Thursday, April 14, 2011

Daily Bleed for April 14th

beg you: leave me restless.
I live with the impossible ocean
& silence bleeds me dry.

— Pablo Neruda, exerpt "XXVIII,"
"The Sea & the Bells, (Copper
Canyon Press, 2003)

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Canadian-born ethicist, proponent of Analytical Marxism.

DREAMS OF REASON FEAST DAY, dedicated to discarded
scientific theory & science fiction futures.


1788 -- US: Doctor's Riot. Five killed as a mob storms
Doctors Hospital in New York, where Columbia University
doctors & students dissect human corpses, many
stolen from local graveyards.

1874 -- US: Josiah Warren dies, Boston Massachusetts.
Author of True Civilization & Equitable Commerce.

Warren founded several "equity" stores, based
on the idea of exchanging goods for an equivalent
amount of labor & the principle that cost should be the
limit of price. He established three utopian colonies;
the most successful (1851–c.1860) was Modern Times
(now Brentwood), Long Island, N.Y.

Informative articles, see
Kenneth Rexroth chapter on Warren in
Communalism: From Its Origins to the 20th Century

1892 -- Australia: Radical anthropologist Gordon Childe lives.

1919 -- Ireland: Limerick General Strike in full swing,
in the face of British military occupation: workers run
the city as a 'soviet'.

1920 -- Italy: Today the strike & Councilist factory occupations,
begun on 15 March, has spread.

1930 -- Russian poet Vladimir Mayakovsky,
betrayed by the Stalinist
purges, commits suicide.

Of grandfatherly gentleness I'm devoid,
There's not a single grey hair in my soul!
Thundering the world with the might of
my voice,
I go by — handsome,

— Vladimir Mayakovsky,
"Cloud in Trousers," 1915

But I
setting my heel
on the throat
of my own song."

— Vladimir Mayakovsky,
"At the Top
of My

1930 -- US: Police arrest over 100 Chicano farm workers for
their union activities in Imperial Valley, California. Eight
will be convicted of so-called "criminal syndicalism."

1939 -- John Steinbeck's Grapes of Wrath is published.

1941 -- Canada: Analytical Marxist theorist Gerald Cohen (d. 2009)
lives, Montreal. Opposed the views of John Rawls & Robert Nozick
& provided an extensive critique of the Lockean principle of self-ownership
as well as the use of that principle to defend right –as opposed to left–

1964 -- US: American ecology writer Rachel Carson dies.

"The beauty of the living world I was trying to save
has always been uppermost in my mind — that, &
anger at the senseless, brutish things that were
being done . . . ."

1966 -- Swiss pharmaceutical firm Sandoz discontinues
production of LSD. Owsley smiles.

1986 -- Libya: US aircraft attack five "terrorist"
locations, killing numerous civilians, in Tripoli &
Benghazi, & assassinating the daughter of Beloved &
Respected Comrade Leader Qaddafi. The Reagan
troika took a poll before, & found that 66% of
Americans approved of killing babies. Pretext is a
terrorist act in Germany flimsily attributed to a
Libyan-trained group which today remains in dispute
(including possible CIA involvement).

1988 -- France: Goodbye Daniel Guerin. Dies, age 84 years. One of
France's best known revolutionary activists, writers & thinkers.


Technology is "the knack of so
arranging a world that we need not
experience it."

— attributed to Max Frisch, dramatist; source unknown.

"Things are in the saddle & ride

— Ralph Waldo Emerson


— Auntie Technology, 1997-1812 or thereabouts

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