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Daily Bleed for April 10th

[...] but I think the details change,
crows' feet around the eyes of a man
who still walks around
but who died back there the last time,
the name of the President maybe,
the date on the calendar.
Something in us dies each time,
like our so-called innocence
each dawn. I light candles.
My country, 'tis of thee.

— Bill Tremblay,
excerpt, "The Eternal Return of the Same"

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Hawaiian native culture expert, folk activist, hula dancer.

Florence, Italy: EXPLOSION OF THE CAR.
A large wooden car full of fireworks & explosives sits in
the piazza. A wire runs to the cathedral. A dove-shaped rocket
is ignited at the altar, runs along the wire & explodes the car.

[BleedMeister has warned Nummer One Son (in school in Florence
Spring 2004), not to be in the car when it goes up...but do kids
(17 years old) listen to their parents!?!


1849 -- Safety pin patented. Punk movement begins.

1901 -- France: Surrealist painter, recluse Anna Kavan lives.
Writer, surrealist painter, addict, recluse, suicide.

1912 -- RMS Titanic sets sail for its maiden voyage. There
is discontent among the 1st class passengers as rumors fly:

"there may not be enough ice."

1919 -- Mexico: Anarchist revolutionary hero Emiliano
Zapata ambushed & assassinated by Mexican troops, age 29,
Chinameca, Mexico. One of the main — & best known —
participants in the peasant uprisings against the central
government's authority from 1910 until his death.

1931 -- Kahlil Gibran dies, New York. Lebanese born American
philosophical essayist, novelist, mystic poet, & artist. Author of
The Prophet.

"The man who hears & understands we call mad, & flee from him."

1938 -- England: In Liverpool, Emma Goldman speaks on Spain
at two meetings today & tomorrow: on the first day to a 1,000
people; on the second to a small gathering of the Workmen's Circle.
Communists disrupt both meetings.

1945 -- US: Medical staff at an Oak Ridge, Tennessee hospital
injects plutonium into the survivor of a car accident.

Thus begins an enormous (& until the 1990's, top-secret)
US government program to investigate the effects of
radioactive materials when injected into live humans, which
did not end until the mid-1970's.

The program was expanded in the 1950's to include
"Operation Sunshine", under which 1500 cadavers were
stolen from locations around the world, in order to more
comprehensively study the effects of radiation on the human
body. As of this writing a total of 16,000 men, women &
children are known to have been experimented on as a part
of these studies.

Science equals progress, in the cause of humanity, hailed for
its objectivity & value-free research, in practice. The future is
even brighter as corporations & government & military take
control of university researchers, & their results, across
the nation.

1959 -- US: Utopian architect Frank Lloyd Wright dies.

1970 -- At a concert in Boston, Doors singer Jim Morrison
asks the audience if "anyone wants to see my genitals,"
just after a brief power failure.

Everyone missed his opening line:

"& now I'd like to do my impression of the
Governor of Arkansas."

1981 -- UN approves world treaty assuring no civilians shall be
attacked with "napalm, mines or booby-traps."

Defeated by US veto. Perhaps to "protect US Toy interests"?

"Toy-size bombs designed to kill tanks & soldiers appear
as white lawn darts, green baseballs, orange-striped soda
cans — & have proved deadly to children. . .

`"When you see a 5-year-old boy come to the hospital without
any limbs,' asked Kuwait City surgeon Dr. Mohammad Khaled,
'how can you forget the sight?'"

1981 -- England: Brixton Riots: Beginning of a weekend of rioting
as young people set fire to buildings & cars, pelted cops with bricks,
& looted stores. Roving gangs directly fought cops with
bricks, iron bars & Molotovs.

1981 -- Ireland: Imprisoned IRA hunger striker Bobby Sands elected
to British Parliament during the 6th week of his hunger strike.

2001 -- China: Communist government detains Wu Jianming, a
US citizen, on charges of spying. Other ethnic Chinese intellectuals
with American backgrounds recently arrested include Gao Zhan,
Tan Guanguang & Li Shaomin.

Speculation sees these as political rather than legal
proceedings, the rationale for the arrests including efforts
to find the anonymous compiler of the book
The Tiananmen Papers.

2006 -- US: Nationwide job & school walkouts & pro-immigration
demonstrations for America's 12-million illegal immigrants. Funny
country, where hard work can earn you hard time.

2008 -- Hawaiianist Winona Kapuailohiamanonokalani Beamer dies, Maui.



— Emiliano Zapata


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