Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Daily Bleed for April 12th

. . . There are other ways; we know the way
                 to make the other choice for death: unformed
                 or broken, less than whole, puzzled, we live
                 in a formless world. Endless, we hope for no end.
                 I tell you death, expect no smile of pride
                 from me. I bring you nothing in my empty hands.

                          — William Bronk (1918-1999)
                 "The Smile on the Face of a Kouros,"
                 Life Supports: New & Collected Poems;
                 originally published in The Empty Hands, 1969

Web page updated, in full, 61+ entries + photo of the toppling
Saddam Hussein statue from a perspective Americans did not see
on American TV...& still don't see when the scene is reprised.

Text excerpts:

Prominent Afghan women's rights activist, martyr.





                "The Paris Commune, considering that the
                Imperial Column in the Place Vendôme is a
                monument of barbarism..."

   Mark Twain closes his "Some Remarks on the
   Science of Onanism" with these words:

    "feel a revolutionary uprising in your system, get your
    Vendome Column down some other way —
    don't jerk it down."

    — quoted in a footnote, G. Legman's The Limerick, p. 465.

1900 -- Florence Reece lives. Active in Harlan County,
Kentucky coal strikes & author of the famed labor song
"Which Side Are You On?"

1900 -- Puerto Rico: American Empire begins in earnest as
the island is surrendered to US military authority. Remains
one of America's many colonies in the new millennium.

1906 -- Francisco Ferrer, Spanish anarchist pedagogue,
continues to test the tolerance of Spanish authorities &
clerics by organizing a massive demonstration today, on
Good Friday, in support of secular education.

1907 -- American mystery-adventure writer Leslie Charteris
lives, Singapore. Best-known for "The Saint" stories...

   The Saint preceded Ian Fleming's James Bond, but as an
   outlaw — & thus a relative of Robin Hood, gentleman thief
   Arsené Lupin, or Mickey Spillane's fascist Mike Hammer.

   Marius Jacob (1879-1954), the anarchist bandit credited with
   over 150 burglaries, is the original "Arsene Lupin" in the
   French detective novels of Maurice Leblanc, with only slight
   exaggerations which made him a sensational "fictional"

1918 -- Russia: Moscow headquarters of the anarchists
surrounded & attacked by Bolshevik troops. For the past two
days Cheka, the Bolshevik secret police has carried out raids
on Moscow anarchist groups & making arrests.

    "At last the Soviet government, with an iron broom,
    has rid Russia of Anarchism."

             — Leon Trotsky, who prepared the military
                              attacks against the anarchists

1919 -- Ireland: The Limerick Soviet of 1919.

1935 -- 150,000 college students across the country stage the first
nationwide student strike against war. The protest was against
participation in any war.

     During its peak years, from spring 1936 to spring 1939, the
     movement mobilized at least 500,000 collegians (about
     half of the American student body) in annual one-hour strikes
     against war.

1954 -- US: Bill Haley & the Comets record "Rock Around
the Clock" for Decca Records. The song is released next
year when it's included in the film "Blackboard Jungle."

1966 -- US: NY Stock Exchange anti-Vietnam War leafleting.

1975 -- Black American sensual dancer Josephine Baker dies,
Paris, France.
Daily Bleed Alternate Saint (2003), JOSEPHINE BAKER
Saint of the Sinuous Sensuous.

1975 -- In Tony Hillerman's Finding Moon, Moon Mathias,
small-town American newspaper editor with a chequered past,
finds today will become the first day of a completely
new take on life...

    His brother is killed in a helicopter crash in Cambodia.

1989 -- Abbie Hoffman, Yippie peace activist of the 60's,
dies at 52. Commits suicide. Daily Bleed Saint 2008.

1997 -- US: Ted Joans reads at Recollection Used Books, in
memoriam to Allen Ginsberg.

2004 -- US:  Emma Goldman's "life", according to PBS television.
A real yawner, with the life drained out & the last 20 years of her
militant activity, including her involvement in the Spanish Revolution
of 1936, non-existent.

2009 -- Afghanistan: Women's rights activist Sitara Achakzai killed, Kandahar.


                  "There may be times when we are powerless
                  to prevent injustice, but there must never be
                  a time when we fail to protest."

                     — Elie Wiesel, Nobel laureate


              — anti-CopyRite1997-3000, more or less

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