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Daily Bleed for February 8th

. . . I heard the song
Of the world's last whale
As I rocked in the moonlight
& reefed the sail.
It'll happen to you
Also without fail
If it happens to me
Sang the world's last whale.

— Pete Seeger

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Utopianist, Saint-Simonian "Pope",
gender egalitarian.

Japan: MASS FOR BROKEN NEEDLES. Day of rest for needles.
(Don't leave them in your arm, puleeeze!)

NIRVANA DAY (Buddhist).



1878 -- Austria-Hungary: Jewish theologist Martin Buber lives.

"During one of our discussions a classmate pulled
out a copy of Kenneth Rexroth's "Bird in the Bush"
& read some passages from his essay on Buber. I
immediately borrowed it, devoured it, &
was never quite the same again."

— Ken Knabb, Confessions of a Mild-Mannered
Enemy of the State


1906 -- Henry Roth (1906-) lives. American author who gained
international fame with his novel Call It Sleep (1934).

Other forgotten writers from the 1930s who have been
"rediscovered": Nathanael West, Daniel Fuchs, Edward
Dahlberg, John Peale Bishop, Jack Conroy, Tess Slesinger,
Nelson Algren, Meyer Levin, Albert Halper.

1910 -- Norway: Hans Henrik Jæger, (1854-1910),
writer & anarchist, dies.

"Your face holds all the love in
the world. Moonlight steals across
your face so full of Earthly
beauty & Grief. For now Death
extends her hands of Life & a
band is made between the
thousands of generations who are
dead & the thousands of
generations who are to come"
— Edvard Munch

Nature writhes at a too early dying,
behind the palace the sun hangs ruby red—
We sniffle at the sharp perfume of winter,
and shiver slightly: Hans Jæger is in the air!

— Jens Bjørneboe, excerpt, "Before the Solstice:
Hans Jæger in Memoriam"


1912 -- US: IWW free speech fight; vigilantes beat Industrial
Workers of the World organizers for exercising free speech
rights in San Diego, California. Some are tarred & feathered,
forced to kiss the American flag & run out of town by the good

1917 -- US: Igal Roodenko, nonviolent activist, lives.
A regular contributor to WIN Magazine.

Roodenko was instrumental in abolishing the chain gang
system when he wrote an expose of it for the New York
Post. Through the years, Roodenko continued to protest
racism & militarism (in 1963 he organized what turned out
to be the first demonstration against U.S. military
involvement in Vietnam) & was arrested at least 10 times
for his stands, even being deported from Poland in 1987.

Biographical piece on Roodenko at Swathmore Library,

1921 -- Russia: The "Anarchist Prince," geographer, theorist,
& militant, Peter Kropotkin dies.

Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Lenin offers
a state funeral & burial in Kremlin Wall, which is refused.

100,000 people attend Kropotkin's funeral procession on
Feb. 13 — organized by Alexandre Atabekian & others —
& it is the last non-state-sponsored mass assembly in the
Bolshevik Worker's Paradise for the next 70 years.

I remember, said Emma, the cairn on the mountain ridge
a heap of broken stones & broken branches
with tokens attached of horsehair or rag
& the cry: "The waters before us
flow now to the Amur.
No mountains more to cross."

— excerpt from the poem,
"The Death of Kropotkin," by Sir Herbert Read



1926 -- US: Neal Cassady (The First Third) lives,
Salt Lick City, Utah. All Mormons seek to emulate him.

1969 -- Leopoldo Méndez (1902-1969) dies.

Méndez was a printmaker, painter &
muralist. Like Posada, he is known
primarily for his politically charged
prints depicting the horrors of war,
struggles of laborers and parodies
of capitalist greed & fascism. He
helped found the long-lived Taller
de Gráfica Popular (TGP) in 1937.


1988 -- Make Room for the USofA! Withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan
announced by USSR.

1998 -- Novelist Halldor Laxness, 95, dies, at
a nursing home northwest of Reykjavik, Iceland.

1998 -- Bill Gates has his (free!) pie & eats it too.

The ol' Pie Brigade, it "delivers."

2005 -- US: ARTerror? Austrian artist Robert Jelinek —
founder of the artist's collective "Sabotage" — flies in carrying
art & literature for an exhibition at the Cincinnati Contemporary
Arts Center.

Homeland Security (de Fine Arts Dept.?) confiscates 33
passport-works by artist Heimo Zobernig, educational
leaflets, & personal items from Jelinek.

Officials justify seizing the art because it is "produced by
an anarchy group called Sabotage which does not believe
in international borders."

2006 -- Spain: Ricardo Taddei, an Argentine policeman wanted
for 161 cases of kidnapping & torturing "leftist" dissidents during
Argentina's Dirty War, is arrested after 20-years, in Madrid.


"To live outside the law, you
must be honest."

— Bob Dylan


People are treated like passive objects, not active subjects.
After degrading being into having, the society of the spectacle
has further transformed having into merely appearing.

The result is an appalling contrast between cultural poverty
& economic wealth, between what is & what could be.

"Who wants a world in which the guarantee that we shall not
die of starvation," Vaneigem asks, "entails the risk of dying of


— anti-Entrails, 2011 more or less than more

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