know now whether you have the Chernobyl
CIH computer virus (set to go off 1999, destroying boot records
& hard drives).

1998 -- Guatemalan Bishop Juan Gerardi Conedera is
assassinated, two days after release of a report blaming
U.S.-backed Guatemalan military governments for hundreds
of thousands of deaths in the 1980s.

2000 -- Italy: Luciano Ferrari Bravo, dies. Workers' autonomist,
professor at the University of of Padova, postfordist theorist &
activist, victim of the incarceration madness of April 7, 1979.

2008 -- Ukraine: Chernobyl remembrances, demonstrations & protests.

2009 -- Switzerland: Naked ramblers are banned in Appenzell, one
of two remaining Swiss Landsgemeinden, a 700-year tradition of an
open-air assembly in which citizens can take key political decisions
directly. Rumors that the voters were all bare neked are false.


        "Everybody's an authority, in a free land."

           — Hüsker Dü, "In a Free Land"


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