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Daily Bleed for April 20th

(Happy Birthday Grandma! - Sky)
"...kick at the darkness
                          until it bleeds daylight ..."

                          — Bruce Cockburn,
                              Lovers In A Dangerous Time

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text excerpts:

Great Catalan painter, sculptor, prolific printmaker, bon-vivant.


1812 -- England: Luddite problem. Colliers from Hollinwood
& local mob attacked Mr Burton's manufactory in Middleton
& again 22nd April, 10 rioters killed. Food riots in Manchester,
Bolton, Ashton & Oldham, & all through Cheshire north-east of

1841 -- First detective story, Poe's Murders in the Rue

1859 -- First volume of Charles Dickens'
A Tale of Two Cities appears.

1887 -- Oscar Wilde writes:

       "Every great man nowadays has his disciples,
        & it is usually Judas who writes the biography."

1893 -- Catalan artist Joan Miró lives.

           'Miró: A single line, a definition inspired
           by the Catalan landscape.'

          — Abridged Dictionary of Surrealism (1938).

1914 -- US: Ludlow Massacre of Striking miners & families by
National Guard.

  In an attempt to persuade strikers at Colorado's Ludlow Mine
  Field to return to work, company "guards," engaged by John D.
  Rockefeller, Jr. & other mine operators attack a union tent
  camp with machine guns, then set it afire.

  Five men, two women
  & 12 children died as a result.

  The "Cleveland Leader", echoing the sentiments
  of much of the US press, writes,

  "The charred bodies of two dozen women & children
  show that Rockefeller knows how to win!"

1916 -- US: Emma Goldman, on trial for presenting a lecture
on birth control on April 8th, defends herself & is convicted.

Refusing to paying a $100 fine, she serves 15 days in the
Workhouse at Queens County Penitentiary.

    According to the NY Times (April 21, 1916) Emma was
    applauded by several hundred sympathizers as she was led
    from the courtroom where a squad of officer friendlies was

1948 -- US: Labor leader Walter Reuther is shot & seriously
wounded by would-be assassins.

1951 -- France: Guy Debord meets the lettrists at the Cannes
Film Festival, following the screening of Isou's "Traité de bave
et d'éternité" (Treatise on Slime & Eternity).

1953 -- US: Members of Communist Party USA forced to register as
"foreign agents."

1966 -- Six US pacifists, including Barbara Deming & 82-year-
old A.J. Muste, deported for anti-war protests, Saigon,
South Vietnam.

1967 -- Aldino Felicani (1891-1967) dies. Italian-American
libertarian, typographer, editor, & publisher of many papers.

1969 -- People's Park planted, Berkeley, California — a
resistance to the encroachment of the authorities into
"peoples' space".

1970 -- The New York Times reports Catholic & Protestant
youth groups have adopted the Yellow Submarine as a religious

1983 -- Korean Airlines flight 007 shot down by Soviets in
Russian airspace. They claim it is a spy plane. It is loaded
with civilians, & many say spy gear. Everyone aboard dies.
(Current evidence indicates it was carrying spy gear.)

1985 -- US: Some 250,000 march in Washington to protest US
policy in Central America.

1992 -- Austria: Women in Black demonstrate in
solidarity with their Serbian sisters.

1998 -- Octavio Paz dies in Mexico City. Mexico's great
poet, writer, critic, & winner of the 1990 Nobel Prize for
Literature. A prolific writer, best known for the book-
length essay The Labyrinth of Solitude & the poem "Sun

1999 -- US: Second Columbine Massacre.

    "& with respect to the police, the events this past
    spring have convinced me more than ever that the
    cops, being inept & useless parasites at their very
    best, are not only incapable of preventing crimes
    of this nature, but only contribute thereafter to the
    anguish & suffering of victims."

                    —  Paul Roasberry, parent

   Many media (eg, Reuters, UPI) erroneously call this the
   biggest school massacre, but it was not; On May 18, 1927,
   45 people were killed, including 38 elementary students,
   by a series of dynamite explosions at the Bath Michigan
   School detonated by Andrew Kehoe, a school board member.

   The Columbine Massacre you never hear about occurred
   Nov 21, 1927, when IWW picketing miners were brutally

  Columbine Massacre Monument

   Northern Colorado Mine Workers Historical Marker,
   a sign on Highway 7 leading to Lafayette, marks the
   Columbine Massacre where miners were killed while
   on picket duty during a 1927 strike.

2001 -- Canada: Quebec City has the dubious honor of hosting
the Summit of the Americas.

        The Anti-Capitalist Convergence (La Convergence
        des luttes anti-capitalistes; CLAC) participate
        in a large-scale grassroots mobilization against the FTAA.

        CLAC organizes a Carnival Against Capitalism.


       At some point we must draw a line
       across the ground of our home & our being,
       drive a spear into the land, & say to the bulldozers,
       earthmovers, government & corporations,
       "thus far & no farther."

             — Edward Abbey, novelist, anarchist, eco-warrior


— Auntie-WorkHouse 1997-6721

"Free thought, necessarily involving freedom of speech
& press, I may  tersely define thus: no opinion a law —
no opinion a crime."

                  — Alexander Berkman

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