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Daily Bleed for March 28th

This is her pilgrimage, as moslems go to mecca, as jews to
the western wall, as japanese to mona lisa in the louvre, she
has come to Corcovado walking in the steps of enchantment.

— Brenda Flanagan, "The Girl From Bahia"

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Excerpts, March 28:

Classic clown of the bindlestiffian, hobo tradition.


193 - E-Bay?: Didius Julianus, highest bidder in Praetorian
auction, becomes Emperor of Rome. Hey, America!.

1849 -- France: Pierre-Joseph Proudhon gets three years in
prison & is fined 3,000 francs for one of his lampoons published
in "Le Peuple". The unhappy tribunal explains the reasons for
his harsh sentence:

"D'excitation, provocation, attaque"

1° Stirring up hatred against the government
2° Provoking civil war
3° Attacking the Constitution & property!

1868 - Maxim Gorky (1868-1936) lives.Russian short story
writer, novelist, autobiographer & essayist.

"To an old man any place that's warm is homeland."

1871 - France: Paris Commune, over 200,000 people turn
out at the City Hall to see the Central Committee of the
National Guard abolished by their newly elected officials,
members whose names are read to to the crowd which
acclaims them, making this day a revolutionary festival.
The red flag, raised over all public buildings, emblem
of the Commune.

1892 -- France: Ravachol is arrested in Paris for having blown
up the homes of Benoit, the judge of the Supreme Court of
Appeal, & Bulot, the deputy prosecutor of the republic.

Sentenced to death by the tribunal for the murder of a
rich beggar Ravachol climbs the scaffold singing at the
top of his voice the anticlerical song "Pere Duchene."

1909 - Novelist Nelson Algren (A Walk on the Wild Side)
lives (1909-1981). Grew up in Chicago in a poor Polish
neighborhood, served a four-month jail term for stealing a
typewriter. Algren joined John Reed Club & was editor of the
"New Anvil," an experimental magazine. Heavy drinker & gambler,
involved with Simone de Beauvoir.

"Never play cards with a man called Doc. Never eat at a
place called Moms. Never sleep with a woman whose
troubles are worse than your own."

1911 - Bonnot — gang bandit — caught & killed by cops
after months of joyous bank robbing & other escapades.
Many letters had been sent publicizing their actions &
taunting the police.

1915 - Emma Goldman lectures again on "Limitation
of Offspring—Why & How Small Families are Preferable"
in New York.

Margaret Anderson of "The Little Review" observed,

"Emma Goldman was sent to prison
for advocating that women need not always
keep their mouths shut & their wombs open."

1918 - Canada: 2,000 demonstrate against conscription, in
Quebec; police are forced to retreat into the police station.

1960 - Scotland: Belt of Scotch?: 20 firemen trying to put out
a fire in a warehouse full of scotch whiskey are crushed by a
collapsing wall after the whiskey explodes, Glasgow.

1968 -- France: In Nanterre, suspension of all school
courses until April 1 because of student unrest.

1969 - Anna Louise Strong, former Seattle School Board
member & organizer during the 1919 Seattle General Strike,
dies in China.

1976 - US: Organized Crime? FBI, largest & highest US police
agency, discloses it burglarized the Socialist Party 92+ times
between 1960 & 1966.

1979 - US: A Three Mile Island cooling unit fails, leading
to a meltdown. Amid the worst nuclear disaster in US history,
it takes authorities three days to advise pregnant women &
children to evacuate. Thousands flee, but the men — apparently
born macho mutants — hang around for their daily dose.

"No nuclear reactor is an island."

2006 -- "Don't let the System Get You Down. Cheer Up!"

In the Land of Jeb Bush & Katherine Harris (Florida):
Cara Jennings, Anarchist Cheerleader, is elected Lake
Worth City Commissioner. Jennings wins a stunning 61.7%
of the vote, whopping her incumbent opponent, a businessman
heavily weighted down toting the bags for developers &
outside moneyed interests. Neo-ConArtists scratch their
fuzzy heads.


"Jehovah the bearded & angry god, gave his worshipers
the supreme example of ideal laziness; after six days of
work, he rests for all eternity."

— Paul LaFargue's The Right to be Lazy & Other
(Chicago: Charles H. Kerr, 1907)

— Auntie-Something, Stick or No-Stick, 2011

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